Who Makes 711 Taquitos? (All You Need To Know)

711 is primarily known for its convenience, which heavily factors into its food choices. While 711 originally sold pizza and Slurpees, it has now expanded into chicken, hot dogs, and taquitos.

Of course, 711 purchases many of these food options from third-party sources. If you’re interested in who crafts its taquitos, keep reading!

Who Makes 711 Taquitos In 2024?

Ruiz Foods makes and supplies 711 with all of its taquitos in 2024. This company has been supplying 711 for some time and will likely continue to do so in the future. Furthermore, you cannot buy these taquitos directly from Ruiz Foods, since they have a contract with 711. However, 711 does sell frozen taquitos of this brand.

For information on these taquitos, as well as where you can purchase them, keep reading!

Can You Buy Frozen 711 Taquitos?

Fortunately, you can purchase ready-to-cook food options that are popular at 711.

However, this option is rather new, so it is not well-known.

Additionally, you can purchase everything from pizza to chicken tenders to taquitos frozen for reheating at home.

Therefore, you simply bake the food according to the directions, and then you can enjoy your favorite snack from home.

While we don’t know exactly why the company started to provide frozen options, it may be because of the COVID pandemic.

711 may have tried to reverse this by offering frozen items that could be purchased at brought home.

Furthermore, it only takes about 25 minutes for the taquitos to cook, so they are still much more convenient than making your own.

Of course, not every area offers this option. Therefore, you may need to call and ask your local store if it is currently offering take-and-bake taquitos.

Are 711 Taquitos Precooked?

Are 711 Taquitos Precooked?

It depends on how you purchase them. You can purchase taquitos that are already cooked from your local 711, according to availability.

However, if you wish, you can also purchase taquitos that are not currently cooked. These are frozen and can be baked at home whenever you wish.

While most locations do have both options, this is not always the case. When in doubt, it is best to call and ask what options are currently available at your local store.

Furthermore, rural stores usually have fewer options than urban ones, as they have fewer customers.

How Many Calories Are In 711 Taquitos?

711 taquitos are around 250 calories each. Therefore, for a full meal, you’ll need to eat at least two, though many people will need more than this.

However, don’t expect the taquitos to stick around with you for very long. They are low in protein, so they will likely digest pretty quickly, however, they do have a lot of sodium in them.

Therefore, if you’re trying to watch your sodium, they are likely not the best option for you.

Furthermore, one taquito contains 680 mg of sodium. If you’re purchasing two for a complete meal, you’ll end up with double that.

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Ruiz Foods currently makes and provides taquitos to 711. You can now purchase these taquitos in several different forms. For instance, you can purchase them heated up and ready-to-eat or frozen.

Of course, the taquitos are about as healthy as you would expect. They are extremely high in sodium and not very calorie-dense. Therefore, you’ll probably need to purchase a few of them to get a complete meal.

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