Who Makes Parent’s Choice Diapers? (All You Need To Know)

Picking the right diapers for your baby or toddler is a balancing act for many new parents, weighing fit and function on one side and price on the other.

Walmart’s Parent’s Choice diapers seemingly provide the perfect middle ground, with adequate coverage and truly economical pricing.

But parents these days care deeply about what they put on their babies, including who makes the products and where the materials come from.

So let’s explore who makes Parent’s Choice diapers – find out the answer below.

Who Makes Parent’s Choice Diapers?

Parent’s Choice diapers are manufactured by Walmart Company, making them one of the many house brands Walmart exclusively carries in stores and online. Parent’s Choice diapers are made in the USA, and though their ingredient list is not readily available, Walmart claims that they are hypoallergenic and latex-free.

To find out where Parent’s Choice diapers are made, whether they’re considered good, if they contained chlorine, and if they’re eco-friendly, keep reading below!

Where Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Made?

Walmart’s Parent’s Choice diapers are made in the United States, with up to 75 percent of the materials also sourced from the U.S.

In fact, the brand just launched in 2017, after items like the new diapers were in testing and development for a year.

Walmart brought in “scientists and engineers hired from national brand companies,” to the retailer’s innovation center in Arkansas, where new product testing takes place.

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers A Good Brand?

Reviews are split on Parent’s Choice diapers, and I have to wonder if some positive reviews aren’t colored by bias because of how cheap they are.

Still, plenty of reviewers rank them as the best diapers they’ve ever tried on their babies.

One person commented, “These parents’ choice of dry and gentle diapers are probably one of the best diapers I have used in a while.”

Another said, “PARENTS CHOICE DIAPERS ARE THE RIGHT CHOICE! So, the baby is so comfy and dry all night with this diaper! I am so impressed that it works as well as promised!”

In fact, if you check this product page on Walmart’s website, almost all of the initial reviews are positive.

Digging a bit deeper, though, expert testers have found that despite being made in the U.S., the diapers do not compare favorably in terms of ingredient transparency.

Indeed, the diapers from Parent’s Choice do not disclose their ingredient list on the packaging, and I can’t find one anywhere through research.

That means that parents can’t be totally sure what they are putting on their babies, and for that, many moms and dads would give the diapers a low rating.

Is Walmart Discontinuing Parent’s Choice Diapers?

Walmart is not discontinuing its Parent’s Choice diapers, the retailer’s first-ever premium-style diaper.

Walmart just launched the brand, which also includes baby items like sippy cups, lotions, and wipes, in 2017, and it has become one of its most popular brands.

If Parent’s Choice diapers are unavailable in stores or online, it’s more likely a case of them selling out.

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Chlorine Free?

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Chlorine Free?

Because Walmart has not made its ingredient list available to the public, it’s impossible to tell if their Parent’s Choice diapers are indeed chlorine-free.

Walmart’s White Cloud diapers are the same; without the ingredient list, you can’t tell if they are also chlorine-free.

Walmart’s aren’t the only store-label diapers that lack this information. Kirkland Signature Supreme also lacks the ingredient list.

Chlorine can be used as a bleach to get diapers that fresh, white look, but it can leave behind toxic chemicals in the materials.

Many parents would rather not potentially expose their baby’s gentle, sensitive skin to even trace toxins.

Are Parent’s Choice And Member’s Mark Diapers The Same?

From my research, it doesn’t appear that Parent’s Choice diapers from Walmart and Member’s Mark diapers from Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club are the same.

While they seem very similar – the reviewer at DiaperDabbler.com relates them to each other – the Member’s Mark diapers vary slightly.

The most obvious difference is in the Maker’s Mark diapers’ “inner liner,” which contains soothing natural botanicals and vitamin E.

Parent’s Choice diapers make no such claim, so the two diaper labels are clearly not the exact same item, being manufactured in one place and then labeled different for different stores.

However, it wouldn’t surprise me if the two were manufactured in the same factories, with many of the same ingredients, since both labels are owned by Walmart.

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Eco-Friendly?

Unfortunately, Parent’s Choice diapers are made to be inexpensive, not eco-friendly.

They are not made using renewable resources and make no claims at being biodegradable in any way.

Further, the lack of ingredients listed – on the packaging, online, anywhere – equals a lack of transparency that is not indicative of an eco-friendly product.

If you’re looking for diapers that are made to be eco-friendly, you could try the Free & Clear brand or The Honest Company.

Did Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Diapers Give Babies Chemical Burns?

To the best of any official source’s knowledge, parents’ choice diapers did not give a baby chemical burns.

In 2018, about a year after Parent’s Choice launched, a post began circulating around social media that claimed the label’s diapers gave a child chemical burns.

This is obviously a serious allegation, but despite the original post claiming that the chemical burn was confirmed by a pediatrician, there is no further evidence that the post is true.

As Snopes.com reports, there were no product recalls or any other warnings issued in conjunction with this post – which would surely have been the case.

This is probably just another example of an Internet hoax that, unfortunately, many pass on without verifying first.

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Parent’s Choice diapers are part of Walmart’s newest baby line, and the economically priced products are made in the United States, with a majority of ingredients sourced from the U.S.

However, it’s important to note that Walmart has not made the ingredient list for these diapers available.

This means that some concerns over the diapers’ construction, and the presence of chemicals in the materials, are indeed valid.

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