Amazon Gift Cards in Exchange for Reviews (Is It Real, Penalties + Other FAQs)

Some Amazon marketplace sellers have been known to offer Amazon gift cards in exchange for reviews on their products, but is this real?

Well, in this article, we will explore the topic of Amazon gift cards and reviews in more detail to see if this process is legitimate or not, so keep reading!

Do I Get Amazon Gift Cards in Exchange for Leaving Reviews In 2024?

Tread lightly when offering Amazon gift cards in exchange for reviews. Amazon’s terms of service strictly forbid incentivizing positive reviews from customers in 2024. If caught in violation of terms of service, both the seller and shopper can be heavily penalized and even banned. Not only that, they may lose the ability to place any reviews on Amazon.

To avoid violating Amazon’s terms of service, keep reading as we review approved ways to offer gift cards for reviews on Amazon!

Is It Illegal for Marketplace Sellers to Give Shoppers a Discount for Leaving a Review on Amazon?

Amazon has a long-standing policy of not allowing sellers to give away free or discounted products in exchange for positive reviews.

Can Amazon Marketplace Sellers Give Gift Cards for Reviews?

While giving a gift card out of incentive for a good review is against Amazon’s terms of service, gift cards or credits may be given for an honest, independent review of a seller’s product.

What Are Penalties for Marketplace Sellers That Offer Incentives for Reviews?

According to the Amazon Terms of Service, any marketplace seller who incentives their reviews risks having their account suspended or banned.

Notably, some of the actions that may place an Amazon seller at risk of having their account banned or suspended are:

  • Asking family or friends to leave positive reviews
  • Having multiple sellers accounts that are unapproved
  • Selling prohibited products
  • Leaving a review on your product from a fake account
  • Placing false negative reviews on competitors’ product listings

When a seller’s account violates the Amazon terms of service, at minimum, the seller may lose the opportunity to have reviews, good or bad, on their account in the future.

Can Shoppers Get in Trouble for Leaving Amazon Reviews?

Again, Amazon does not allow sellers to require a positive review, and all reviews shoppers leave must be left voluntarily.

Therefore, if you are offered an Amazon gift card in exchange for a review, you should be sure to read the Amazon Gift Card Terms and Conditions carefully before accepting the offer.

What Should Shoppers Keep in Mind When Writing a Review?

What Should Shoppers Keep in Mind When Writing a Review? Amazon

When writing a review for a product, shoppers must keep a few things in mind.

First, your review should be honest and objective. Amazon does not require that reviews be positive, but they should be unbiased.

Secondly, your review should be detailed and specific. Amazon shoppers rely on reviews to make informed decisions, so be sure to include all relevant information.

Finally, keep in mind that Amazon reviews are public, so anyone will be able to read them.

How Do Shoppers Claim an Amazon Gift Card or Code After Leaving a Review?

If you are a shopper who has been offered an Amazon gift card in exchange for a review, you can claim the gift card by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Amazon website and log into your account.
  2. Locate the product that you would like to review.
  3. Click on the “Write a customer review” button.
  4. Rate the product and leave a review.
  5. Amazon will then email you a claim code for the gift card.
  6. Enter the claim code on the Amazon website to receive your Amazon gift card.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Exchanged for Cash?

Amazon gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. However, they can be used to purchase any item available on the Amazon website.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Good to Buy Anything on Amazon?

Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase most products available on the Amazon website, including physical goods, digital products, and an Amazon Prime membership.

However, Amazon gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards or to pay for Amazon Prime Video subscriptions.

Do Shoppers Have to Spend the Entire Amazon Gift Card Balance at Once?

You do not have to spend the entire Amazon gift card at once. Amazon gift cards can be used to make partial payments, and any unused balance will remain on the card until it is spent.

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Be careful with offering gift cards for reviews, as Amazon takes its terms of service seriously, so much so that your account will be suspended or banned if you try to incentivize positive reviews.

However, nothing is stopping sellers from rewarding customers for leaving honest, independent reviews. Just be sure to follow the rules, and everyone will benefit from an open and honest conversation about your product.

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