AmazonBasics Warranty (What’s Covered + Time Frames)

Amazon sells items at significantly lower prices than the competition can match. And to offer additional savings, Amazon has created several private-label brands, like AmazonBasics.

But before you buy an AmazonBasics product, you may be curious whether or not there is a warranty on the item, and if so, how long is the warranty? Here is what I discovered!

Amazon Basics Warranty

The AmazonBasics warranty lasts one year unless the product is luggage or LED light bulbs, which have a warranty of three years. Additionally, the AmazonBasics warranty protects against defects in materials and manufacturing during everyday use. Customers can make a warranty claim online or over the phone.

To learn all the details, you need to know about making an AmazonBasics warranty claim and more, keep reading!

How Long Is The AmazonBasics Warranty?

There are three different AmazonBasics warranty plans based on the type of product. For example, a majority of AmazonBasics merchandise has a one-year standard warranty.

However, luggage and LED light bulbs have a longer warranty than other AmazonBasics items. With that, both luggage and LED light bulbs have a three-year warranty plan.

Amazon offers a warranty on AmazonBasics products because third-party manufactures and makes all the products.

Even though Amazon conducts inspections on AmazonBasics items, some may still be defective.

What Is Covered By The AmazonBasics Warranty?

Amazon’s AmazonBasics warranty protects products against defects in materials and manufacturing under everyday use for either one or three years, depending on the product.

Unfortunately, the AmazonBasics warranty does not cover accidental damage done by the customers or normal wear and tear from excessive use.

Additionally, there are some exceptions to the AmazonBasics warranty when it comes to consumable products, like ink cartridges.

For example, if a customer is to open an AmazonBasics ink cartridge and uses some of the ink, then it malfunctions, then the warranty is no longer active. 

How To Make A Warranty Claim With AmazonBasics?

Amazon allows you to make AmazonBasics warranty claims either online or over the phone. To make a claim over the phone, all you have to do is call the Amazon Customer Service line at (888) 266-4331.

To make a warranty claim online, you will need to log in to your Amazon account. After logging in, select the “Contact Us” button in the “Help” section of the website from which you purchased the product.

Past Amazon customers who made AmazonBasics warranty claims recommend calling the customer service line for faster service.

How Does Amazon Handle AmazonBasics Warranty Claims?

How Does Amazon Handle AmazonBasics Warranty Claims?

After you make a claim on an AmazonBasics product, Amazon handles the claim in one of three ways.


The first way Amazon handles AmazonBasics warranty claims is by replacing the item with a new or refurbished product that is the same or similar to the one you purchased.

If you are not interested in a replacement, you must indicate so while returning the item.

When Amazon replaces the item, shipping, and delivery costs are not paid for, meaning you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges.


Another way Amazon handles warranty claims is by repairing the returned item with new and refurbished parts.

Whether Amazon uses new or refurbished parts on your product will be indicated after the product is sent back to you.

If Amazon does repair your AmazonBasics item, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to you.


The third way Amazon deals with warranty claims is by refunding you the purchase price of the item. Amazon will refund your money back onto your original payment method.

Remember that a refund may take a few weeks, as Amazon has to make sure the warranty claim is handled correctly.

Do All Products On Amazon Come With A Warranty?

A warranty covers most products that Amazon sells.

With that, the most popular length of warranty Amazon offers is a one-year warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

For every warranty Amazon provides, it begins on the date of the original purchase.

If you are interested in additional protection for more expensive products like furniture and technology, Amazon offers additional protection plans at a reasonable cost.

With that, the add-on protection plans usually have more overall coverage plans than the included one-year limited warranty plan does.

What Is AmazonBasics?

AmazonBasics is one of Amazon’s numerous private-label brands. Although Amazon owns and sells AmazonBasics items, the company does not make them in warehouses.

Instead, Amazon purchases its AmazonBasics products from large manufacturers and later adds their labels and packaging to the product.

What Kinds Of Products Does AmazonBasics Sell?

AmazonBasics is a very inclusive brand that includes a wide array of products. For example, some of the departments that AmazonBasics makes products for include:

  • Clothing
  • Home and garden
  • Tech gear
  • Decor
  • Toys and games
  • Office products
  • Bedding

In total, there are about 30 different departments that AmazonBasics makes items.

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After making an AmazonBasics warranty claim, Amazon will either refund your money, repair the product, or provide you with a replacement.

For repairs and replacement items, Amazon does not cover the shipping costs, so you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges.

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