Why Is Prime Video Not Working On Firestick? (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Are you trying to watch Amazon Prime video but you’ve run into a problem with Prime Video not working on Firestick?

Do you want to know some potential fixes that could help you? If so, continue reading below to learn some of the best ways you can fix this problem!

Why Is Prime Video Not Working On Firestick In [currentyear]?

Amazon Prime Video might not be working on Firestick because you need to update your Firestick software, or it could be due to the Amazon Prime app needing to be updated as of [currentyear]. Additionally, your Internet connection may not be stable, or you may have downloads that are bogging down your connection.

Read further to learn even more potential ways to fix this problem!

How Can I get Prime Video to Work on Firestick?

Here are some suggestions to help get the Prime video app working on Firestick:

1. Update Firestick

Your Firestick needs to be regularly updated just like other electronic devices and if you’re running on old software or firmware, it could cause Prime Video to stop working.

Furthermore, it’s easy to update your Firestick by following the steps below:

  • Press the “Home” button
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Device/System” and choose “About”
  • Select “Check or Updates” or “Install Update”
  • Your television automatically will turn off when the updates are installed
  • Wait for 5 to 20 minutes for the process to complete

2. Reboot Amazon Firestick

If Prime Video isn’t working on your Firestick, you can reboot your Firestick and see if that solves your problem, which is easy to do by following these steps:

  • Press “Select” and “Play/Pause” at the same time on the Firestick remote

You also can reboot the Firestick by performing the following actions:

  • Go to “Home”
  • Select “Settings”
  • Click “Device”
  • Select “Restart”

3. Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN, that may be why Prime Video isn’t working on your Firestick as Amazon doesn’t allow for the use of a VPN, so try disabling it to see if it begins working again.

4. CDN Error Needs To Be Cleared

CDN errors are common for people using Firestick devices, which is a server issue, so you’ll need to remove the error to see if that fixes the problem.

To fix this error, just hold down “Select” and “Play/Pause” at the same time for 10 seconds, which will reboot the device, and it should clear the CDN error.

5. HDMI Cable Incompatibility

You will need to use either an HDMI cable that is made for HDCP 2.2 or HDCP 1.4 depending on whether you want UHD/HDR content or HD content.

Therefore, if you’re not using a compatible HDMI cable, you will run into errors trying to play Prime Video, so switch out your HDMI cables to one of those compatible types to fix the error.

6. Reboot Your Router

Unstable internet connections can lead to issues trying to play Prime Video on Firestick, so one potential fix is to reboot your router to see if your Internet connection becomes more stable.

7. Shut Down Programs Hogging Bandwidth

7. Shut Down Programs Hogging Bandwidth Amazon

If you have other programs running on your Firestick or even on a gaming console or PC, it can slow down Amazon Prime and make it so it doesn’t work correctly.

Additionally, Prime Video will need at least 900 Kbits/second to run well for SD, so anything that you’re running is going to interfere with that and lead to Prime Video problems.

8. Clear Your Cache

You may want to try to clear the cache on your Firestick to see if that fixes the Prime Video, not working errors, and it’s easy to clear the cache by following the steps below:

  • Press “Home” on your Firestick remote
  • Go into “Settings”
  • Select “Apps”
  • Select “Manage Installed Apps”
  • Select “Prime Video”
  • Select the option to “Clear Cache”
  • Reopen Prime Video to see if it worked

9. Prime Video Server Issues – Check Is It Down?

Sometimes if Prime Video isn’t working, it’s because of server issues at Amazon, but you can check websites such as Is It Down Right Now to find this out.

These websites will tell you whether the servers at Amazon Prime are working and if they aren’t, then you’ll just have to wait for Amazon to fix the issues on its end.

10. Reset Your Firestick

Lastly, you can try to reset your Firestick if you’re still having issues with Prime Video, but this is a factory reset so it will delete everything including apps, settings, data, and more.

Therefore, this should be the last resort option, but if you want to reset your Firestick just follow our steps below to complete the process:

  • Go to “Home”
  • Select “Settings”
  • Go into “System/Device”
  • Select “Reset to Factory Default”
  • Allow up to five minutes for the process to complete

Do Amazon Fire Sticks Need To Be Updated?

You should regularly update your Amazon Firestickto make sure it works properly and like other electronics, it will need regular updates to continue functioning as it should.

Additionally, regular updates will bring bug fixes and new features, but the updates should be checked for and installed automatically through the default settings on the device.

However, you can still manually check for updates if you want to make sure you’re on the latest version of the software by going into the “Settings” menu.

Why is Firestick Not Updating Automatically?

The biggest reason why your Firestick might not be updating as it should is that your Internet connection is unstable or you’ve been disconnected from the Internet.

Therefore, make sure you have a stable connection at all times for the Firestick so that it can connect to the servers and download any new updates available.

Can You Uninstall Prime Video From Firestick?

Unfortunately, you cannot uninstall Prime Video from Amazon Firestick since it’s one of the preinstalled apps found on the device.

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If Prime Video isn’t working on Firestick then you might want to try to update your Firestick, reboot your router, or try to reboot your Firestick to see if that fixes the issue. Additionally, you may need to close down programs or downloads that could be bogging down your Internet.

Also, sometimes the problem is an Amazon server issue, so check a website such as Is It Down Right Now to see if it’s you or Amazon causing the Prime Video not working error.

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