Why Is Prime Video Not Working On Roku? (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Are trying to watch a movie or television show through Amazon Prime Video only to run into issues with Prime Video not working on Roku?

Well, if you’re having this issue, continue reading to learn of possible fixes I’ve discovered so that you can get back to watching content within minutes!

Why Is Prime Video Not Working On Roku In 2024?

If Prime Video is not working on Roku it could be due to several issues but one of the best fixes is to restart your Roku device or reset it as of 2024. Furthermore, you might want to check to make sure your internet connection is working properly and you’re getting a good wireless signal.

Do you want to know about other potential fixes for Prime Video not working on Roku or have more questions? If so, read further to learn more!

How Can I Get My Prime Video To Work On Roku?

Here are a few suggestions on how to get Amazon Prime Video to work on your Roku:

1. Restart Your Roku Device

The simplest fix if you’ve noticed Prime Video isn’t working on Roku is to restart your Roku device, which can happen if system errors or app errors are occurring.

Furthermore, just like with other electronics, you’ll need to restart your Roku device to clear out memory issues or other bugs that could cause apps like Prime Video to stop working.

2. Reconnect Your Roku To the Internet

A potential fix you could try is to reconnect Roku to the Internet as sometimes your Roku device could become disconnected, which would cause Prime Video to stop working.

For example, you can check to see if any Roku channels are working beyond Prime Video, and then go into the Menu to see if Roku is showing an IP address.

If you don’t see an IP address, this is when you’d want to reconnect Roku to the Internet through your wireless network, and once reconnected, Prime Video should work.

3. Remove Prime Video & Reinstall

A potential fix if Prime Video isn’t working is to delete Prime Video from Roku and reinstall the Prime Video app.

Furthermore, sometimes the Prime Video app could be causing the issue and it might be glitching, crashing, and freezing, while other channels are working just fine.

4. Check to See If Prime Video is Down

There are times when Prime Video itself is down which is causing it not to load on Roku.

For example, go to a website such as Down Detector and search for Amazon Prime Video, and it’ll tell you if it’s down or not, and if it’s down, you’ll just have to wait it out until Amazon fixes it.

5. Disable the VPN

5. Disable the VPN Amazon

Amazon doesn’t support any VPN service since it will hide your IP address, and this is because there are some geographical restrictions in place on content.

Therefore, if Prime Video isn’t working on Roku, check to see if you have a VPN enabled and if so you need to disable it to run Prime Video.

6. Update Amazon Prime Video on Your Roku

Just like with other devices, the problem with Prime Video not working on Roku could be an outdated Amazon Prime Video app, so update it and restart Roku.

Additionally, you can turn on the auto-update feature so you don’t have to manually update Prime Video on Roku and hopefully avoid this problem altogether!

7. Update Roku

One fix that could result in Prime Video working again would be to update your Roku device because an outdated Roku could cause channels to stop working properly.

To illustrate how to update your Roku device to the latest version, just follow our steps below:

  • With your Roku remote, hit the “Home” button
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “System Settings”
  • Click “System Update”
  • Select “Check Now”
  • If an update is available, it will automatically begin downloading and updating the device

However, you shouldn’t need to manually update your Roku as it’s done automatically, but it’s always good to check to see if an update has been missed if Prime Video isn’t working.

8. Check Amazon Prime Account Status

If Roku isn’t loading Amazon Prime Video, you may need to check to ensure you have an active Amazon Prime account.

9. Log Out and Back Into Your Amazon Account

A simple fix that can sometimes solve Prime Video’s not working issue on Roku is to just log out of your Amazon account and log back in.

10. Reset Your Roku Device

You could reset your Roku device if you’ve noticed that Amazon Prime Video isn’t working, other channels aren’t working, and the other fixes haven’t worked.

However, this should be the last resort since you’ll have to set up your Roku device all over again.

Can You Update Old Roku Devices?

Unfortunately, any Roku devices that were made in 2010 or before are no longer receiving software updates, which could be causing functionality issues with Prime Video.

Additionally, these older Roku devices are also not getting any new app updates or new releases, so you’ll have to purchase a newer Roku to get these important updates.

How Many Devices Can Run Amazon Prime Video?

There are no limits on the number of devices that can run Amazon Prime Video, but only three people can use Amazon Prime Video at the same time.

Furthermore, Amazon doesn’t allow more than one title to be watched on devices at the same time, so you cannot watch the same video as someone in your household simultaneously.

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If Prime Video isn’t working on Roku some things you can try to fix it include restarting Roku, updating your Roku, updating the Amazon Video app, and deleting and reinstalling Prime Video.

Additionally, check to see if Prime Video is down for everyone to see if the issue is on their end.

However, the last resort, if you can’t get Prime Video to work, would be to reset your Roku, but only do this if no other channels are working since your preferences will be deleted.

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