Buying an iPhone On Amazon (Are They Real, Is It Safe, Cheaper + More)

Amazon sells a variety of cell phone brands, such as Windows and Samsung. Customers can find good phones for reasonable prices and have the benefit of Prime shipping!

Amazon also has many iPhones listed on its site. So, if you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, you may wonder how legitimate Amazon’s listings are. If you’d like to learn more, keep reading!

Buying an iPhone On Amazon

Amazon sells unlocked and renewed iPhones through the Amazon Renewed Store. These iPhones are not certified by Apple but have been thoroughly inspected by professionals for any defects. Amazon sells iPhones for as little as $139.99 and backs all iPhones with a 90 day supplier warranty. Amazon iPhones may not have all original accessories.

If you’d like to learn more about the price of Amazon iPhones, if they are safe to purchase, if they’re worth buying, and more, keep reading this article for useful tips, facts, and information!

Are iPhones on Amazon Real?

The iPhones sold on Amazon are real and have been provided by Amazon’s Renewed Store.

Additionally, the iPhones Amazon sells are inspected by tech professionals and are covered with a 90-day warranty.

However, customers should bear in mind that some third-party sellers through Amazon sell fake replica iPhones (for display purposes).

So if you plan on buying an iPhone on Amazon that is real, buying one with the shipping information that will say “Fulfilled by Amazon.”

Does Amazon Sell Refurbished iPhones?

Unlike other Apple products sold through Amazon, all the iPhones Amazon stocks are refurbished. These iPhones are professionally inspected and provided by certified suppliers.

Amazon has refurbished iPhones for many of the newer models, allowing customers to purchase the latest device without spending as much as they would in an Apple store.

If customers are concerned about the legitimacy of Amazon’s refurbished iPhones, they can contact customer service for the name of the company who supplies their stock.

As well, Amazon provides the basic information about their refurbishing process on the iPhone product pages, which customers can peruse for further assurance of their legitimacy.

Finally, customer reviews on Amazon’s refurbished iPhones are largely positive, stating that the phones come with no noticeable wear and function just as well as a new model!

Are Amazon iPhones Certified by Apple?

Unlike the other Apple products like computers and headphones, iPhones are not certified by Apple on Amazon. This is due to the phones being renewed by third-party companies.

However, the companies the Amazon Renewed Store uses to inspect iPhones are legitimate operations with qualified workers. Therefore, the iPhones that Amazon sells do not lack quality.

As well the Renewed Store provides all iPhones with a SIM removal tool, UL-Certified charger, and a MFi-Certified cable!

Additionally, the Amazon Renewed Store equips iPhones with a 90-day warranty, which can be claimed at any time within the allotted time frame if customers are displeased with the iPhone.

Is it Safe to Buy an iPhone on Amazon?

Is it Safe to Buy an iPhone on Amazon?

Purchasing an iPhone from Amazon is safe as long as customers purchase their phones from Amazon directly.

While there are many legitimate third-party sellers of iPhones on Amazon, some will market an off-brand phone as an iPhone.

Therefore, customers are cautioned against purchasing iPhones from a third-party seller if they are questioning the legitimacy of the product.

It’s advised that customers read reviews on the product page or contact the seller for more information on the iPhone they have listed!

Are iPhones on Amazon Cheaper?

iPhones on Amazon are cheaper than iPhones from the Apple Store due to them being renewed.

Typically, many newly released iPhones have been refurbished and put up for sale at a lower price.

However, these iPhones have been used before, so this is why they are cheaper when compared to

So if you don’t mind using a pre-loved cell phone, this is a great way to save money!

Is Buying an iPhone from Amazon Worth It?

Purchasing an iPhone from Amazon is well worth it, as Amazon takes care to stock only high-quality refurbished iPhones! While they are not certified by Apple, the phones are provided by a certified seller.

Amazon’s iPhone prices are much lower, meaning customers can purchase like-new phones at less than half the price an iPhone model may normally cost.

However, customers should be wary of purchasing iPhones from Amazon if they aren’t provided by the Amazon Refurbished Store.

If customers are unsure whether the iPhone they purchase is sold by Amazon directly, they can look for the “Fulfilled by Amazon” label on the order page!

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