Why is 711 So Expensive? (Here Are 5 Reasons Why)

Most people are quite conscious about what things cost, and you may have noticed that things at 711 tend to cost a bit more money. In fact, some things may cost as much as 30% more than typical grocery stores.

There are quite a few different reasons for this phenomenon. To learn why 711 is often so much more expensive, keep reading below!

Why is 711 So Expensive In [currentyear]?

For the most part, 711 is more expensive because you’re paying for convenience as of [currentyear]. 711 also have to employ staff 24/7, which adds to the company’s overhead costs, as well as having lots of machines, which quickly adds to the overall cost of store upkeep.

For everything you need to know about why 711 often costs more, take a look at the other reasons for an increased cost below.

1. Convenience

The main reason that 711 is often more expensive than other stores is because of its convenience.

Usually, when someone stops at 711, it’s only to pick up a few things, therefore, the company has to charge a bit more per item to make money.

There are also many convenient services at 711, such as ATMs and AXS machines.

2. Marketing

711 pays a lot for advertising. Just about everyone knows what 711 is, and that’s because of its intense marketing strategy.

However, all of this marketing costs money. This extra price gets passed onto you when you shop there.

Brand recognition is one of the main reasons why it is so much more expensive than other stores.

3. Machine Maintenance

3. Machine Maintenance 711

Many 711 locations have a surprising number of machines. Its machines contain most of the food items, such as Slurpees, cup of noodles, and more.

Additionally, taking care of all these machines is extremely expensive. Most stores have a technician on a salary that helps take care of these machines daily.

However, because of this extra maintenance cost, you’re going to pay a lot more for everything you buy there.

4. Rental

Often, 711 stores are much smaller than other stores, however, there are far more stores. Therefore, the company has to pay more rental income.

Plus, when you rent a smaller space, you’re paying more per square foot than a larger space.

Furthermore, 711s are expected to have a lot of different sales than your average gas station. It is not odd for landlords to charge more for rent because they know 711 can purchase it.

5. Extended Hours

711 has much longer hours than other stores out there. Therefore, its employers have to pay for 24/7 staffing, which can get quite expensive.

However, these extended hours are what makes them different from other stores. Therefore, more needs to be charged per item to make enough money.

In other words, not many people want to work nights at 711, so the company has to up its wages for these shifts.

Are All Items More Expensive at 711?

While many items are more expensive at 711, this isn’t true for all items. Some items are actually a bit cheaper than at other stores.

For instance, 711 tries to be competitive with common groceries. For instance, you may find that milk is especially cheap in its stores.

However, where 711 makes much of its money is through its convenient, easy-to-eat meals and other convenient items.

Additionally, Any ready-to-eat meal is going to be more expensive at 711 than other stores.

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Like most convenience stores, 711 is pretty expensive. You are paying partially for the convenience of having a 711 on your corner. Plus, because its stores are open 24/7, it has to employ more staff.

For this reason, 711 typically has higher costs than other stores, which translates to higher prices at the register.

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