Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real? [Detailed Guide]

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding ring, you’ll consider each ring’s unique design, whether it suits the recipient, and its price. Walmart is the best place to purchase ornate rings on a budget. 

However, when faced with such low prices, you may wonder: Are Walmart wedding rings fake or real? I’ve done plenty of research, and here’s what I found.

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real?

Walmart’s wedding rings are real, but the diamonds are ranked low in clarity and color, pushing the price down. Additionally, Walmart mainly sells 10-14K yellow or white gold wedding rings at low costs as they are only around 50% real gold with silver alloys. While Walmart wedding rings are inexpensive, they are not fake.

If you’d like to know how real Walmart’s diamonds are, why wedding rings are sold so cheaply, and whether they are good enough, keep reading!

Are The Diamonds In Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Yes, the diamonds encrusted on Walmart wedding rings are real, and the quality of diamonds typically reflects the price paid for them.

Walmart’s wedding rings are crafted with commercial-grade stones as they are more affordable in price but lower in quality. Furthermore, diamonds are usually clasped with low-grade metals. 

So, if you’re still wondering how Walmart offers real diamond rings at such reasonable prices, commercial diamonds tend to have lower clarity grading, which influences the cost.

Many Walmart rings are graded ‘I,’ placing it in the ‘imperfect’ category or ‘SI,’ meaning small inclusions which are ranked at the bottom of the clarity scale.

Additionally, Walmart typically sells diamond wedding rings at 0.5-1.3 carat.

However, its more expensive options are 3 carats. The nature of commercial diamonds means that the rings are unlikely to grow in price over time.

Is The Gold In Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Yes, the gold used in Walmart’s wedding rings is real. However, you cannot buy 24K gold pure gold rings.

Walmart predominantly sells 10K yellow gold rings made from 42% gold and 58% silver and copper alloy.

So, technically, Walmart’s rings are more silver than genuine gold.

Customers will also find plenty of 14K yellow gold rings at Walmart; these variations contain a higher percentage of gold than their 10K counterparts.

A quick way to tell whether a Walmart ring contains real gold is by locating the official number engraved inside the ring. You’ll see a number stamped from 0K-24K; lookout for 10K or 14K on Walmart’s rings.

Are Silver Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Are Silver Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Yes, sterling silver is the most common metal used to craft Walmart’s wedding rings, as it can be sold at incredibly low prices.

Sterling silver is much cheaper than other authentic alternatives to more luxurious materials such as gold.

However, many of Walmart’s wedding rings are compounded with sterling silver as an alloy to yellow, rose, and white gold.

If you’re looking for a real silver wedding ring, Walmart offers a 925 sterling silver wedding ring for under $40. Check your Walmart wedding ring’s inner side for a 925, 900, or 800 silver sterling stamp.

Is The Platinum On Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Customers can successfully find authentic solid platinum wedding rings at Walmart.

However, they are sold at a far higher price than sterling silver or gold alternatives. Although platinum alloys are considerably softer than gold, they are 1.7x heavier.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Walmart sells a wide variety of platinum-plated wedding rings.

The rings are made from sterling silver and layered in pure platinum, meaning only a small percentage of the ring is real platinum. 

For perspective on the price difference, the platinum Triskele Celtic Comfort wedding ring, for example, is sold for $1,974.99.

In contrast, a platinum-plated alternative costs just $43.99. Judge whether your wedding ring is pure (85% or over) platinum by ‘plat’ or ‘pt.’

Are The White Gold Wedding Rings At Walmart Real?

Yes, white gold wedding rings at Walmart are real. However, they are not made entirely from gold. Sterling silver alloys are used to strengthen the white gold, improving your wedding ring’s durability.

10K white gold wedding rings at Walmart generally comprise around 41.7% gold, 47.4% silver, 10% palladium, and 0.9% zinc. Again, the higher carat, the higher percentage of gold used in the ring.

Why Are Walmart Wedding Rings So Cheap?

When it comes to Walmart wedding rings, the overall quality reflects the price. Walmart tactically uses cheaper styles of genuine materials.

For example, authentic diamonds are discounted in price as they rank at the bottom of the clarity scale.

Additionally, Walmart’s diamonds are listed as G-H colors, a less expensive alternative to a costly D color. 

Equally, Walmart rings are formulated with a combination of materials. Customers will primarily find yellow gold ring alternatives made from 50% gold and 50% alloy metals such as silver and copper. 

On the other hand, customers can purchase plated rings, a far cheaper alternative to solid materials such as platinum or gold.

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Good?

According to reviews, customers express their satisfaction with Walmart’s wedding rings, particularly diamond-encrusted silver sterling or yellow gold styles.

Many of the platinum-labeled wedding rings are platinum-plated, which may wear down over time, exposing the sterling silver body underneath.

Additionally, Walmart’s use of genuine sterling silver, 10K, and 14K golds will prevent your finger from turning green with substantial wear.

Therefore, considering the price point, Walmart wedding rings are good value for money.

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Yes, Walmart sells real wedding rings. The diamonds used are of cheaper quality, influenced by low clarity and color rating. 10-14K yellow or white gold wedding rings are 50% gold and 50% alloy materials such as silver, copper, and zinc.

You’ll find 925 sterling silver rings at Walmart. Furthermore, platinum-plated rings are layered with platinum over sterling silver.

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