Why Is McDonald’s So Good? (10 Reasons Why)

Being the second-largest fast-food restaurant in the world, it’s obvious that McDonald’s is good, and people of all ages enjoy their products.

When you think about McDonald’s, have you started to wonder why is McDonald’s so good? Keep reading because we’re going to tell you the top 10 reasons why it’s as good as it is!

Why Is McDonald’s So Good?

McDonald’s is so good because the company uses 100% beef, chicken, and fish to create their sandwiches and burgers. Additionally, McDonald’s flash freezes their food items to lock in flavors and seal in freshness. McDonald’s also has special relationships with companies like Coca-Cola, which gives them special treatment, such as Coke syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks.

There are several other reasons why McDonald’s is so good, so read below to find out that and more!

1. McDonald’s Burgers Contain 100% Beef

McDonald’s is so good because the fast-food chain uses 100% beef for their hamburgers, including the iconic Big Mac and Quarter-Pounder.

Furthermore, McDonald’s hamburgers contain no additives, fillers, or preservatives, which makes their burgers healthier than other fast-food restaurant chains.

Beyond that, McDonald’s uses more than one type of cut to make their hamburgers, including trimmings of sirloin, round, and chuck, which helps give the hamburger more layers of flavor.

In addition to that, each burger is prepped with salt and pepper, which allows the natural flavors to come through.

2. McDonald’s Flash Freezes Food to Lock In Flavor

Speaking more on flavor, McDonald’s flash freezes a lot of their food items at the processing plants before they are shipped out to each restaurant to seal in the natural flavors.

Moreover, flash freezing is a process where the food is quickly frozen using circulating cold air to freeze the food at lower temperatures, which prevents moisture from entering the food.

3. McDonald’s Doesn’t Use the Same Bun for All Burgers & Sandwiches

One thing that sets McDonald’s apart and it’s a huge reason why McDonald’s is so good is that the fast-food restaurant doesn’t use the same bun for all of the sandwiches and burgers.

Further, McDonald’s Big Mac, Double Quarter Pounder, and Quarter-Pounder all use a sesame seed bun, including a piece of bread in between the patties of deluxe burgers.

However, if you order a chicken sandwich, double cheeseburger, hamburger, or cheeseburger, you’ll notice that the bun is just a regular bun that’s been toasted.

Subsequently, having a variety of buns for specific purposes and burgers makes the food more appealing and contributes to McDonald’s tasting so good.

4. McDonald’s Has Special Limited-Time Items Like the McRib

McDonald’s has created a cult-like following for some of its more limited-time-only foods, such as the McRib.

Additionally, having these specialty food items that are only brought out once a year adds to the uniqueness and fun aspect of enjoying a meal at McDonald’s.

5. McDonald’s Offers Sweet Treats & McCafe Drinks

5. McDonald’s Offers Sweet Treats & McCafe Drinks

McDonald’s has some of the most iconic and popular fast-food items in the world, including sweets such as baked apple pie and McFlurry.

Furthermore, there’s nothing better than taking a hot French fry and dipping it into a cold McFlurry to give you that sweet and salty combination that just tastes magnificent!

On top of that, McDonald’s offers McCafe drinks, which are served either hot or cold and contain coffee, whipped cream, sweet flavorings such as caramel or mocha, and are loaded with sugar.

6. Food Safety is a Top Priority & Consistent Standards Ensure Quality Food

Regardless of which McDonald’s location you go to, you know you’re going to get a quality meal with consistency.

McDonald’s has always taken food safety seriously by ensuring that their food farmers, suppliers, distribution centers, and partners only produce the highest-quality food possible.

Additionally, the company details every step of the supply chain, assesses possible health risks along the way, and holds food vendors accountable.

7. McDonald’s Coca-Cola is the Best Coke Ever

McDonald’s Coke stands out among the competition and is some of the best Coke you’ll ever have, and it’s possible because of a special relationship between Coke and McDonald’s.

Coca-Cola packages the soda syrup in stainless steel tanks for McDonald’s, which allows it to stay cooler without temperature fluctuations and keeps it fresher.

Additionally, McDonald’s uses a water filtration system to ensure the Coke has the same great taste from one location to another and uses a wider straw to deliver more fizz at once.

8. McDonald’s Uses Real Meat for Their Menu Items

McDonald’s uses only 100% real meat in all of its sandwiches and burgers, which makes it so good because you know it’s authentic meat and not some fake concoction of mystery meat.

Further, it doesn’t matter whether you’re ordering the Big Mac, a chicken sandwich, the Filet-O-Fish, or the McRib, as all of these are made with 100% beef, pork, chicken, or fish.

On top of that, McDonald’s uses only real potatoes for its iconic French fry, and the authenticity of the meat and potatoes is why McDonald’s has reigned supreme in the fast-food market.

9. McDonald’s Doesn’t Often Alter Proven Recipes

A good thing about McDonald’s is that they don’t alter proven recipes to try to get into the latest food trend, which has helped their iconic foods stay iconic and beloved by millions.

Likewise, McDonald’s years ago opted not to switch from the real potatoes it uses for French fries to a new GMO potato called Innate.

However, McDonald’s has changed out ingredients over the years to make food healthier, such as switching artificial flavoring to natural flavoring and using beef flavoring instead of beef tallow.

10. McDonald’s Fries are Nothing Short of Life-Changing

The most popular item at McDonald’s is the French fries, and it’s similar to Coke in that it’s special and unique to McDonald’s.

Further, the fries contain natural beef flavoring, which is what gives you the feeling of a life-changing, mind-altering experience.

On top of that, the fries are a mixture of different potatoes with McDonald’s using Shepody, Russet Tanger, Russet Burbank, and Umatilla Russet potatoes.

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