AutoZone Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + More)

Since its foundation in 1979, AutoZone has strived to be one of the most reliable automotive parts and accessories retailers.

Due to this reliability in product and service offerings, customers often inquire how AutoZone handles and receives complaints. Here’s everything you need to know!

How Does AutoZone Handle And Receive Complaints In 2024?

AutoZone is open to receiving complaints regarding its products, services, and in-store or online shopping experiences as of 2024. Consequently, AutoZone offers platforms such as customer care desks, contact numbers, and web forms through which customers can lodge their complaints. Once the company receives complaints, it follows in-house processes to resolve them.

If you need more information on AutoZone’s system of receiving and handling complaints, how to make one, the common types of complaints against AutoZone, and much more, keep reading!

How Do I Make A Complaint To AutoZone?

You can make a complaint against AutoZone by reporting your case in-store or contacting the store via online means.

Ideally, if you are shopping in-store and encounter some challenges, it is best to communicate the challenges to the staff on the floor instead of complaining online.

With that, if the staff on the floor cannot provide a concrete resolution for the complaint or is rude, you can request to speak to the manager.

However, if you experience issues shopping online at, you can decide to report your complaint to the nearest AutoZone store or use different online channels provided by the company.

If you choose the online option, you can call the company’s customer service desk, fill out a feedback form on its website, or direct message the company through its social media platforms.

In all instances, customers must provide detailed information on the complaint so that it’s easier for the company to review the case and act on time.

Once the customer lodges the complaint, they should await feedback from the company.

That said, the feedback or resolution may occur instantly or might require time for adequate investigations.

What Are The Common Types Of Complaints Made Against AutoZone?

The common complaints against AutoZone revolve around customers’ shopping experience in-store, online, and during auto repair services.

Further, the company website breaks down the common types of complaints against AutoZone into the following categories:

  • Complaints on customer orders
  • Complaints on website issues
  • Complaints on company rewards
  • Complaints on the parts and products offered by the company
  • Complaints on the store experience

How Do I Contact AutoZone In Case Of A Complaint?

How Do I Contact AutoZone In Case Of A Complaint? AutoZone

If you do not present your complaint to AutoZone’s staff in-store, you can contact the company through the following communication channels:

If you need instant feedback, it is advisable to call customer service rather than send your complaint in written form.

How Do I Email My Complaint To AutoZone?

You can email your complaints to AutoZone at

 In this case, the customer service desk will review your complaint and offer appropriate, efficient, and satisfying resolutions.

Also, whenever you send a complaint email to AutoZone, you should include your personal information, contact details, and a clear description of the complaint.

That said, a clear description of the complaint will help the company understand the issue and investigate it faster.

Furthermore, including your contact details in the email helps the company easily contact you if it needs more information and report the final decision or solution to the complaint.

Additionally, it is important to note that completing a complaints form on the company’s website automatically sends an email to the customer service desk.

How Effective Is AutoZone At Handling Complaints?

Unfortunately, AutoZone has low ratings based on customer reviews on most rating websites.

For instance, the scoring rate for the company is marked as Disappointing by the Customer Service Score Board, as the attribute rating out of 10 for complaint resolution is 2.5.

According to the Complaints Board, the company scores one out of five in complaint resolution because 50 complaints out of 394 have been resolved.

However, customers are encouraged to visit their local AutoZone store or call the company when communicating a complaint to receive immediate feedback.

What Are AutoZone’s Customer Service Hours?

AutoZone customer service hours are as follows:

  • Monday through Friday: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm CT
  • Saturday: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm CT
  • Sunday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm CT

During these hours, customers can seek support by reporting their complaints and receiving instant feedback on how the company will handle the situation.

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In conclusion, AutoZone offers customers different channels to report any complaint arising from their in-store and online shopping experience as well as repair services by the company.

With that, customers can choose to report their complaints in person at their local AutoZone store, send an email to customer support, call customer support, fill out a web form, or use social media platforms.

Once the company receives the complaint, AutoZone may resolve it immediately or investigate the matter before offering a final solution.

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