Will Uber Wait While I Shop? (All You Need To Know)

Uber has quickly become millions of people’s preferred way to get around, especially over short distances.

One type of short trip that the service seems like a good fit for is trips to the store, so we looked into whether you can get your Uber to wait for you while you shop!

Will Uber Wait While I Shop In 2024?

Uber might wait while you shop, but it’s not guaranteed unless you set up your ride in a way that allows it in 2024. You can ask your Uber driver to wait while you shop, but you might have to tip extra. Uber Hourly is the most reliable way to get your Uber to wait for you while you shop.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about getting your Uber to wait for you, including how to do it, how the inbuilt mechanisms work, and more!

Can You Ask Uber To Wait For You?

Yes, you can ask your Uber driver to wait for you while you run errands like shopping.

But, you might have to pay them more to make it worth their while, and they could also refuse to wait altogether.

If it’s a busy time where the driver might be looking to pick up more fares, they’re more likely to refuse to wait and could tell you to end the ride and then order another one when you’re done.

With that, you might have better luck if you’re doing a quick store run where you’re only picking up a few items in a couple of minutes and tip the driver a few extra bucks.

Because drivers aren’t required to wait for you on a regular ride, you should set it up in a way that guarantees they will wait if they accept your request.

For example, you can do this by adding multiple stops from the start or using Uber Hourly.

Does Uber Let You Make Stops?

Yes, Uber lets you make stops with two inbuilt features: multiple stops and Uber Hourly.

You can add multiple stops when setting up your ride by tapping on the “+” sign next to “Where to?”

That said, this lets you add up to two extra stops before you get to your dropoff location, but they’re limited to three minutes each.

For this reason, the option is ideal for brief stops such as picking up and dropping off items and passengers.

Uber Hourly, on the other hand, lets you book the car along with its driver by the hour with the ability to add multiple stops.

Therefore, Uber Hourly is the best option to get Uber to wait for you while you shop, provided you can stay within the trip’s time limit.

Does Uber Charge For Wait Time?

Does Uber Charge For Wait Time?

Yes, Uber charges by wait time both before and during the trip, and these fees are intended to compensate the driver.

For starters, you’ll have to pay a waiting fee if you don’t get to the pickup location on time, and you’ll pay more when your stop takes longer than three minutes if you’re not using Uber Hourly.

Can Uber Wait For You And Take You Back?

Yes, Uber can wait for you and take you back if you use Uber Hourly and have your final stop be the same as your pickup location.

If you don’t need the driver to wait longer than three minutes, you could add multiple stops to the ride, with the final one being the same as the address where you were picked up.

How Does Uber Hourly Work?

Uber Hourly, which goes by Uber Rental in some regions, is a ride option that allows riders to book cars along with the drivers by the hour.

Also, it lets you add multiple stops and edit them during the ride, making it the best option to get the Uber to wait for you while you shop and take you back when you’re done.

Because you get charged a flat hourly rate, you don’t have to pay extra if you take a long time on a stop as long as you get everything done within the time you’ve booked the vehicle.

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Uber will wait while you shop if you add multiple stops, just use Uber Hourly or ask your driver and tip them extra.

Also, asking the driver to wait for you is the least reliable way to do this because they’re not required to accept the request, especially if you don’t pay them more.

You can add multiple stops to your ride and shop on one of them, but this works best if your stop takes three minutes or less.

Lastly, Uber Hourly lets you book a car and the driver by the hour and is the best option to get the Uber to wait for you while you shop and take you back.

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