Amazon Trade-In Program (How It Works, Products + More)

Amazon not only lets customers purchase any product imaginable, but it also gives people the opportunity to earn money by trading in certain products.

But if you’re interested in trading in items on Amazon, you may be curious about how the process works and how you get paid.

Here’s everything I discovered about trading in products on Amazon!

Amazon Trade-In Program

Amazon accepts items like e-readers, Bluetooth speakers, cell phones, and more for trade-in. Customers can submit a trade-in on Amazon’s website and receive an email confirmation two days later, saying whether or not it accepted their item. Additionally, Amazon provides free shipping labels and pays you with Amazon gift cards.

To learn more about how to submit a trade-in at Amazon, keep on reading!

How Does Amazon’s Trade-In Program Work?

Amazon’s Trade-In Program allows people to submit qualifying products like Amazon Devices, video games, electronics, and more in exchange for an gift card.

To cover the shipping costs, Amazon provides a complimentary shipping label for your trade-in.

However, Amazon doesn’t accept every product for a trade-in but will give you a quote for eligible items.

How Do You Submit A Trade-In At Amazon?

Amazon allows you to conveniently submit a trade-in on the Amazon mobile app (which is compatible with Apple and Android devices) or on the Amazon website.

First, you must visit Amazon’s Trade-In Store and search for eligible items Amazon accepts.

Then, Amazon requests that you select items to add to your trade-in submission and your item(s) condition based on the criteria listed.

If your item’s condition is lower than the criteria Amazon lists, the website will guide you on what to do next.

After selecting the criteria, select “Continue.” Finally, Amazon prompts you to enter an address from which you will ship your items.

Make sure you correctly enter your address, as Amazon will use it to return products that don’t qualify for trade-in.

After following the remaining on-screen instructions, select “Confirm Trade-In” and print your prepaid UPS shipping label.

How Do You Ship Your Amazon Trade-In?

After you finish entering the details about your trade-in item(s), Amazon emails you a shipping label. Additionally, you can find your shipping label in the “Your Trade-In Account” on Amazon.

After you find your trade-in’s shipping label, print it along with the packing slip. Attach the shipping label to the box and place the packing slip inside the parcel before shipping.

Usually, Amazon’s shipping labels are provided through UPS, so you will need to drop the package off at the nearest UPS shipping center.

Because each shipping label and packing slip are unique to a specific trade-in item, Amazon requests that you only ship the object associated with your label and packaging slip.

What Products Can You Trade In At Amazon?

What Products Can You Trade In At Amazon?

A majority of products that Amazon accepts for trade-in are electronic devices. However, Amazon also takes books and other non-tech devices for trade-in if they are in demand.

Some of the products you can trade in at Amazon include:

  • Kindle e-readers
  • Tablets
  • Streaming media players
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Home security devices
  • Wireless routers
  • Gaming equipment (controllers, games, etc.)
  • Cell phones
  • Smartwatches

How Does Amazon Pay For Your Trade-Ins?

Amazon pays for trade-in items with gift cards, which the company issues for your trade-in value.

After Amazon appraises and accepts your trade-in items, it applies the gift card’s value to your Amazon account.

In special cases, Amazon provides an instant payment as soon as you submit the trade-in.

After you have the gift card in your Amazon account, you can use it to buy any eligible products on the Amazon website.

How Long Do Amazon Trade-Ins Take To Process?

Depending on where you live, trade-in products can take up to ten business days to reach Amazon before processing.

If you want to track your trade-in packages, you can do so by visiting the “Your Trade-In Account” settings.

After Amazon receives your trade-in item, it sends you an email notification within two business days saying whether or not your submission was accepted or rejected.

Can You Track Your Amazon Trade-In?

After you submit an item for trade-in, Amazon allows you to track the status of your product very easily.

First, go to “Your Trade-In Account” on Amazon after entering your login information.

Then, you can review the status of your trade-in, find out if your submission was accepted or rejected, and discover why your item was denied if relevant.

What Condition Do Amazon Trade-Ins Have To Be In?

Amazon asks that you review and inspect an item carefully before submitting it for trade-in, as it has minimum requirements trade-ins must meet.

Additionally, if your item is a special edition version or has any special features, make sure you note it on your submission.

Any accessories you submit for trade-in must function perfectly, have no cracks, and have no major damage.

Regarding gaming consoles, speakers, and other electronics, Amazon asks that the trade-in functions perfectly, have no cracks or major damage, and include all the accessories.

Finally, if you want to submit video games for trade-in, they must have all discs or cartridges included in the original purchase, play perfectly, and have no cracks or major scratches.

If your trade-in does not meet the basic requirements listed above, it’s very likely Amazon will not accept your trade-in submission.

Can You Trade In Books At Amazon?

In addition to electronics, Amazon also allows you to trade in books. However, to trade in and sell books on Amazon, you must first create a seller account to do so.

The books that Amazon allows for trade-in change throughout the year based on demand and the time of the year.

So, even if your book submission isn’t accepted initially, you can still submit the book for trade-in at a later point in the year. Some of the types of books that Amazon takes include:

  • Textbooks
  • New books
  • Used books
  • Books without an ISBN
  • Collectible and rare books
  • E-books

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You can submit a product for trade-in through Amazon’s website or the mobile app. However, not every item is accepted for trade-in.

Some of the items you can trade in at Amazon include cell phones, wireless routers, smartwatches, and more. If Amazon accepts your trade-in, it pays you via Amazon gift cards.

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