Why Does Grubhub Say Everything Is Closed? (All You Need to Know)

Grubhub markets itself as a 24/7 service that allows you to order food whenever you need it, no matter how late or early in the day it is.

Sometimes, Grubhub says everything is closed, and it seems to contradict this policy, which is why I looked into it to see what it means!

Why Does Grubhub Say Everything Is Closed In [currentyear]?

Grubhub says everything is closed when it’s late, and restaurants in your area have wound-down operations for the day as of [currentyear]. Sometimes Grubhub will say everything is closed when there are harsh weather conditions. If Grubhub says everything is closed, all you can do is wait until the restaurants reopen during regular business hours.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about what it means when Grubhub says everything is closed, including what to do, when to expect it, and more!

Why Does Grubhub Say Taco Bell Is Closed?

Grubhub says Taco Bell is closed because the locations in your area have shut down operations for the day.

Taco Bell is a franchise, meaning people run the restaurants in licensing agreements with the company.

So, one of the ways this impacts individual locations is they get to decide when they open and close instead of having corporate dictate it for them.

That said, several Taco Bell locations in busy areas like New York close around 4 or 5 AM, while other locations operate 24/7.

Still, some of them close at midnight or earlier, especially in areas with little night traffic, such as rural regions.

Also, Grubhub could say Taco Bell is closed if the weather conditions are unfavorable and the company had to shut down.

For example, if it’s hurricane season and Grubhub says Taco Bell is closed, look for a storm warning that you might have missed in the local news.

Why Does Grubhub Say A Restaurant Is Closed When It’s Open?

Why Does Grubhub Say A Restaurant Is Closed When It's Open?

If Grubhub says a restaurant is closed when it’s open, it’s likely because the restaurant has changed its status on the service to limit its availability.

For example, when a restaurant first partners with Grubhub, they receive a tablet that they can use to manage their operations with things like orders and their status.

Then, whenever a restaurant gets swamped with orders, they can change their Grubhub status to “Closed” to keep new orders from coming in until they finish with the current backlog.

However, if Grubhub says a restaurant is closed when you expect it to be open, but you can’t verify it, it might actually be closed.

As previously mentioned, one of the most popular reasons for this is bad weather conditions, especially tornadoes and hurricanes, but it also happens when the weather is clear.

For example, suppose it’s a weekday during regular business hours, and a restaurant says it’s closed.

In that case, it might be due to a holiday that isn’t nationally recognized but is still observed by the people in charge.

When Does Grubhub Open?

Grubhub is a 24/7 service meaning it’s technically never closed, so it would never need to open.

In practice, however, Grubhub is only as available as the restaurants listed, so if they’re open, the service is open and vice versa.

What Do I Do When Grubhub Says A Restaurant Is Closed?

When Grubhub says a restaurant is closed, the only options you have are to wait for it to open or find another one.

Fortunately, Grubhub shows you restaurants within 70 miles of your location, so you could still find options that are still open depending on where you are.

Still, if Grubhub says everything is closed, the best you can do is wait it out until they reopen, hopefully the next day.

After the restaurants open, depending on where you’re ordering from and what you’re getting, you might have to wait longer if they separate their menus by breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Grubhub says everything is closed because it’s late, and restaurants have shut down for the day.

Sometimes, it’s because of a different reason, such as unfavorable weather conditions or holidays.

If Grubhub says a restaurant is closed when it’s open, it’s likely because they’ve changed their status via the Grubhub tablet.

Moreover, restaurants do this to stop incoming orders when they’re flooded.

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