Amazon UK Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

Amazon is the place to go if you want to order anything online, ranging from household essentials to clothing. In some cases, customers experience numerous challenges when shopping at e-commerce sites.

If you are at your wit’s end when purchasing products from Amazon UK and wonder how you can lodge a complaint, read on and find the best ways to do so!

How Does Amazon UK Handle And Receive Complaints In 2024?

Amazon UK accepts complaints from individuals using the e-commerce platform as of 2024. One can send complaints by calling, using the online chat system, and social media. Once the complaints are received, Amazon reviews them and offers suitable solutions. Fortunately, Amazon UK has been highly rated for handling complaints effectively.

If you want to find more information on common types of complaints at Amazon UK, how to make one, contact the company, and much more, keep reading!

How Do I Make A Complaint To Amazon UK?

You can make a complaint to Amazon UK by contacting the support team via live chat, calling the customer service team, or sending messages to the company’s social media platforms.

Further, here are the procedures to make a complaint to Amazon UK through the channel provided:

Making A Phone Call To Amazon UK

You can call Amazon UK via the “Contact Us” section on the company’s website. However, you will need to input your account details to access this feature.

Alternatively, you can dial 0800 279 7234 if you are within the UK and +44 207 084 7911 to call Amazon UK directly.

Moreover, if you need to complain about Amazon Kindle, you can call Amazon UK via 0800 496 2449 and +44 203 356 6212 if you are outside the UK.

Also, you can click on the “We can call you” link available on the page, which redirects you to a window that prompts you to enter additional information on the complaint.

On the new window, select the reason behind calling Amazon UK using the several options on the page.

Moreover, you will have to select an option from the “Tell us more about your issue” to provide more details when calling Amazon UK.

Once you complete this, click on the “Phone” button at the bottom of the page. But, ensure you input your phone number and click the “call me now” button.

Once you click the button, the action sends a message to Amazon’s customer support with all the information you provided in the process.

Typically, it takes two to 15 minutes to receive a call from Amazon UK’s customer care agents, although it may take longer during peak hours due to a high number of call requests.

Using The Amazon UK Online Chat

The Amazon UK online chat option is available in the “Contact Us” section. With that, this method provides customers with the fastest ways of lodging a complaint to Amazon UK.

Moreover, the online chat will prompt you to log in to your Amazon UK account.

Once you log in to your account, click on the “start chatting now” button to initiate an online chat. On the chat window, simply type your complaint and send it.

Additionally, the chatbot may ask more questions and try to provide solutions to your complaints. However, you can still ask to speak to a human by typing, “I need to speak to a human.”

Using The Company’s Social Media Platforms

Fortunately, you can use the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages to send private messages to Amazon UK.

That said, you can reach Amazon UK’s official customer service account on Twitter at @AmazonHelp, which is available seven days a week.

Additionally, Amazon UK’s Facebook support team works to resolve customers’ complaints seven days a week from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

But, if you cannot send messages to Amazon UK, you can make a public post to the official page.

However, you have to ensure that you don’t provide private information on the public forum.

What Are The Common Types Of Complaints Made To Amazon UK?

What Are The Common Types Of Complaints Made To Amazon UK?

The following are the common types of complaints made to Amazon UK:

Complaints About The Amazon Platinum Mastercard

  • Complaints about a purchase
  • Complaints on accounts in default
  • Complaints on applications
  • Complaints on balance disputes
  • Complaints on card limit issues
  • Complaints on charges and fee issues
  • Complaints on credit reports or file issues
  • Complaints on service issues
  • Complaints on direct debit
  • Complaints related to fraud
  • Complaints resulting from incorrect details
  • Complaints on irresponsible lending
  • Complaints on payment issues
  • Complaints on card issues
  • Complaints on transactions
  • Complaints on unwanted correspondence

Complaints About Amazon Prime

  • Complaints on account issues
  • Complaints on the handling of issues
  • Complaints on payment or order problems
  • Complaints on refunds and cancellations
  • Complaints on streaming issues

Complaints About Amazon Gift Cards And Vouchers

  • Complaints on complaint handling
  • Complaints in staff conduct
  • Complaints on delivery
  • Complaints on personal accounts
  • Complaints on payments
  • Pricing issues
  • Complaints on refunds and returns

Complaints About Online Shopping Through Amazon

  • Complaints on click and collect issues
  • Complaints on service issues
  • Complaints on delivery problems
  • Complaints on online account problems
  • Complaints on out-of-stock issue
  • Complaints on payment issues
  • Complaints on plastic waste and environmental issues
  • Complaints on pricing issues
  • Complaints on product quality issues
  • Complaints on warranty issues
  • Complaints on refunds and returns issue
  • Complaints on voucher or promotion issues

Complaints About Privacy And Data Protection Concerns

  • Complaints on data leaks
  • Complaints on personal information concerns
  • Complaints on unwanted marketing

How Do I Contact Amazon UK In Case Of A Complaint?

In case of a complaint resulting from products and services offered by Amazon UK, you can contact the company through the following channels:

  • Visit the company’s website through Customer Services and customer service through online chat available
  • Call customer services at 0800 279 7234 if you are within the UK and +44 207 084 7911 if you are outside the UK
  • Send direct messages to the company’s Twitter handle via (UK)
  • Send direct messages to the company’s Facebook page via

How Do I Email My Complaints To Amazon UK?

Unfortunately, Amazon UK no longer offers a complaint email address, making it impossible for customers to lodge complaints via email.

Initially, customers could send complaints to Amazon UK at the address

However, the company limited the channels to communicate complaints to live chats, calls, and social media platforms.

How Do I Complain About Amazon UK?

If you have a complaint that you feel was not well resolved by Amazon UK, you can send your complaint to the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR platform).

However, Amazon encourages consumers to seek assistance from Amazon UK before launching a complaint under the ODR platform.

How Effective Is Amazon UK At Handling Complaints?

Fortunately, Amazon UK has been highly rated for offering effective customer service, indicating the e-commerce company effectively handles complaints.

Moreover, some review sites have awarded the company a good rating.

For instance, site jabber has rated Amazon UK at 3.39 stars.

Again, an indication that most consumers are satisfied with how the company attends to complaints.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on Amazon delivery complaints, Amazon Flex complaints, and Amazon Canada complaints.


In conclusion, Amazon UK has an in-house process of receiving and handling complaints from consumers.

That said, individuals can inform the company of their problems by calling, initiating an online chat, or sending messages to its social media pages.

On top of that, Amazon UK works promptly to solve the complaints.

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