Why Isn’t FedEx Vacation Hold Working? (7 Reasons Why)

Going out of town while you’ve got a package on the way can pose quite a dilemma. After all, you don’t want your packages sitting outside for days where they’re vulnerable to poor weather or porch pirates. Luckily, FedEx created a solution to this problem—the vacation hold.

However, there are plenty of times when a vacation hold doesn’t work. So, in this article, we’ll explore seven reasons why this happens and give you some suggestions for how to fix the issue. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Isn’t FedEx Vacation Hold Working in [currentyear]?

You need an active FedEx Delivery Manager account in order to create a vacation hold in [currentyear]. If that’s not the issue, it could be that the type of package you’re requesting a hold on is not eligible for a vacation hold. This is often the case with overnight or other time-sensitive packages. 

These are a few of the reasons why the FedEx vacation hold might not be working, but there are plenty of other reasons, so make sure to finish this article to see what they are!

1. You Don’t Have a Delivery Manager Account

First and foremost, it’s essential to have a working FedEx Delivery Manager account in order to set up a vacation hold.

If your account has an old address or hasn’t been updated in a while, then you won’t be able to create a vacation hold.

To fix this issue, you should either register for a new Delivery Manager account or correct the issue with your current account.

2. The Package Is Not Eligible for a Vacation Hold

One of the most common reasons why a vacation hold isn’t working is because the type of package you’re trying to create a hold for isn’t eligible for this service.

Currently, only FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages are eligible for a vacation hold.

However, because of FedEx’s quick shipping times, overnight and other time-sensitive packages can’t be held.

If your package is already on its way and you know you’ll be away, ask a friend or family member to collect the package from your house, so it won’t sit outside too long.

3. A Shipper Restriction Doesn’t Allow for Vacation Holds

Similar to the previous explanation, there are some cases where a shipper has a restriction on vacation holds.

If you’re encountering problems, you should try getting in touch with the shipper to see if any such restrictions exist.

4. You Created the Vacation Hold Too Late

When creating a FedEx vacation hold, timing matters. FedEx requires at least 24 hours of advanced notice for vacation hold requests.

As a result, you may get an error message on the FedEx website if you try to create a vacation hold the night before you jet off.

On the other hand, you may be able to create the request, only to return home to find that your package was delivered while you were gone.

This could happen because your package was already on the truck for delivery. Once that happens, the package will get delivered whether there’s a hold.

While FedEx’s system is advanced, it can’t adjust quickly enough to accommodate last-minute changes.

5. Your Vacation Hold Is Too Long

5. Your Vacation Hold Is Too Long FedEx

FedEx vacation holds can last a maximum of 14 days. If you’re trying to create a hold that lasts longer than that, you’ll get an error message.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do in terms of troubleshooting this issue, except to request a shorter hold or ask someone to collect the package for you.

6. A System Glitch or Issue

Just because FedEx is one of the world’s leading logistics companies, that doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t occasionally run into IT issues that affect package holds.

These issues could impact your ability to create a vacation hold in the first place.

Alternatively, they could result in a miscommunication that ends with your package getting delivered despite a vacation hold being in place.

7. FedEx Ignored the Request

This last reason is perhaps one of the most unfortunate explanations for why your vacation hold doesn’t work.

There are numerous accounts of people stating that they returned home from vacation to find that their packages had been delivered, despite having created a vacation hold.

Even worse, many mentioned creating the hold well before the 24-hour deadline and confirming the hold directly with FedEx customer service.

In cases like these, the only explanation seems to be that FedEx ignored the vacation hold request.

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Planning for a vacation can be stressful enough without having to worry about your FedEx vacation hold not working.

Unfortunately, as this article shows, there are plenty of reasons why this may happen. Still, you should now have some explanations that help you resolve the issue.

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