Who Makes Super Tech Oil & Other Car Parts For Walmart? [All You Need To Know] 

Walmart is well known for offering a wide range of automotive services and for selling a wide range of products and accessories for passionate car lovers.

One product in particular that Walmart customers love is the affordable range of Super Tech oil products. But who exactly makes this oil and other car products for Walmart? Here is what I discovered!

Who Makes Super Tech Oil & Other Car Products For Walmart?

Warren Oil Company, Inc. is responsible for making Walmart’s Super Tech motor oil products, which can be seen as “WPP” on the bottom of Super Tech oil containers. Walmart’s Super Tech oil filters are made by Champion Labs while Douglas Tires are made by Goodyear.

Read on for more information on Super Tech motor oil and Walmart’s automotive parts! 

Who Makes Walmart’s Super Tech Motor Oil? 

Super Tech motor oil is made by Warren Oil Company, Inc, which is one of the biggest independent automotive lubricant manufacturers in the U.S.

While there has been some debate on who makes this oil, one savvy Walmart customer discovered that you can find their shortened company stamp of “WPP” on the bottom of each Super Tech oil bottle.

Warren Oil Company, Inc. is also responsible for selling both conventional and synthetic oils under various brand names, including Gold Band, Lubrigard, and Warren Oil. 

What Kind Of Oil Is Super Tech Motor Oil? 

Super Tech oil is fully synthetic motor oil, made with a combination of premium base oils, and includes enhanced additives to increase protection for engines.

Synthetic oils are extracted from alcohol or natural gas and adjust excellently to various temperatures as it doesn’t congeal in the cold or thin out during hot days.

Additionally, Super Tech’s synthetic makeup also meets the higher GM standard of a Dexos 1 rating, and suitable for SAE 5W-30 viscosity and meets API Specifications SP and ILSAC GF-6A.

This oil’s rating exceeds the former levels of GM 6094M and GM4718M, and Super Tech continues to produce oil that meets the GM standards and remains a low-cost option.

Is Super Tech Good Quality Motor Oil?

Yes, Super Tech is considered a high-quality oil and is also well-reviewed by customers on the Walmart website.

And while Super Tech oil is among the cheapest motor oils available at big box stores, Super Tech motor oil complies with all industry standards and requirements that ensure the highest quality.

Additionally, Super Tech motor oil is a licensed Dexos 1-rated oil, which means that your vehicle’s warranty will not be voided if you use this brand.

Who Makes Super Tech Transmission Fluid?

Super Tech Dexron III Automatic Transmission Fluid is one of the more popular transmission fluids at Walmart and is also manufactured by Warren Oil Company, Inc.

Transmission fluids by Super Tech are good for higher mileage units and include active additives to keep the transmission system running smoothly.

Super Tech Dexron III ATF is known for its quality and cost-effectiveness for both automatic and manual transmission systems.

Who Makes Super Tech Oil Filters For Walmart?

Who Makes Walmart Oil Filters?

As for Walmart’s range of Super Tech oil filters, Champion Labs are the maker of these products. Many Walmart customers have stated that the Champion Labs range of oil filters is identical to the Super Tech range sold at Walmart.

Additionally, the Champion Labs website, it states that they do indeed produce private-label oil filters for over 30 different brands nationwide.

Who Makes Batteries For Walmart?

Walmart’s car battery stock comes from several important manufacturers. Champion and EverStart are the most popular brands and fall under the parent company of Johnson Controls, a successful American battery maker.

Walmart also stocks Delphi Automotive MaxStart batteries, as well as Exide’s automotive batteries.

Who Makes Tires For Walmart?

The most notable private label for Walmart’s tire selections is Douglas Tires, manufactured by their parent company of Goodyear Tires.

In addition, Michelin, Pirelli, and Uniroyal Tires are also sold by Walmart, providing name-brand products at a lower cost. You can also get your vehicle’s tires completely serviced for less at Walmart’s automotive center. 

Brake Pads Brands Walmart Sells

You can find an incredibly wide selection of brake pads on Walmart’s shelves, the top contenders being:  

  • ACDelco
  • Bosch
  • EBCBrakes
  • Go-Parts
  • KFEBrake Systems
  • Power Stop
  • NRS
  • R1 Concepts
  • TransglobeAutomotive
  • Volar Motorsport
  • Wagner

In addition to the various brands, Walmart stocks all types of brake pads—front brakes, rear brakes, ceramic brakes, disc brake pad spreaders, sliding brakes, and more. 

Windshield Wiper Brands Walmart Sells

Walmart’s windshield wipers are stocked by various manufacturers. Customers can choose between the big names in automotive parts, including Bosch, Goodyear, Michelin, and Rain-X when looking to replace their windshield wipers. 

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Conclusion: Who Makes Super Tech Oil & Other Car Parts For Walmart? 

Though Walmart does not make their own motor oils or automotive parts, top namebrand manufacturers stock Walmart’s shelves with the items you need. From lubricant industry giant Warren Oil Company, Inc. to Goodyear and Michelin, Walmart motor oils and replacement vehicle parts are good quality for less cost, including batteries, brake pads, oil filters, tires, windshield wipers, and more. 

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