Why Is My Uber Rating Low? (Driver, Rider + Other Common FAQs)

Uber works by matching rideshare drivers to riders looking for trips. In a bid to improve the user experience for both parties, the platform has a rating system in place.

However, having a low rating could prove to be an issue, and the first step toward addressing it is to know where it comes from. So, keep reading to learn why your Uber rating is low and what you can do about it!

Why Is My Uber Rating Low in [currentyear]?

Your Uber rating is low because either the riders or drivers have had negative experiences with you. Some of the most common reasons for low Uber ratings for both riders and drivers include rudeness, poor directions, and poor hygiene in [currentyear]. Since Uber shows ratings before the ride, a low average could interfere with your ability to use the platform.

Find out the possible reasons why your Uber rating as a driver or rider is low, along with what it means, what you can do about it, and more below!

Why Is My Uber Driver Rating Low?

As a driver, your Uber rating might be low for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Poor hygiene – this includes your car’s as well as your own personal hygiene
  2. You make riders feel unsafe – some instances where this happen is when you drive dangerously
  3. Riders consider you rude or unpleasant to be around, e.g. you yell at them
  4. You took too long on the ride or had poor navigation skills

Why Is My Uber Rider Rating Low?

As a rider, your Uber rating might be low because:

  1. You keep drivers waiting at the pickup locations
  2. You’re considered rude or unpleasant to deal with – this includes your actions if you’re riding when drunk
  3. You leave messes inside the car – this includes smoking, usually without asking
  4. You require extra unprotected accommodations without asking, e.g. you ride with a dog that isn’t a service animal
  5. You don’t give drivers important information upfront

Do Uber Drivers See If You Tip Before Rating?

Uber drivers can’t see if you tip before rating you because this information is hidden from them until a while after the ride.

Also, they lose the ability to rate you past a certain point which is around when they also get the trip receipt with the exact tip amount.

This way, whether you tip likely isn’t a factor in your average rating, unless you tell the driver yourself or tip them in cash.

How Do I Fix My Low Driver Rating On Uber?

How Do I Fix My Low Driver Rating On Uber?

Uber drivers can fix their rating in the following ways:

  1. Keep yourself and your car clean – aside from personal hygiene, ensure the inside of your car isn’t cluttered. Get an air freshener for the car and let the windows down regularly to keep the inside from getting stuffy
  2. Be polite to the riders – pay attention to how they respond to you to determine whether or not they want to talk
  3. Get a GPS to make navigation easier and avoid taking longer on a ride than you have to
  4. Don’t drive dangerously – adhere to speed limits and other road rules so your riders don’t feel like you’re risking accidents
  5. Try to make the ride as comfortable for the rider as possible – even if you can’t provide food and drinks for each trip, you could ask them if they want anything playing during the ride or if they want the AC on
  6. Get a phone mount for your car so your hands are free to drive – this also makes the riders feel safer

If you get a low rating for something that was out of your control (ex. heavy traffic or high prices), you can appeal it and take it out of consideration for your average.

How to Fix Low Rider Rating On Uber

You can fix your low rider rating on Uber using these methods:

  1. Get to your pickup location on time
  2. Give the driver additional information to help them find your pickup and dropoff locations if a map wouldn’t be enough
  3. Don’t leave a mess in the car – this includes not smoking during the ride
  4. If you want extra accommodations, let the driver know beforehand, e.g. if you want to bring a pet or more riders than the car is intended for
  5. Be polite with the driver and gentle with their car – this includes things like saying hi and not slamming doors
  6. Tip them in cash – this is for people that are looking for a stronger guarantee of a good rating. If the driver knows you’ve tipped, they’re more likely to leave positive feedback.

Can You Get Kicked Off Uber for a Low Rating?

You can get kicked off Uber for a low rating, whether you’re a driver or rider, but what constitutes a low enough rating for deactivation depends on where you’re based.

Before this happens, you’ll receive advance notice to improve your average rating before your account gets shut down.

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If your Uber rating is low, whether you’re a driver or rider, it might be because you keep having negative interactions during rides. You could address this by improving your personal hygiene, being more polite, and communicating any important information as soon as you can.

Uber drivers can’t see how much you tip them before rating you, meaning this isn’t one of the factors that go into a low average. If your rating goes low enough, you could get kicked off Uber.

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