Amazon Gift Card Not Working (6 Fixes + Other FAQs)

Did you purchase an Amazon gift card and have figured out that it’s not working and want to know how you could fix this issue so you can go shopping online?

Well, I’ve been researching all of the potential fixes for the Amazon gift card not working, and will share the best fixes below, so read on to learn what I’ve found!

Why Isn’t My Amazon Gift Card Working In [currentyear]?

If your Amazon gift card isn’t working then you may have already applied the gift card to your account, or the gift card was already redeemed on another account. Additionally, the gift card code may have been entered wrong, so try to re-enter the code on the Amazon website or use your mobile camera to upload the code in [currentyear].

Do you want to know other potential fixes you could try for the Amazon gift card not working? If so, keep reading, because I’ll give you the full list and more further down!

1. Manually Re-Enter Amazon Gift Card Code

If you’ve found that the Amazon gift card isn’t working, you may want to try to re-enter the Amazon gift card claim code because you could have entered it incorrectly on the site.

For example, you may have entered a “1” where it’s a lowercase “l,” so double-check the numbers and letters and re-enter the code.

2. Use Mobile Camera to Upload Code

You may want to try to take a picture of the Amazon gift card to load the balance onto your Amazon account to see if it’ll load that way instead of manually entering the details.

Additionally, you can upload the gift card by going to the gift card redemption page and clicking on the “Camera’” icon, and taking the photo with your mobile device.

The amount will automatically load onto your account and it’s a great option to try to fix an Amazon gift card.

3. Contact Authorized Seller for a New Amazon Gift Card

If there is an issue with the gift card being unreadable and you purchased it from an authorized seller, then you’ll need to contact that store for a replacement card.

However, make sure you have your receipt showing your purchase if you want to replace the card with a new one.

4. Check to See If the Gift Card Was Already Redeemed

You may be trying to enter an Amazon gift card that was already redeemed on your account, so you’ll want to check your Gift Card Balance page for further details.

For example, on the Gift Card Balance page, you can see the claim codes you’ve redeemed so compare them to the code you’re trying to enter.

5. You’ve Tried to Buy Ineligible Items & Need to Pay Another Way

5. You’ve Tried to Buy Ineligible Items & Need to Pay Another Way Amazon

Amazon gift cards can’t be used to purchase certain products, such as collectible coins. The gift card also can’t be used to purchase other gift cards.

Therefore, if you’re having issues with your Amazon gift card, make sure you’re trying to purchase items that are allowed and check the Terms & Conditions for more information.

6. Contact Amazon for Further Assistance

There might be times when the claim code is just invalid and it could be an issue with the Amazon server, so you should contact Amazon for further assistance.

However, you’ll want to have the claim code, email address, and name the gift card was sent to if it was an electronic gift card.

How Do I Activate My Amazon Gift Card?

To activate your Amazon gift card, just log in to your Amazon account and then go to the “Gift Card” section of the website.

Furthermore, you want to select “Redeem a gift card,” then enter the claim code found on the back of the physical gift card or in your email, and select “Apply to balance.” 

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

Currently, Amazon gift cards don’t expire, so you can either leave the gift card alone and use it when you want to purchase something from Amazon or load the balance onto your account.

Furthermore, loading the gift card onto your account right away may be the best option just in case you lose the email or physical gift card.

However, make sure you’re loading the Amazon gift card onto the right account because once it’s loaded you can’t transfer the balance.

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If your Amazon gift card isn’t, you can try to manually re-enter the gift card claim code through the app or website to see if you mistyped any numbers or letters. Additionally, you can use your mobile device to take a picture of the claim code and automatically load it to your account.

However, other issues could be causing the issue, and if your gift card is unreadable or not working you can contact Amazon or the authorized seller for more assistance.

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