Amazon Credit Card Not Working (8 Fixes + Other FAQs)

Are you trying to purchase an item and have realized that your Amazon credit card is not working? Do you want to know some potential fixes for this problem?

If so, continue reading below, because I’ve been researching this topic and have come across several potential fixes that could solve your problem within minutes!

Why Isn’t My Amazon Credit Card Working In [currentyear]?

If your Amazon credit card isn’t working, you could try to reenter the credit card information as you could have mistyped the card number, expiration date, name, or billing address associated with the card. Additionally, you could have exceeded your credit card limit which would result in it declining transactions in [currentyear].

Do you want to know additional potential fixes for the Amazon credit card not working? Well, keep reading, because I have even more possible answers to this common issue below!

1. Reenter Your Billing Details

If you’ve noticed your Amazon credit card isn’t working, you could try to re-enter your billing details since you may have mistyped some of the information, such as your credit card number.

Additionally, it’s easy to mistype the billing zip code, security code, expiration date, and other details on a credit card, especially if you’ve recently moved or received a new card.

2. Check Your Credit Limit

An Amazon credit card not working could be the result of you exceeding your credit limit, so check your card details to see how close you are to that limit.

However, if your credit limit has been exceeded, there isn’t much you can do until you pay off some of the balance, or you could try to get your limit raised.

3. Check Daily Purchase Limits

An Amazon credit card might not work if you’ve exceeded your purchase limits for a certain length of time.

Therefore, you’ll want to check your daily purchase limits, especially if you’ve purchased big-ticket items to make sure you haven’t exceeded those limits.

4. Purchase Flagged as Fraud & You Need to Contact Amazon

Oftentimes, a big purchase can be flagged as fraud, which leads to your Amazon credit card not working and being declined.

For example, if you tried to purchase a new computer with your Amazon credit card, it could be flagged, and then you have to call Amazon to verify you were trying to make the purchase.

Additionally, your credit card likely will be blocked and declined everywhere until you’ve cleared up the flag on your account.

5. You’ve Missed Payments & Need to Make a Payment

Missed payments can result in your Amazon credit card not working, especially if you’ve missed several payments over a short period.

Therefore, you’ll want to contact Amazon or make a payment as soon as possible to restore functionality to your credit card.

6. You Need a New Credit Card Due to Expiration

Your Amazon credit card won’t work if your card has expired, so make sure you look at the date of expiration and keep an eye out in the mail for your new card up to 6 months before it expires.

7. Your Credit Account Has Been Closed & You Need to Contact Amazon

7. Your Credit Account Has Been Closed & You Need to Contact Amazon

There are also times when your credit card account has been closed, even without your knowledge, so if you can’t use your card, then contact Amazon to see what the problem is.

8. Notify Card Issuer If You’re Traveling Overseas

If you’re traveling overseas, you’ll want to notify your card issuer before you go because traveling internationally can cause a flag on your card, and then you’ll have to wait to resolve that issue.

Why Isn’t My Amazon Credit Card Working?

Your Amazon credit card could not be working for several reasons, such as if there is an outage at the bank, you’ve entered incorrect payment or billing information, or the card is expired.

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If your Amazon credit card isn’t working, you may want to re-enter your credit card details such as payment information or billing information because you could have mistyped it. Additionally, if you’ve made a large purchase or are traveling overseas, your card could be flagged.

However, sometimes there could be a simple outage at the bank causing the issues and you’ll have to wait for the bank to resolve the outage.

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