Why is McDonald’s Coke Better? (You’ll Never Guess The Reason)

If you’ve been to numerous fast-food places, then you know that McDonald’s is known for having the best Coke ever, and there’s no doubt about that.

As you’re sipping this fizzy pop, you’ve likely wondered to yourself why McDonald’s Coke is better than others. Well, we have an answer to that and much more below!

Why is McDonald’s Coke Better?

McDonald’s Coke is better because Coca-Cola delivers the McDonald’s soda syrup product in stainless steel tanks. Further, this is very different from other restaurants since other restaurants get their soda syrup in a plastic bag. It’s the stainless steel tanks that allow the product to maintain freshness and be consistent from one McDonald’s to the next.

McDonald’s Coke is better than other restaurants for other reasons beyond the stainless steel tanks, so read on to learn more details!

What is Special About McDonald’s Coke?

McDonald’s has reigned supreme when it comes to which restaurant has the best Coke, and the stainless steel tanks that Coca-Cola uses to deliver the Coke are one major reason.

Additionally, the stainless steel tanks not only keep the flavor of the syrup fresh but also will prevent light, air, and fluctuations in temperature from messing with the syrup and degrading it.

Further, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have had a very tight relationship for decades, and Coca-Cola goes a bit above and beyond to ensure McDonald’s Coke is superb.

McDonald’s Uses Insulated Tubes

McDonald’s syrup and water are pre-chilled before they are placed into the soda fountain itself.

Typically, a lot of restaurants will just place warm or cool water into the soda dispenser and then use the dispenser to chill the water for the soda syrup mixture.

However, unlike most restaurants, McDonald’s uses insulated tubes for delivering the water to the fountain from the fridge, which keeps the water at a constant 33 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does McDonald’s Have a Special Coke Recipe?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not have a special Coke recipe, and Coca-Cola delivers the restaurant the same Coke as other restaurants.

McDonald’s Uses Special Water Filtration

McDonald’s uses special water filtration to ensure that the quality of the Coke is the same from one location to another.

Unfortunately, water sources vary from municipality to municipality, so McDonald’s had to figure out a way to keep their Coke consistent across the board.

Additionally, McDonald’s filters the water multiple times to ensure that quality and flavor are consistent.

Moreover, using the water filtration system allows McDonald’s to have better quality water regardless of location or circumstances. 

Why is McDonald’s Coke so Strong?

McDonald’s Coke may taste stronger than other restaurants in part because of the wider straw that the fast-food giant uses.

Furthermore, the wider straw allows for more Coke to be sucked up into the straw quicker, and that makes it seem stronger since you’re getting more taste at once.

In addition to that, since McDonald’s uses incredibly cold water, the carbon dioxide gases don’t escape easily, which allows your pop to be crisp and bubbly.

Is McDonald’s Coke Real Coke?

Is McDonald’s Coke Real Coke?

McDonald’s Coke is 100% real Coke from Coca-Cola, and the fast-food giant has the premium Coke delivered in stainless steel tanks to all of the 37,000-plus locations of McDonald’s.

Why McDonald’s Coke Still is Refreshing After Adding Ice

McDonald’s Coke is also made specifically to account for ice being added to the drink, which allows it to maintain fizz and taste even after you’ve loaded your cup with ice.

In addition to that, the company figured out the right formulation of Coke syrup to use so that adding ice doesn’t alter the refreshing flavor of the Coke.

Should You Order McDonald’s Coke Without Ice?

It’s best to grab at least a little ice when you order a Coke at McDonald’s, mostly due to the higher ratio of syrup liquid that McDonald’s uses in the Coke mixture.

However, if you don’t add ice to your Coke, you’ll notice the drink doesn’t taste the same and might not be as appealing or refreshing to you.

Further, since McDonald’s accounts for ice being added to the drink when creating their Coke mixture, you’re going to get a pretty strong flavor and fizz without any ice.

Is McDonald’s Coke Gluten-Free?

McDonald’s Coke is gluten-free, and so is Diet Coke, as well as caffeine-free Coke, so it’s perfect for those on a gluten-free diet that want a quick pop from a fast-food restaurant.

Further, Coca-Cola lists all versions of Coke as being gluten-free, but this only applies to the version in the United States.

Unfortunately, outside of the United States, Coke might not be gluten-free since it can vary by country.

Is McDonald’s Coke Vegan or Vegetarian?

McDonald’s Coke is suitable for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet since there are no animal products or derivatives used.

Furthermore, most drinks at McDonald’s are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, including Minute Maid Slushies, orange juice, and apple juice, and the sodas offered.

However, McCafe drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, and McFlurry are not vegan or vegetarian since they contain milk.

Is McDonald’s Coke Watered Down?

McDonald’s Coke is not watered down at all, and in fact, its syrup-to-water ratio is designed to handle putting ice into your drink.

However, there are times when the syrup might be a little low, which could alter the flavor a little and make it seem less strong but not watered down.

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McDonald’s Coke is better than other restaurants because Coca-Cola uses stainless steel containers to deliver the soda syrup, whereas other restaurants get the delivery in plastic bags.

Further, the stainless steel allows the soda syrup to stay fresh and not go flat after a certain amount of time.

Additionally, the water is filtered multiple times and kept chilled so that the quality is top-notch, and so that the same taste is found everywhere regardless of local water quality.

Lastly, those wider straws really help to bring more Coke to your taste buds at once, which allows you to get more Coke in one sip of pure bliss.

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