Best Buy Printer Return Policy (Used, No Box, No Receipt, Low Ink + More) 

Best Buy, one of the largest electronics retailers in the U.S., sells a variety of printers for customers, including inkjet, laser, all-in-one, photo, and other types of printers. 

But what if you want to return an unsatisfactory printer you purchased at Best Buy? You may be wondering – what is Best Buy’s printer return policy? Here is what I’ve found out about this! 

Best Buy Printer Return Policy 

Best Buy accepts returns of printers in-store within 15 days after purchase for Standard, 30 days for Elite, and 45 days for Elite Plus members. Customers must bring the printer in “new-like” condition and proof of purchase to get a full refund. 

If you want to learn more about returning used printers to Best Buy, whether Best Buy charges a restocking fee for printers, and much more, keep reading! 

Can I Return A Used Printer To Best Buy? 

You can return a used printer to Best Buy; however, you must ensure that the used or pre-owned/refurbished printer is in a “new-like” condition and that no accessory is missing.  

Note that Best Buy will charge a deduction fee from the reimbursement if any items are missing at the time of return. 

Here are a few examples of printer brands sold at Best Buy that customers can return: 

  • HP- DeskJet 2755 Wireless Ink Ready Inkjet Printer 
  • Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless Inkjet Printer 
  • HP LaserJet Pro M283fdw Wireless Color Laser Printer 
  • Epson Expression Photo HD XP—15000 Wireless Printer 
  • Brother- VX-500W Wireless Label Printer 

Does Best Buy Charge A Restocking Fee When Returning A Printer? 

Best Buy does not charge a restocking fee for printers if you return them within the time frame given, depending on your membership level. 

For more information about the products Best Buy charges restocking fees for, head over to this link. 

Can I Return A Printer Without The Box To Best Buy? 

Customers can return a printer without the original box to Best Buy within the stipulated period if it is in a “new-like” condition. 

However, a fee for the lost packaging may be deducted from your refund, depending on the discretion of the store manager. 

Note that if you purchased an open-box or refurbished printer, it might be shipped without the manufacturer’s packaging box.  

In this case, you must return the printer using the packaging used by Best Buy for the return to be accepted. 

Additionally, Best Buy requires you to attach proof of purchase and ensure that the printer is not physically damaged while returning it. 

Can I Return A Printer Purchased at By Mail?

Can I Return A Printer Purchased at By Mail

You can return a printer purchased from through the mail if the shipping is made within the United States. 

Here is the procedure for returning printers by mail to Best Buy: 

  1. Pack the printer in the original shipping package 
  2. Include the packing slip and the return label indicating the reason for the return 
  3. Attach all the original accessories and packaging 
  4. Send your printer to Best Buy Returns Center at 600 Park Loop Rd, Suite D, Shepherdsville, KY 40165 

Keep in mind that you should use UPS or Insured USPS for proof of delivery. 

Can I Return A Printer Cartridge With Low Ink To Best Buy? 

Unfortunately, Best Buy will not accept cartridges with low ink returns since open ink is among Best Buy’s non-refundable items. 

This is because Best Buy does not manufacture ink cartridges, so you may be unaware of your cartridge’s ink levels. 

Alternatively, Best Buy recommends contacting the printer manufacturers such as HP, LG, and Epson if you have issues with your ink cartridge. 

Additionally, you can also take advantage of Best Buy’s recycling program by taking your old printer ink to Best Buy for recycling to get a $2 coupon for every recycled cartridge. 

Can I Return A Printer Without The Receipt? 

You can return a printer to Best Buy without the receipt as long as you provide an alternative proof of purchase. 

So if you have lost the receipt, you should bring the debit/credit card used to make the payment and any packing slips you received along with a valid photo ID for verification. 

Best Buy can use these details to track your purchase and if successful, offer you a full refund. 

Note that if Best Buy is not able to track your purchase, it reserves the right to deny the return request altogether. 

However, if possible, returns without proof of purchase may require an email address, and no fee refunds will be made on any state sales taxes. 

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Best Buy allows customers to return new, used, refurbished, and open-box printers in-store and via mail as long as these are in “new-like” condition.

Returns without the original box or accessories may incur a charge. 

For a smooth process, return your printer to Best Buy within the stipulated return period as per your membership while adhering to all the requirements in Best Buy’s return & exchange policy, such as providing adequate proof of purchase. 

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