Who Makes Hart Tools For Walmart? [Full Guide]

In late 2019, Walmart stocked its shelves with Hart, a brand of hand and power tools that are targeted toward people who are working on home improvement and DIY projects.

Hart tools are now sold in 4000+ Walmart stores all over the U.S. and are frequently bought by regular customers of the store. This might have made you curious to know – who makes Hart tools for Walmart? Here is what I’ve managed to find out!

Who Makes Hart Tools For Walmart?

Hart tools are manufactured by Techtronic Industries Limited (TTI), a major tools producer based in Hong Kong with facilities in China. TTI has partnered with Walmart which is the sole retailer of Hart tools in the U.S. and sells these in-store and online.

If you want to learn more about the quality of Hart tools, where and how you can buy these, how much these tools cost, and much more, keep on reading!

Where Are Hart Tools Made Today?

Hart as a brand has always prided itself on being an American tool brand, however, since 2007, the Techtronics Industries Group (TTI) has manufactured Hart tools overseas.

TTI’s headquarters are located in Hong Kong and it has manufacturing facilities located primarily in China but also across Vietnam, the USA, Mexico, and Europe.

When Did TTI Start Making Hart Tools?

TTI started making Hart tools ever since it bought Hart back in 2007. Originally, Hart was founded in 1983 in California, USA, and specialized then in making framing hammers.

Owing to this, Hart as a brand has always had a reputation for being able to create innovative features for hammers and coming up with avant-garde modern hammer designs.

Are Hart Tools Made In The USA?

Hart Tools are not currently made in the U.S.A. and instead are manufactured by Techtronic Industries (TTI) which is based in Hong Kong. TTI has manufacturing facilities primarily in China where it produces Hart hand and outdoor tools.

Where Are Hart Hand Tools Designed?

Hart hand tools are designed in the United States and come with a sticker that bears the slogan ‘born in the USA’.

However, despite being designed in the US, Hart hand tools are made in Hong Kong and China by TTI.

Are Walmart Hart Tools Good?

Are Walmart Hart Tools Good?

Walmart’s Hart Tools provide good value for money for people who want to work on home improvement projects and start getting their hands dirty in the DIY space.

Moreover, the quality of Hart tools is not as good as some high-end manufacturers like DeWalt.

However, it is comparable to other competitors like Black and Decker which, combined with the affordability, makes these good enough for most household uses.

Note that these tools are not meant for use on professional contractor sites but will serve you well for all other purposes.

Where Can You Buy Hart Tools?

You can buy Hart tools in any of the 4000+ Walmart locations around the U.S. since Walmart has gotten into a deal with TTI to be the sole seller of Hart Tools products.

Alternatively, you can also buy Hart tools online through walmart.com and have them delivered to your home address (you have to wait 2 business days for free shipping).

If you are purchasing potentially dangerous power tools such as chainsaws or drills, please note that an adult may have to be present at the address to make a signature for the Walmart delivery at the door.

You can also pick up the Hart item free of charge from your nearest Walmart store that has the particular Hart product(s) available and in stock. Just visit Walmart’s website to find out which nearest Walmart store you can pick it up from.

How Much Do Hart Tools Cost At Walmart?

Hart Tools are quite affordable compared to other high-end brands such as DeWalt and so are perfect for people who want to use these for home improvement and DIY projects.

Here are the prices of several Hart tools to give you an idea of the price range you can expect:

  • 25-foot tape measure – $8.88
  • Magnetic-end pro tape – $13.88
  • 215-piece mechanic’s tool set – $148
  • Single battery drill and impact driver kit – $94

What Batteries Are Hart Tools Compatible With?

Hart Tools come with its own battery system that includes both 20V and 40V rechargeable batteries that can be bought at any Walmart location.

Note that you cannot use traditional batteries to power Hart Tools and must use those provided by Hart.

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Hart tools are currently manufactured by Techtronics Industries (TTI) in Hong Kong and China after the company bought the Hart brand in 2007. Walmart is the sole retailer of Hart tools in the U.S. and sells these both in-store and online. Hart tools are suitable for home improvement and DIY projects but not for professional contractor work.

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