Best Buy Phone Return Policy (Open Box, Used + More)

Best Buy, one of the leading electronics stores in the U.S., sells a variety of phones from top brands such as Samsung, Apple, and Google and notable carriers such as Verizon and AT&T.

However, what if you’re not fully satisfied with a phone you purchased from Best Buy? Can you return it for a full refund? Here is everything I’ve discovered about Best Buy’s phone return policy!

Best Buy Phone Return Policy

Best Buy allows customers to return their opened, unopened, open box, and used phones in new-like condition within 14 days of purchase. However, Best Buy charges a restocking fee of $45 on opened phones that are returned, except for those in the open box category.

If you want to learn more about the process of returning phones to Best Buy in-store and via mail, whether you can return phones to Best Buy after 14 days, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is The Best Buy Phone Return Policy?

Best Buy’s phone return policy allows you to return any purchased phone from all in-stock brands, such as Apple, Google, Motorola, and Samsung, whether it was bought online or in-store.

Customers are permitted to make a return request within the stipulated return period of 14 days.

If you need your return to be processed faster, ensure you provide all the necessary documents, such as a valid photo ID, the original receipt, and a credit card statement.

Can I Return Open Box Phones To Best Buy?

Best Buy allows its customers to return open-box phones within a period of 14 days after purchase or delivery.

In most cases, Best Buy will not charge a restocking fee if you return an open box phone, but some stores are known to make this charge.

You should reach out to your local Best Buy store to find out if you can return an open box phone without a restocking fee.

Can I Return A Used Phone To Best Buy?

You can return a used phone to Best Buy as long as it is in “like-new condition.” Best Buy will not accept the return in case the phone is scratched, dented, or damaged.

Additionally, Best Buy insists that returned phones should be in their original packaging and accompanied by all accessories.

So if you return a phone without all the accessories to Best Buy, you can be denied the return. Alternatively, a non-refundable charge will be deducted to cater to the missing item.

When returning your phone, ensure that you remove all the data and disconnect any links to other devices or a cloud account for Best Buy to accept the return.

Can I Return Defective, Damaged, Or Incorrect Phones To Best Buy?

Best Buy Return Policy On Defective, Damaged, Or Incorrect Phones

If you receive a defective or damaged phone, you should return it to Best Buy, and the store will arrange for a replacement.

Similarly, in case you receive an incorrect phone (e.g., you order an Apple iPhone 12 but receive an Apple iPhone 11), you can return it and get a replacement.

If you decide to return the phone via mail, you should contact Best Buy Customer Care first at 1-800-373 for special instructions.

Note that for these situations, Best Buy will cover any reasonable, customary ground fees.

Can I Return A Phone To Best Buy After 14 Days?

Unfortunately, you cannot return a phone to Best Buy after 14 days.

Best Buy has specified a 14 days window for customers to return cellular tablets, cell phones, cellular wearables, and mobile hotspots.

This rule applies to customers across all My Best Buy membership levels, including Elite and Elite Plus members.

Will I Be Charged A Restocking Fee When I Return My Phone At Best Buy?

You will be charged a restocking fee when you return your phone at Best Buy.

Typically, Best Buy charges a $ 45 restocking fee on all cell phones apart from prepaid phones, as well as on cellular wearables and cellular tablets.

However, note that the restocking fee will be exempted if you return the phone unopened.

Additionally, you will not pay a restocking fee if you purchase and return the phone within states where a restocking fee is prohibited, such as AL, IA, SC, HI, MS, or CO.

Can I Return A Gifted Phone To Best Buy?

You can return a phone received as a gift to Best Buy and acquire the credit in place of it. The simplest way to do this is to head over to the Best Buy store with the gift receipt.

Note that if you return the phone via mail, Best Buy will credit the gift purchaser and notify them via e-mail.

How Can I Return A Phone At Best Buy?

In-Store Return

For in-store returns, you should bring the phone inside its original packaging, including all the accessories that came with it.

If you do not have the original accessories, Best Buy will deduct a fee from your refund to cater to what is missing.

More importantly, make sure you also carry your packing slip or receipt, along with a credit statement and a valid government-issued photo ID.

In case you have lost the receipt, Best Buy may be able to use your credit statement to track and verify your purchase, qualifying you for a full refund.

Return by Mail

You can return your phone to Best Buy through mail as long as you purchase from Best Buy stores within the United States.

Use the following procedure to return a purchased phone by mail:

  • Pack the phone in the original shipping package
  • Include a receipt and return label and specify why you are returning it
  • Include all phone accessories and manuals
  • Send the return to Best Buy Return Center

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Conclusion: Best Buy Phone Return Policy

Best Buy’s return policy allows customers to return phones purchased at Best Buy in-store and online within 14 days after purchase or delivery. You can return opened, used, and open-box phones as long as they are in “like-new” condition and show no signs of damage or use.

Bring the original receipt and a valid photo ID to receive a full refund to your original mode of payment. You can return the phone both by visiting a nearby store or mailing the package to Best Buy, making sure to include all accessories.

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