Why Is Walmart’s Website Not Working? (Why, Potential Fixes + Other FAQs)

To better compete with e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Walmart sells products online, allowing customers to purchase all their favorite items and have them delivered to their house or set aside for curbside pickup.

But what if you try to order something from Walmart.com and the website isn’t working? What should you do? I asked the same questions and researched the subject more thoroughly. Here’s everything I uncovered!

Why Is Walmart’s Website Not Working In 2024?

Walmart.com experiences problems due to network crashes, poor internet connection, or because there is too much data stored on a person’s device as of 2024. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fix Walmart.com issues. However, you can check online to see if other customers are having similar issues.

If you want to learn more about Walmart.com, why it experiences frequent problems, how to clear your internet data, and much more, keep reading! I’ve researched all there is to know!

Why Does The Walmart Website Have Problems?

Sometimes, Walmart’s e-commerce platform doesn’t operate as it is designed, and there are a few common reasons why this happens.

1. Overflow Of People On The Site

Remember, Walmart is a global operation and receives countless orders on the website every day.

So, when there are a lot of people shopping on Walmart.com at the same time, the website doesn’t work as fast as you may like.

Moreover, this often happens during popular online shopping times like Cyber Monday or around Christmas time.

2. Poor Internet Connection

Another popular reason the Walmart website isn’t performing well is due to a poor internet connection.

Whenever you shop online, it’s important to ensure you have a strong, safe, and reliable internet connection.

By doing this, it ensures you can purchase your products and not worry about the website crashing.

3. Too Much Data Stored On Your Phone

If you use your phone or tablet to shop at Walmart.com and the site is running slow, it may be because your internet history is packed with data.

That said, it is essential to clear your web browser when you experience slow download speeds. Further, follow these steps to clear history and cookies:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings app
  • Click on “Safari” or “Chrome”
  • Locate “Advanced”
  • Click on “Website Data”
  • Tap “Remove All Website Data”

How Do You Fix Walmart Website Issues?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fix the Walmart website. Usually, it’s up to Walmart’s IT department to solve issues like slow processing speeds.

However, clearing your internet history is one step you can take to see if the problem is on your end. Additionally, you can check online and see if other customers are having similar issues.

By doing this, you can get a better idea of whether you need to be patient or try to fix the problem yourself.

Can You Check When The Walmart Website Is Down?

Can You Check When The Walmart Website Is Down?

Fortunately, there is an easy way to check if the Walmart website is currently down.

For example, websites like the one linked here collect information from people who report problems with Walmart.com, mobile apps, or in-store purchases.

Also, if you have problems with Walmart.com, it’s never a bad idea to report the problem.

Will Your Order Go Through If The Website Crashes?

Sometimes, even if the Walmart website crashes, your order will go through.

With that, the way to tell whether or not your order went through is to check your email, as Walmart always sends an order confirmation.

Additionally, you can check for a receipt on the Walmart Receipt Lookup tool.

Is Walmart’s App More Reliable Than The Website?

There are several reports that Walmart’s mobile app is more reliable and experiences fewer problems than Walmart’s website.

So, if you get frustrated using Walmart.com, consider switching to the mobile app to order your favorite products.

What Can You Do On The Walmart App?

The Walmart app features several helpful tools designed to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and save the most money possible.

For example, some of the features included in the Walmart app are:

  • Shop for all your favorite items and have them delivered or set aside for pickup
  • Free shipping on select delivery orders
  • Filter products by brand, color, store location, price, etc.
  • Enjoy personalized suggestions
  • Quick Add (saves your favorite and most frequently purchased items)
  • Easy checkout (order everything you need from Walmart with a few clicks)
  • Wallet (stores your different payment methods in a secure app)
  • Real-time order updates (track order status at any time)
  • Schedule, modify, and reorder your pickup and delivery orders
  • Check-in system when you arrive to pick up your Walmart order
  • Ability to scan barcodes and check prices
  • Build shopping lists
  • Access to the Walmart weekly ad (plus notifications on special saving opportunities)
  • Store maps (location of products at your local Walmart store)

Moreover, if you’re a Walmart+ member, the mobile app offers even more features. For example, some of the services available to Walmart+ members include:

  • Scan And Go (shop in-store and scan all your products with your phone. Then pay directly from your phone and skip the checkout lines!)
  • Member prices on fuel at Sam’s Club

Naturally, Walmart+ requires a membership fee, which is $12.95 a month or $98 annually if you pay upfront.

Additionally, you can try out Walmart+ free for 30 days to see if the service is right for you or not.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on how does Walmart pickup work, Walmart DSV program, and Walmart Money Center hours.


Walmart’s e-commerce platform experiences problems from time to time, like slow upload speeds and the inability to purchase items. When this happens, it’s important to check your internet connection and clear the excess data from your device to improve download speeds.

Most of the time, when there are problems with Walmart.com there’s nothing you can do to fix it, and you must wait for the company to resolve it.

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