Amazon Monitor Return Policy (Time Frames, Dead Pixels, Damaged + More)

Amazon sells a variety of electronics, such as phones, tablets, and computers. Customers can even find great deals on laptops and PC monitors from well-known brands and at reasonable prices.

However, if you’ve purchased a computer monitor from Amazon and need to return it, you may wonder what their return policy is. If so, keep reading this article to see what I found out!

Amazon Monitor Return Policy

Amazon allows customers to return monitors within 30 days of arrival. Amazon will issue a refund if the monitor is defective, has arrived broken, or has yet to be opened. However, if customers request a return of a monitor due to damage, they caused, Amazon may charge them a restocking fee of up to 15% of the sale price.

Keep reading through this article if you’d like to learn more about returning defective monitors to Amazon, their warranty for monitors, how to process a return to Amazon, and other useful facts!

What is Amazon’s Monitor Return Policy?

Amazon allows customers to return their purchased computer monitors within 30 days of being received. Customers don’t have to pay shipping fees as long as the computer is defective, broken upon arrival, or remains unopened.

However, if customers are returning a monitor to Amazon due to tampering, missing parts, or misuse, Amazon may charge a restocking fee. Nevertheless, Amazon will still process the return.

Unauthorized tampering may also apply to customers who took their monitor to an electronics store for repairs.

If customers wish to return a monitor after taking it in for repairs, Amazon may not be able to process the return.

Can You Return a Monitor With Dead Pixels to Amazon?

Amazon accepts monitors for return if they contain dead pixels. If this is the case, customers can mark the item defective, will not be charged shipping fees, and will receive a full refund!

However, Amazon may not approve a full refund if the monitor only has one dead pixel, as one pixel is generally not considered a defect. However, this will vary depending on the brand requirements.

Amazon also cannot repair the deal pixels on the monitor, as the warranty for computer screens is provided through the brand selling on Amazon and not Amazon directly.

Does Amazon Have a Warranty for Monitors?

Does Amazon Have a Warranty for Monitors?

Most of the computer monitors sold through Amazon will come with a warranty that is provided by the brand. The warranty provisions may vary per company as to what they are able to repair.

For example, LG monitors cover dead pixels, while brands such as Samsung do not. Additionally, most monitor warranties will not cover broken or cracked monitor screens.

If customers would like to request warranty support for their monitor, they can find the warranty information on Amazon’s product page for the brand they have purchased.

Which Monitor Brands Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells a variety of different computer brands, including the following:

  • Sceptre
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Dell
  • Z-Edge
  • HP

The above brands sell PC monitors through Amazon and vary in price, ranging from $104 to $299 depending on the brand and screen dimensions.

Most of the monitors sold through Amazon come with warranties, which allows customers to have their monitors repaired at little expense to them.

Customers should be aware that not all brands will have the same warranty coverage, and most do not cover broken or cracked screens.

How Do I Return a Monitor to Amazon?

In order to process a return for their monitor, customers must do the following:

  1. Customers must first log in to their Amazon account and select the “Your Orders” option on the right-hand side of their screen.
  2. After finding the monitor they wish to return, they must select “Return or Replace Items”.
  3. Afterward, they must select an option from the “Reason for Return” menu.
  4. In the options for processing the return, select the option for a refund or replacement. If the monitor is not sold directly by Amazon, select the “Submit Return Request” option for Amazon sellers. This may take up to two days to be approved.
  5. After being granted the return or refund request, customers can select their preferred return method.
  6. Next, print the return label and return authorization, and package the monitor! Specific packing requirements will be sent to customers after their request goes through.

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Amazon’s return policy for computer monitors states that customers can return a monitor within 30 days of being received!

In order to qualify for a return, the monitor must either still be packaged, arrived damaged, or contain a defect.

Most monitors sold through Amazon come with a warranty, which can be used if the damage to the monitor does not qualify for a return.

Customers should note that not all brands have the same coverage, and most do not cover broken or cracked screens.

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