Why Do Aldi Cashiers Sit? (+ Other Common FAQs)

If you’ve ever been to Aldi, then you may have noticed that the Aldi cashiers sit behind the checkout lanes and aren’t standing when they ring up your order.

So, have you ever wondered: why do Aldi cashiers sit? Well, keep reading to learn the answer to that question and much more that I’ve discovered!

Why Do Aldi Cashiers Sit In 2024?

Aldi cashiers sit because it’s more productive than standing and the cashiers can ring up more customer orders hourly by sitting down in 2024. Research was performed that showed you can scan products quicker if you’re sitting down and Aldi is all about efficiency and wants cashiers to ring up as many customers as possible.

Do you want to know whether Aldi has an hourly goal on how many items cashiers are supposed to ring up per hour? If so, keep reading to learn even more interesting facts!

Is It Company Policy for Aldi Cashiers to Sit?

Aldi does require that all cashiers that work at Aldi sit when they are ringing up customers in line since it’s more productive and makes the checkout process more efficient.

However, even though Aldi cashiers are required to sit while they are ringing up customers, there are occasions they have to get up to get stock, help customers, and perform other tasks.

Why Do Aldi Cashiers Go So Fast?

Aldi cashiers are timed and are expected to ring up 1,200 items per hour, which is both why they sit and why they are scanning items so quickly.

Additionally, Aldi requires cashiers to hit 83% of the items per minute being scanned, and if you weren’t going at 95% or higher, then management would not be happy with you.

As a cashier, if you didn’t hit the 83% target then you’d have to take a class because Aldi has expectations about ringing up 1,200 items per hour regardless of the circumstances.

How Long Do Aldi Cashiers Sit?

Aldi cashiers are expected to sit down to ring customers up, but they aren’t sitting the whole shift, and it’s estimated they are only sitting between 10 minutes and 30 minutes at a time.

In addition, Aldi is known for having a smaller group of employees working in the stores, so that means cashiers also have other duties that require them to move around the store regularly.

What Do Aldi Cashiers Do?

Aldi cashiers will ring up customer orders and move quickly to meet the 1,200 items rung up per hour goal set by the company.

Additionally, the cashiers at Aldi have other job duties that must be performed during each shift they work, including:

  • Perform general cleaning duties
  • Return misplaced items to the proper location
  • Perform stocking duties as needed
  • Assist customers with getting items out of their cart
  • Assist with bagging customer items
  • Assist customers with concerns
  • Contact store management as needed with customer concerns or questions
  • Collaborate with other team members
  • Follow cash policy procedures
  • Give feedback to store management on product recommendations
  • Identify hazards in the store that need maintenance
  • Use proper product handling procedures
  • Perform general cleaning duties and other assigned tasks

How Much Do Aldi Cashiers Make?

How Much Do Aldi Cashiers Make?

Aldi cashiers on average will make $13.51 an hour.

However, the pay can range from $12 an hour to $15 an hour depending on your location, job skills, educational background, and other factors.

What Is the Age Requirement to Work at Aldi as a Cashier?

Aldi requires that cashiers be at least 18 years old, although if you’re still under 21, you’ll need an associate to help you ring up alcohol sales.

What Skills Does an Aldi Cashier Need to Have?

Aldi cashiers will need to have various skills that relate to the retail environment and should have at least some of the following qualifications:

  • Preferred high school diploma
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Provide courteous and quick customer service
  • Know how to operate a cash register
  • Knowledge of services and products offered at Aldi
  • Meet the requirements state by local and state laws in regards to alcohol
  • Work independently
  • Can work with a team and be a team player
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Can follow company policies and procedures
  • Can perform general cleaning duties
  • Ability to sit, bend, stoop, twist, walk, push, lift, pull, carry regularly

Is Being a Cashier at Aldi Hard?

Being a cashier at Aldi is fairly difficult according to both former and current employees, which mostly is due to the fact you are expected to ring up 1,200 items per hour!

For example, when you’re working an 8-hour shift and ringing up that many items an hour, you’re going to develop tennis elbow or carpal tunnel from such repetitive motions.

Furthermore, it’s a physically demanding job, since you also have to help customers pick up items to be scanned, replace stock and products in the store, and perform other tasks.

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It’s company policy that Aldi cashiers sit while they are ringing up orders since it’s been studied and researched to show sitting down helps improve productivity.

Additionally, Aldi prefers that cashiers ring up 1,200 items an hour and will not be happy if you’re not getting 95% of that during your shift, and require you to maintain at least 83% of the goal.

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