Walmart TV Warranty (Making Claims, Types Of TVs Covered, Damage + Price)

While even the most significant, most advanced TVs have come down considerably in price over the years, these vessels of entertainment still constitute a significant investment for many of us, and we want to protect our technology with warranties and protection plans.

Walmart is a significant seller of televisions and offers a variety of warranties to accompany your new purchase. Here is an overview of the Walmart TV warranty and protection plan.

Walmart TV Warranty And Protection Plan

Walmart sells warranties to cover each size TV sold online and in stores. Shoppers can choose between two and five-year plans, depending on the TV, which range in price from $10, up to $132. Warranties can be purchased with new and refurbished models, with protection plans serviced by either Allstate or Asurion.

To go more in-depth about what the Walmart TV warranties cover, how much they cost, how to make a claim and much more, keep reading!

What Types Of TVs Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover?

Walmart’s TV warranty and protection plan program covers almost every TV they sell, including a multitude of brands and models, 4K UHD, 4K, 1080p, new and refurbished products (though not all refurbished), and at every price point across the board.

To see if the TV you want is covered, visit Walmart’s website, find the TV you’re interested in, and visit the product page.

If a protection plan is associated with it, that information will appear near the top of the listing as an “add-on service.”

Some TVs have several options for varying lengths; of course, the options with longer coverage are more expensive.

What Does A Walmart TV Warranty Cover?

While two different companies service the Walmart TV warranties at this point (Allstate post-2018 and Asurion pre-2018), they both cover the same things:

  • Screen failure
  • Remote failure
  • Speaker failure 
  • TV not powering on

More specifically, the warranty site reads, “Your television is covered for mechanical and electrical failures from normal use. Accidental damage, intentional damage, loss, and theft are not covered.”

So if you drop the TV; if someone takes out their anger on the TV; if someone breaks into your home and steals the TV; if the TV gets lost during a cross-country move…unfortunately, none of these are covered.

However, if you try to turn on the TV one day and it won’t – you have a claim on your hands.

How Much Is A Walmart TV Warranty?

How Much Is A Walmart TV Warranty?

Walmart’s TV warranties vary in price based on the plan’s length, the TV’s condition, and the TV’s price.

I’m including some examples below, but as you can see, they start out quite inexpensively for cheaper models and get pretty pricey – the cost of buying a smaller TV! – for the higher-end models.

The best way to find out how much you can expect to pay for a protection plan is to find the TV (or TVs) you’re interested in purchasing, visit their Walmart product page(s), and find the associated plans listed under Add-on services.

Examples For New TVs

  • 2-year plan for TVs $30-129.99 — $13
  • 2-year plan for TVs $150-199.99 — $20
  • 3-year plan for TVs $200-249 — $25
  • 3-year plan for TVs $250-299 — $28
  • 3-year plan for TVs 300-399 — $39
  • 3-year plan for TVs $400-599 — $54
  • 4-year plan for TVs $250-299.99 — $37
  • 4-year plan for TVs $300-399 — $47
  • 4-year plan for TVs $400-599 — $70
  • 5-year plan for TVs $700-999.99 — $99

Examples For Refurbished TVs

  • 2-year plan for TVs $150-199.99 — $18
  • 3-year plan for TVs $300-399.99 — $39
  • 3-year plan for TVs $400-599.99 — $54

Do You Have To Activate Your Walmart TV Warranty?

When you purchase a TV protection plan with Walmart, you do not have to “activate” it – the purchase itself activates it and makes it immediately effective, so you don’t have to take any extra steps.

The key to filing a claim with the fewest speed bumps? Holding onto your receipt.

How Do You Make A Claim With Your Walmart TV Warranty?

Walmart and their warranty partners Allstate (claims are serviced by their subsidiary, SquareTrade) and Asurion (for TVs purchased before 2018), have made warranty claims a straightforward process that can be accomplished online.

First, locate your receipt and have the product close by, as well.

Then, visit either the Squaretrade Walmart Protection Plan site, for TVs purchased after 2018, or the Asurion site, for TVs purchased before 2018.

Go through the process (the site will guide you) and in many cases, the claim is approved with quickness. If it isn’t, a representative will contact you to address further action.

If your TV can be repaired, a repairperson will be sent to fix it. If not, a replacement will be sent to you.

Can You Make A Walmart TV Warranty Claim Without Your Receipt?

You cannot make a Walmart TV warranty claim without a receipt (for any TV brand including Samsung, Philips, Vizio, Hisense, TCL, LG, Sceptre, etc.) – but you can get a copy of your receipt if you have lost it (only if you used a debit or credit card).

Simply call Walmart’s Electronic Payment Hotline at 479-277-2643 and have the store location and date where/when you made the purchase, as well as the card number on hand.

Even better if you have the total amount charged to the card during that transaction as well.

Walmart will take this information, look up your receipt and send you a copy of it.

Can You Add A Walmart TV Warranty After Purchase?

Can You Add A Walmart TV Warranty After Purchase?

You have up to 30 days after you have purchased your TV at Walmart to add on a protection plan.

Visit, and click on “Go to Your Account” under Protect Your Purchases (make sure you are signed into Walmart’s website if it was an online order).

You can download Walmart’s app and add your receipt if you purchased in-store.

This will enable you to purchase a warranty for your previous TV buy.

Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover Accidental Damage?

Unfortunately, accidental damage is not covered by Walmart’s TV warranty plans.

So even if you have a protection plan, you still need to be careful around your fancy new TV, because bumping it off the stand, dropping it, or your kid hitting it with a football…none of these are covered.

Does The Walmart TV Warranty Cover Theft?

Home theft is an awful situation, and unfortunately, the Walmart TV protection plans do not cover your TV being stolen.

Are Walmart TV Warranties Worth It?

On one of Walmart’s protection plans, 95 percent of shoppers recommended the warranty.

One user wrote, “The entire process of filing the claim was quick and easy. I had a satisfactory result in just less than 24 hours.”

Another said, “The plan was well worth it…Instructions for making a claim was clear and concise. The support team was very helpful.”

However, an upset buyer said who gave the warranty one star said, “Didn’t cover accidental damage. It was knocked off the TV stand.” Unfortunately, this person should have read the conditions of the protection plan a little more closely.

Another complained, “Do not buy for a TV! It doesn’t cover a damaged screen as advertised!”

However, the 38 one-star ratings stand in contrast to the 1,117 five-star ratings.

It appears that the Walmart TV warranties are worth the cost and trend toward getting claims approved and customers the support and satisfaction they need.

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Walmart TV warranties (or protection plans) are a good investment for both new and refurbished sets, with prices ranging from the low teens to over $100, based on the price of the TV, its condition and the length of the plan.

While the plans do not cover accidental damage or theft, those frustrating moments where the screen blanks or the remote ceases to work (no matter how many times you change out the battery) can be conveniently resolved, oftentimes within 24 hours.

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