Amazon TV Return Policy (Used, No Box + More)

Amazon has separate return policies for many of its items, such as Amazon devices, mattresses, major appliances, pet food, and a variety of other products offered in its catalog.

However, some customers may be curious about Amazon’s return policy for televisions. If you’d like to learn the same thing, keep reading through this article to find out more of the information I gathered!

Amazon TV Return Policy

Customers who would like to return a TV they’ve purchased from Amazon are able to do so for any reason as long as they return the TV within 30 days of initially receiving their TV in the mail. TVs can be returned through UPS, or they can be returned to an Amazon kiosk at Kohl’s.

If you’d like to learn more about how to process a return for a TV at Amazon, whether you need to return a TV with the box, and more, keep reading through this article for more useful facts and tips!

How Do I Return a TV to Amazon?

If customers have purchased a TV from Amazon that they wish to return, they can do so by using the following method:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and head to the Your Orders section.
  2. Choose the order containing your TV and select the “Return or replace items” option.
  3. Select the TV from the order and choose an option from the “Reason for return” drop-down menu.
  4. Next, you must select how they wish to process the return. If the TV was purchased from a third-party seller, you must select the “Submit return request” option.
  5. Afterward, choose your desired return method and print the return label and authorization for the package.

Customers should note that they must return their TV within 30 days, otherwise, Amazon will not accept the package at their fulfillment center, and they will not cover the cost of shipping.

Can I Return a TV to Amazon Without the Box?

If customers would like to return their TV to Amazon, they must hold on to the original packaging and return the TV in it. This includes any accessories found in the box, such as instruction manuals and similar pieces.

In addition to keeping the box, customers are also required to perform a system reset on their TVs to ensure all of their personal information has been removed.

Does Amazon Replace Defective TVs?

If customers receive a TV that is defective or damaged upon arrival, Amazon will give customers the option between a refund or a free replacement.

However, customers should be aware that the TV must be defective or damaged due to conditions out of their control.

If the customer damaged the TV or tampered with the equipment to cause a defect, Amazon will generally refuse to issue a replacement, as they are not responsible for damages caused by the customer.

Additionally, customers may not be able to request a refund if they are responsible for the damages caused to their TVs.

Do Amazon TVs Have a Warranty?

Do Amazon TVs Have a Warranty?

Some TVs sold through Amazon come equipped with a warranty depending on the brand. However, if the television doesn’t come with a warranty, customers still have the option to apply for one through Amazon.

Amazon provides a list of warranty providers that customers can apply to most of the TVs available for purchase.

Therefore, customers who wish to have more protection for their TV in regard to defects and damages are recommended to purchase a warranty for their purchase.

Can I Return an Amazon TV to Kohls?

If customers wish to utilize a simpler method for returning their TV, they can bring the TV in its packaging to their local Kohl’s department store, which will contain an Amazon Returns kiosk.

Customers can return their TVs at Kohl’s at no cost, and the store will take care of properly packaging the TVs and preparing them for shipping.

However, customers should note that they still have to process their return request through, otherwise, Kohl’s will not be able to process the TV return.

Can I Return a Used TV to Amazon?

When customers return a TV to Amazon, they are required to return it in the condition that it originally arrived in, and therefore cannot return the TV if they have used it noticeably. 

While customers can return a TV that has been lightly used (e.g. has been tested to ensure the system is working), they cannot return the TV if it has been used significantly.

Televisions with noticeable damage, such as scrapes on the screen, scuffing, dents, and similar cosmetic damage, will not be eligible for return unless they arrived to the customer in such a condition.

However, light cosmetic damage may be acceptable depending on the reason for the damage or if it’s not noticeable.

If customers are unsure whether the condition of their TV is acceptable for return, they’re recommended to phone Amazon customer service.

Is Returning a TV to Amazon Worth It?

If customers have access to an Amazon Returns kiosk at Kohl, or an Amazon Key package return center, returning a TV is worthwhile as they will not be required to process the return themselves for such a large package.

However, if customers are required to return their TVs manually, this may be a hassle for customers who do not wish to temporarily pay the shipping fees or who do not want to go through the process of having UPS pick up their package.

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