Why Is Amazon Music Not Working? (5 Different Fixes)

Music is the perfect way to fill the silence while working out, cooking, hosting guests, or playing games. Additionally, music is a great tool to help you destress and relax after a long day.

But if you have the Amazon Music app and find yourself running into problems while trying to stream music, you may be wondering if there’s any way to fix the issue.

Look no further! Here are all the easiest ways I found to fix your Amazon Music app!

Why Is Amazon Music Not Working?

There are a few quick ways to fix your Amazon Music if it’s not working. For example, checking your device’s internet connection, testing internet speed, restarting the app, restarting your device, and clearing the app’s cache are all methods to fix the Amazon Music app.

To discover the step-by-step process for clearing your Amazon Music cache and how fast your internet needs to be to stream music, keep on reading!

1. Check If Your Device Is Connected To The Internet

Perhaps one of the quickest fixes to an Amazon Music account that’s not working is to check your internet connection.

You can quickly confirm whether or not your device is connected to the internet by going into the device’s settings and checking.

If you cannot access a secure internet connection but still want to stream music through Amazon Music, you can do so by using your device’s data.

Again, you can check whether or not your settings are tailored to allow Amazon Music to use data by going into the app’s settings.

Finally, check to see whether or not your device is in Airplane Mode. When a device, like a smartphone or a tablet, is switched to Airplane Mode, the device cannot connect to the internet.

2. Check The Speed Of Your Internet

According to Amazon, you must have a strong internet connection to stream Amazon Music without any issues.

So if you’re having problems streaming music on the app, you may need to confirm your internet speed is fast enough to do so.

You need to have internet between 10-20 Mbps to stream music on apps like Amazon Music without any problems.

If you’re not sure how to check your internet speed, consider using services like PCMag Speed Test, which only requires you to click a single button to check your internet speed.

3. Restart The Amazon Music App

Another way to avoid calling Amazon’s customer service to fix a streaming issue is to restart the Amazon Music app.

Restarting the Amazon Music app can help get rid of any glitches and effectively refresh the program.

To restart the Amazon Music app, simply close it and open it back up after a few moments.

If that doesn’t work, consider deleting and reinstalling the Amazon Music app. Sometimes deleting the app can solve any streaming issues.

4. Restart Your Smartphone Or Tablet

If restarting the Amazon Music app doesn’t work, you may have to restart the device you’re streaming music on.

A quick refresh of your device can help with internet connection speeds and ensure the app is processing correctly. Before turning off your device, ensure that you close all your running apps.

Then, wait at least one minute before turning your smartphone or tablet back on. Your Amazon Music app should be back in working order after that!

5. Clear Your Amazon Music App’s Cache

5. Clear Your Amazon Music App's Cache

If you notice your Amazon Music app continually crashes, it may be a problem with a corrupted cache file. Although it sounds like a difficult tech issue to solve, it’s very simple!

All you have to do is clear your app cache. If you have an Android device, first, open the “Settings” app on your device and find the settings for Amazon Music.

Then select “Storage,” “Clear Cache,” and “Clear Data” in that order. If you have an Apple device, simply delete the app and reinstall it after waiting at least a minute.

What Is Included In An Amazon Music Subscription?

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Music is included in your account at no additional cost.

With that, the Amazon Music subscription comes with several features, including:

  • Access to two million songs
  • Thousands of music stations and playlists
  • Millions of podcast episodes
  • Ability to listen offline
  • Unlimited skips

Amazon Music incorporates almost any genre of music you can think of, so it’s guaranteed you will find something on the app that you like!

How Do You Listen To Amazon Music?

You may not know where to start on the Amazon Music app with the number of available songs and podcasts. Or, you may be curious about what devices can stream Amazon Music.

Fortunately, there are several ways to stream music on Amazon Music, including:

  • Amazon Echo devices
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • Other Alexa-enabled devices
  • Any mobile device
  • Computer

Finding a playlist that suits your mood on Amazon Music is easy. For example, suppose you have an Alexa-enabled device.

In that case, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, play music for working out, a dinner party, cooking, relaxing, gaming, etc.” and Amazon Music will automatically start a playlist.

If you want to know more, you can also see our related articles on whether or not Amazon music has podcasts, if Amazon music has ads, and the Amazon Alexa warranty.


Fixing a problem with your Amazon Music app is easier than it may initially seem. First, ensure that your smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet.

A couple of other ways to quickly fix your Amazon Music is to reinstall the app or restart your device, which will get rid of any minor glitches in the streaming service.

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