Why Isn’t Order Ahead Available at Starbucks? (Here’s Why + FAQs)

Have you been thinking about grabbing some Starbucks and haven’t wanted to wait in line, so you’ve tried to order before you arrive, only to realize you can’t?

If so, you may wonder- why can’t I order ahead at Starbucks? Well, continue reading below to find out and learn about other details I’ve discovered while researching this topic!

Why Isn’t Order Ahead Available at Starbucks In 2024?

If you’ve found that order ahead isn’t available at Starbucks, it likely means that mobile ordering has been temporarily turned off in 2024. This could be due to staff shortages which have caused a delay in-store, or it could be that long lines in the store have caused a backup of making customer orders, or the store is closed.

Do you want to know additional details and facts about why order ahead isn’t available at Starbucks, such as when Starbucks stops taking mobile orders? If so, read on!

Why is Order Ahead Unavailable at Starbucks?

There are times when you might find order ahead is unavailable at Starbucks, which could be due to you not having the right account for the country you live in, according to online sources. 

For example, you might notice the Starbucks site is set to Canada or the United States on your device, and if you’re on the wrong page, you will get an order ahead unavailable message.

When this happens, you’ll need to go to the right website and make a new Starbucks account, and then you’ll be able to place your Starbucks order.

Can You Still Order Ahead at Starbucks?

You can still order ahead at Starbucks just by downloading the Starbucks app, picking your local Starbucks location, and placing your mobile order for pickup.

Additionally, you’ll be able to pay for your order through the mobile app and choose which way you want to pick up your Starbucks order.

Furthermore, the option to order ahead hasn’t been removed from Starbucks altogether, but will just become unavailable at certain times.

Why Are Some Starbucks’ Not Doing Mobile Orders?

Some Starbucks locations are not doing mobile orders because of the long lines of customers that are in the store and the lack of employees to serve the customers.

For example, some Starbucks locations will turn off mobile orders during peak times to ensure that customers are getting hot quality products and not having to wait for their orders.

More people are also choosing to utilize mobile ordering, so order ahead might not be available if certain supplies or products are out of stock due to the influx of orders.

How Can I Pick up My Starbucks If I Order Ahead?

How Can I Pick up My Starbucks If I Order Ahead?

There are multiple ways that you can pick up your Starbucks order if you’ve decided to order ahead, including:

  • In-Store
  • Drive-Thru
  • Curbside

Furthermore, when you are going through the order process through the app, you’re given the option to choose which way you’d like to get your order and get on with your day.

Can I Order Ahead Through the Starbucks Website?

You can order ahead through the Starbucks website just as you can the mobile app, pay for your order, and choose how you want to pick up your order.

For example, you can choose to order and pick up your order in-store, through the drive-thru, or curbside pickup, and you’ll get an estimate on the time your order will be ready.

However, you also might receive the message that ordering ahead isn’t available.

This is especially true if you’re ordering at a peak time or trying to order but the online ordering option has been turned off.

Can You Use Starbucks Order Ahead at the Airport?

The Starbucks order ahead option is available at a lot of airports across the United States as the company continues to roll out the mobile ordering feature to airport customers across the nation.

However, it’s still in limited rollout so you’ll have to open the Starbucks app when you’re in the airport to see if your airport Starbucks location has the order ahead feature. 

Does the Starbucks App Say When the Order Is Ready?

The Starbucks app will tell you an estimated time that your order will be ready, which could be a long estimated wait time if you place your order during rush hour.

Additionally, you can choose to opt-in to push notifications so that you will get a notification on your device when your order is ready at the store.

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Order ahead isn’t available at Starbucks because your local store may be closed or may have closed mobile ordering due to being short-staffed.

Additionally, Starbucks stores may be too busy with in-store customers and will turn off mobile ordering during peak times.

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