Amazon Shop With Points Not Working (List of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Do you have Amazon Shop With Points and have run into an issue with it not working? Do you want to know how to fix this issue?

If so, keep reading below, because I’ve discovered quite a few potential fixes for Amazon Shop With Points not working and I’ll share them with you!

Why Isn’t Amazon Shop With Points Working in [currentyear]?

If Amazon Shop With Point is not working, you need to verify that your credit card is enrolled in Shop With Points or check to ensure the credit card has not expired since you last used it. Additionally, you may be trying to purchase items that are ineligible for Shop With Points in [currentyear].

Do you want to know all of the other fixes if you’ve found Amazon Shop With Points not working? Well, keep reading to find out those solutions plus much more!

How Can I Fix Amazon Shop With Points?

1. Ensure Credit Card Is Enrolled in Shop With Points

If Amazon Shop With Points isn’t working, the first potential fix would be to ensure that the credit card you’re using is enrolled in Amazon Shop With Points.

For example, the credit card may be similar to the one you’ve used with Shop With Points, but it’s not, so double-check you’ve clicked the right card during checkout.

You just will need to go to the “Shop With Points” page to make sure your credit card is registered and enrolled in the program.

2. Refresh the Webpage

Sometimes simply refreshing the web page can fix the problem and it could be a display error causing you not to see your Shop With Points availability.

Therefore, if you’re using a web browser to access the site, just refresh or reload the webpage to see if you can see the details.

3. Check to See If Credit Card Expired

There might be times when Amazon Shop With Points isn’t working because your credit card has expired, so make sure you double-check the expiration date before checking out.

4. Check Billing & Payment Details

Additionally, if you’ve changed any details on the card, including your billing information, you will want to look at that to make sure it’s correct if you’re not seeing Shop With Points show up.

5. Make Sure You Have Points

Users online have reported that their Amazon Shop With Points wasn’t showing up, but the problem was that someone else in the household had used the points and didn’t tell them.

Therefore, make sure that you have points on your account before you checkout, since it could just be that you don’t have any points to use on your purchase.

6. Make Sure Your Purchase Is Eligible

Amazon does not allow you to use Shop With Points for every purchase, so make sure what you’re ordering is eligible for the Shop With Points rewards before you checkout.

For example, you cannot use Shop With Points for the following Amazon purchases:

  • Renting textbooks
  • Digital Downloads
  • 1-Click or Buy Now Orders (except for Kindle electronic books)
  • Whole Foods Market Purchases
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon App Store purchases
  • Subscribe & Save purchases
  • Digital Music titles
  • Cell Phones that have services included

7. Restart Your Device

7. Restart Your Device Amazon

Restarting your device might be a potential fix if the error is caused by cookies, cache, or other issues relating to displaying the website properly.

Therefore, if you reboot your device and reopen the Amazon page, you may see that your Amazon Shop With Points balance is now appearing as it should.

8. Know When the Points Update

The Amazon Shop With Points program relies on your bank contacting Amazon, and the points reflected on your account are for the last billing cycle.

For example, if you think you should have more points than you do, be mindful of the fact it reflects the last billing cycle and any new rewards points will not show up until the next cycle.

9. Check to See If Amazon Servers Are Down

Sometimes, you may not see Amazon Shop With Points because there is an error with the Amazon website, such as servers are down for all or part of Amazon.

For example, use Down Detector to see if any users have reported problems with Amazon, and if so, you’ll have to wait for Amazon to fix the issue and there’s nothing you can do. 

Do Amazon Shop With Points Expire?

Amazon Shop With Points do not expire, but you’ll need to make sure your account is in good standing, active, and open to keep those points accumulating.

However, if your card or account has been closed, then you will lose any rewards that you haven’t redeemed yet.

How Do I Redeem My Rewards on Amazon?

You can redeem your rewards by going to the “Rewards and Offers” section of Amazon and selecting “Rewards.”

Furthermore, you’ll need to select “Apply as Statement Credit” or you can choose to automatically have your points redeemed by selecting “Turn on Automated Redemption.”

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If Amazon Shop With Points isn’t working then you will need to check to ensure the card you’re using is enrolled in Shop With Points or you will need to ensure your card hasn’t expired.

Additionally, a potential fix would be to check your billing and payment information or check to ensure you have points and that someone else in your household hasn’t used them.

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