Why Is Zara So Popular? (10 Reasons Why)

Out of all the fashion companies out there, Zara is one of the most popular. Furthermore, this company owns over 7,000 stores across the world and has a toe in many different markets. 

However, on the outside, this company may not look all that different from others. So, why are they so popular to begin with? 

Why Is Zara So Popular In 2024?

Zara is one of the most popular brands out there largely because of its speed in 2024. Furthermore, the company creates new designs very quickly to match what customers are looking for. Therefore, customers are more likely to find very fashionable clothes there. Also, the company is very inexpensive compared to other fashion stores. 

Zara is also popular for other reasons, so keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Affordability

Perhaps most importantly, this brand is extremely affordable compared to others. 

So, you can get clothes that look high-fashion without spending hundreds of dollars. 

Therefore, those that want to look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks often shop at Zara. 

With that said, Zara does keep its clothes cheaper by using lower-quality materials. 

Furthermore, as a fast fashion company, its main goal is to push customers to purchase new styles quickly. 

However, they don’t expect customers to wear these styles for long, as they are continuously producing new ones. 

2. Fast Delivery

Zara is the basis of the term “fast fashion.” Unlike traditional fashion companies, it does not produce only a few styles per year. 

Instead, Zara can design, produce, and distribute new styles in only four weeks. 

On the other hand, traditional companies take months to do this. 

Furthermore, Zara saves a lot of money and produces more of what the customer wants. 

3. Trendy

Right along with its fast fashion concept, this company simply stays on trend easier than others. 

For example, when a celebrity wears a new style, the company can have it on the racks in only a few weeks. 

On the other hand, other companies may take upwards of a year. 

Therefore, Zara is able to produce what customers want way faster than other brands and in the end, this leads to more sales. 

4. Constant Change

Zara constantly changes its styles, in fact, you’ll be lucky to see the same clothes in stores after six weeks. 

For this reason, customers tend to find more things that they like more often. 

After all, when a customer walks through a store once, they typically purchase the items they really like, and if all the items are the same the second time, then they may not buy anything.

Therefore, if everything is new again, customers are far more likely to purchase something else. 

5. Poor Quality

Poor Quality

While this may seem like a backward reason to be popular, Zara clothes do not last very long usually. 

Therefore, customers have to purchase new clothes more often.

Additionally, if the customer is looking for the same trendy, affordable clothes they purchased before, they may head back to Zara.

In this way, the use of lower-quality materials actually means that Zara may make more sales. 

6. Data Collection

Zara uses a different approach to fashion as it constantly utilizes the services of scouts, who go into malls and see what customers are wearing and purchasing. 

Furthermore, the company constantly watches current sales to see what is selling. 

In this way, the company has a constant flow of data that it can use to change the clothes they offer. 

Furthermore, because this company is constantly making new styles, it can actually utilize this information to create new styles. 

In this way, the company is firmly a fast fashion company. However, many people do like the clothes they produce.

After all, the company relied on lots of information to make sure customers would like their clothes. 

7. Scarce Supply

Zara does not continuously create its styles, instead, Zara produces a definite amount of each one. 

Therefore, the company reduces its exposure to each style. 

So, if it doesn’t sell, the company isn’t out much money. However, the company also creates artificial scarcity, as once a style is gone, it is gone!

Therefore, many customers will purchase styles that they only kinda like, simply because they will be gone the next time they go looking for it. 

Moreover, it encourages impulse buys, as customers know that they can’t simply go home and think about their decision. 

8. More Styles

The sheer number of styles Zara produces is enormous. In total, this company produces about 12,000 styles a year – far more than most of the competition. 

As you’d expect, each style sells out quickly. Therefore, customers are given many different items to choose from in quick succession. 

When there are more styles, customers are simply more likely to find something they like.

9. Technology

Zara is known for using technology to provide high-quality customer experiences (and track their likes and dislikes). 

For instance, the company utilizes RFID in stores to determine when items are moved and sold. 

Furthermore, by using this information, the company can see what clothes customers are drawn to the most. 

Therefore, Zara can then push out clothes that customers like and cut out those they don’t. 

10. Fast Delivery

Zara provides extremely fast delivery for those that order online.

In many cases, Zara can get the items to you the next day, allowing you to get the newest trends quickly.

Furthermore, because the company revolves around quickly trending to customer’s needs, this fast shipping is vital. 

Therefore, customers who need something now know that Zara will provide it to them. 

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Zara is largely popular because it delivers. Furthermore, thanks to technology and highly trained staff, the company is able to figure out what customers want. Then, the company can respond very quickly by producing new styles. 

In this way, the company is able to deliver fashion for very cheap and faster than the competitors. Therefore, when customers want something stylish, Zara is most likely to have it. 

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