Amazon Shoe Return Policy (Worn, No Packaging + More)

Amazon has a standard return policy for all of its stock. However, certain product categories have their own return policy, such as electronics, furniture, computers, clothing, and accessories.

Therefore, some customers may wonder what Amazon’s return policy is for shoes. If you’d like to find out as well, keep reading this article to find out the information I gathered on this topic!

Amazon Shoe Return Policy

Amazon’s return policy for sneakers, heels, and other shoes falls under their Clothing and Accessories return policy. Customers have up to 30 days after the initial delivery date of their shoe package to request a return. However, some shoes may require customers to pay the shipping cost, as some brands are made on-demand when they are ordered.

If you’d like to learn more about the time required for returning shoes to Amazon, how to request a shoe return to Amazon, and more, keep reading this article for more facts and tips!

How Long Do I Have to Return Shoes to Amazon?

According to Amazon’s shoe return policy, customers have 30 days from the day they receive their shipment to return their shoes.

Some individual shoe brands sold through Amazon may have their own policy attached, however, such as shoes sold by third-party sellers or brands using Amazon as merely a selling platform and do not use the Amazon fulfillment center.

Therefore, customers are encouraged to read through the product page thoroughly to locate information about the shoe brand’s return policy to ensure Amazon is able to accept the return.

Do I Have to Return Shoes to Amazon in the Original Packaging?

Amazon requires most of its products to be returned in the original packaging, including shoes purchased from its catalog.

If customers try to return their purchase without the original shoe box, Amazon will not be able to accept the package.

Therefore, customers are encouraged to keep the shoe box and other packing materials for the shoes they purchase on Amazon in case they need to be returned.

Customers must be sure to include all tags and relevant documentation with their shoes as well, otherwise, the package may be rejected, or the customer may not be reimbursed for their shoe purchase.

How Do I Return Shoes to Amazon?

How Do I Return Shoes to Amazon?

If customers would like to return shoes to Amazon, they can do so by utilizing the following method:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and go to the Your Orders page.
  2. On this page, locate your shoe order and select the “Return or replace items” option.
  3. Next, select how you’d like the return to be processed, and choose the “Request a refund” option.
  4. Select the method of return you wish to utilize. Select locations may allow customers to process the return through Amazon Locker, which doesn’t require the customer to package the shoes themselves.
  5. After selecting the return method, print the return label and return authorization.
  6. Add the printed documents to the shoe box, and send the shoes back in the mail.

Customers should note that they must fulfill their return request within 30 days of receiving their shoes. If customers attempt to return their package after 30 days have passed, Amazon will not accept the package.

Additionally, if customers have purchased their shoes from a third-party seller and have not received a response to their refund request within 2 days, they may file an A to Z Guarantee to ensure they receive their refund.

Do I Have to Pay Shipping for Shoe Returns to Amazon?

When customers request a return for boots, flats, and other shoes to Amazon, they generally are not required to pay the shipping fees.

However, some items, such as the shoes located in The Drop collections, require customers to pay to ship, as those shoes are made on-demand per individual order.

Therefore, customers are advised to read through the details located on the product page for their shoes, as the brand requirements for shipping costs will be stated.

Can I Return Shoes to Amazon for Any Reason?

Customers are allowed to return their shoes to Amazon for any reason, such as the shoes being the wrong size, the style not being flattering, or simply because customers dislike the shoes altogether.

Customers may also return shoes that were defective or damaged upon arrival. However, customers cannot return shoes to Amazon that show significant signs of wear and tear.

Such damage as non-removable scuff marks, rips in the shoe material, damage to the heel, or other cosmetic defects will result in the shoes being rejected for return when they arrive at Amazon’s return center.

Minimal cosmetic wear, however, such as light scuffing on the surface of the shoe or on the heel, is not considered to be too damaging to the shoes and may still qualify customers to request a return.

However, customers are advised to first check with Amazon customer service to ensure they may, in fact, process a return, as shoes returned with significant damages may not be accepted, nor will the customer receive a refund.

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Amazon’s shoe return policy is found within their policy for Clothing and Accessories. Customers have 30 days from the day they receive their shoe package to process their return, which may be returned for any reason as long as the shoes are not damaged.

Customers may have to pay shipping fees if their shoes were purchased from The Drop collections, as these items are made on-demand per order. However, most shoes found on Amazon do not require the customer to pay the shipping costs when processing a return.

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