Who Makes Blackweb Products For Walmart? + Other FAQs

Millions of customers shop at Walmart for reliable quality products at low prices. One of the brands available is Blackweb, which specializes in electronics and computer accessories and peripherals.

If you’ve wondered who makes Blackweb products for Walmart and if they are good quality, you’re not alone. Therefore, read on to see what I discovered!

Who Makes Blackweb Products for Walmart In [currentyear]?

Blackweb is Walmart’s brand of premium electronics products, including computer and gaming accessories like keyboards, speakers, headphones, chargers, cables, and more in [currentyear]. It’s currently unclear who makes Blackweb products for Walmart. Additionally, it’s believed that Walmart is phasing out Blackweb products or merging them with its lower-priced onn. brand of electronics, which are made in China.

To find out more about Blackweb products and their quality, carry on reading for all the details!

What Are Blackweb Products?

Blackweb products are made by Walmart and sold in company stores and online. Blackweb is a trademark of Walmart, and was created in 2015

The Blackweb range of electronics and computer accessories and peripherals include the following:

  • Keyboards
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Computer cables
  • Chargers
  • Tablet and mobile phone covers/ cases
  • Connectors and cables
  • Adapters
  • MP3 docking stations

Blackweb is the Walmart store brand for premium electronics, such as Great Value, for food and housewares and Mainstays for furniture and appliances.

Like these brands, it too has a reputation for reliable and good quality products at reasonable prices.

However, it’s not clear who makes Blackweb products for Walmart.

Is Blackweb a Good Brand?

Blackweb products have a reputation for good quality at a reasonable price. They are considered to be the premium line of electronics products made and sold by Walmart.

 Blackweb audio products like speakers, headphones, and sound systems are highly rated.

Users find them to be reliable and durable, delivering quality performance at reasonable prices.

However, some reviewers have a less favorable opinion of Blackweb products. Reviewers who used Blackweb chargers found them to be of poor quality.

Are Blackweb Bluetooth Speakers Good?

Blackweb Bluetooth speakers have a reputation for good quality at low prices. They are also water-resistant and have a rugged construction, which makes them suitable for outdoor use as well.

Blackweb Bluetooth speakers are very popular for their wireless convenience and portability, as well as quality and durability.

How Long Do Blackweb Speaker Batteries Last?

How Long Do Blackweb Speaker Batteries Last? Walmart

The batteries for the Blackweb LED Bluetooth Wireless Speaker can last for up to seven hours when fully charged.

Is the Blackweb Speaker Waterproof?

The Blackweb Rugged Bluetooth Speaker is water resistant and floats in water. This makes it suitable for outdoor use like camping trips, picnics, and pool parties.

Does Blackweb Have a Warranty?

Blackweb products have a 30-day warranty period from the date the customer receives the product.

Products cannot be exchanged or refunded in case of misuse. The durability of non-rechargeable batteries is also not guaranteed.

Is Walmart Trying to Phase Out Blackweb?

As of 2020, there is discussion that Walmart is trying to phase out Blackweb products and replace or merge them with its lower-priced onn. electronics range.

What Are onn. Products?

onn. is Walmart’s brand for lower-priced consumer electronics sold in the US, UK, and Canada.

These products include TVs, tablets, streaming devices, mics, speakers, and cables. onn. products are made for Walmart in China.

How Do I Contact Blackweb Customer Service?

Because it’s a Walmart brand, Blackweb does not have a separate customer service number.

If you have any questions or concerns about Blackweb products, delivery, and after sale service, these are all handled by Walmart.

You can contact Walmart customer service for any issues related to Blackweb products at 800-925-6278, or email the company using the online contact form.

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Blackweb products are a brand owned and made by Walmart, and include electronics and computer accessories and peripherals.

They are considered to be reliable and good quality, while being reasonably priced. Blackweb Bluetooth speakers are especially popular with customers.

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