Best Buy Video Game Return Policy (Used Games, Open, No Receipt, +More) 

Best Buy is known across the U.S. as the go-to destination for buying a wide variety of video games for all kinds of gaming consoles, such as the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC.

However, what if you’ve accidentally bought the wrong video game from Best Buy? Can you return it for a refund or exchange? Here is everything I’ve found out about Best Buy’s video game return policy!

Best Buy Video Game Return Policy

Best Buy allows customers to return video games (such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC) within 15 days for Standard, 30 for Elite, and 45 for Elite Plus members as of [currentyear]. If the video game is unopened, customers can get a full refund or an exchange if the video game is opened.

If you want to learn more about whether you can return used video games to Best Buy, whether you can return video games without the receipt, and much more, then keep on reading!

What Is Best Buy’s Video Game Return Policy?

Best Buy accepts video game returns within the stipulated period after purchase or delivery, depending on your membership. 

Standard members have 15 days, Elite members have 30 days, and Elite Plus members have 45 days to return, starting from the date you receive your product. 

Additionally, you must ensure that the video game is intact, in a “new-like condition,” and accompanied by valid proof of purchase, such as the receipt. 

Can I Return Opened Video Games To Best Buy?

Customers are allowed to return an opened physical copy of a video game at Best Buy.

However, if you need a replacement, Best Buy only exchanges returned video games for an identical product. 

Because of this, you can only exchange Best Buy video games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Red Dead Redemption 2,  Ice Age, Scrat’s Nutty Adventure, or any other video game for an identical one. 

Also note that the video games have to be in original condition (like at the time of delivery), and you have to attach proof of purchase such as receipts. 

Can I Return A Defective Video Game Purchased Together With A Console?

You could return a defective video game to Best Buy even if you purchased it as an accessory to a console. 

For example, if you buy a Ratchet Clank video game together with a Play Station 5 console, you may return the video game within the stipulated period for your return to be accepted.

Can I Return A Video Game To Best Buy Without The Receipt?

You can return a video game to Best Buy without the receipt, but you must ensure that you include alternative proof of purchase, such as a packaging slip, a credit card, or a valid ID photo. 

Additionally, you must return the video game within the given 15, 30, or 45 days depending on your membership level at Best Buy. 

Keep in mind that if you return any video game (such as Jumanji, Obra Dinn, or Olympia Soirée) for replacement, you will only get an identical video game in exchange.

If you bought the video game with a console, you will also only get a replacement for an identical video game that fits your Play Station 4/5, Xbox, or Switch console. 

Can I Return Used Video Games To Best Buy?

Does Best Buy Allow Return Of A Used Video Game?

You can return a used video game to Best Buy through the Best Buy Trade-In Program. However, the program is not available in all locations, nor for all video game products. 

For updated information on whether you can return a used Pac-Man, Roblox, Fortnite, or any other video game to your local Best Buy, keep checking the Best Buy Trade-In Program website. 

Can I Return A Video Game Purchased On In-Store?

Best Buy allows customers to return video games purchased at BestBuy.Com at any physical Best Buy store. 

For swift processing, bring the packing slip used in delivering the product if you still have it. You may also bring the receipt used to purchase the video game, your credit card, or your photo ID. 

Best Buy will use the proof of purchase to match and verify your transaction and offer you a refund accordingly. 

Can I Return A Video Game At Best Buy Without The Original Packaging?

You may return a video game at Best Buy without the original packaging and accessories if any.

However, in this case, Best Buy will process your return with a small deduction for the missing item. 

Does Best Buy Offer Refunds For Video Game Returns?

You will receive a refund if you return a video game at Best Buy, but without proof of purchase, Best Buy may ask for an email address, limit the reimbursement, or deny it altogether. 

Additionally, Best Buy will not refund the state sales taxes and fees for returns made without proof of purchase.

Refunds will be processed through the same payment method used at the time of purchase.

Can I Return A Video Game To Best Buy Via Mail?

Best Buy allows customers to return video games purchased online through mail on the condition that the purchase and return are made within the United States. 

For an online return via mail, pack your video game in the original packaging, if possible, attach the packing slip, return label, and accessories, and send the item to the Best Buy Returns Center. 

Best Buy stipulates that a return label is crucial when returning any video game, such as a MotoGP20 or Tormented Souls, so if you do not have one, you may print the Best Buy return label here. 

Can I Return A Gifted Video Game To Best Buy?

You can return a gifted video game to Best Buy; however, instead of receiving store credit or a refund, you can only exchange it for an identical video game. 

If you return your gifted video game to Best Buy via mail, the store will credit the gift purchaser and inform them through email.

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Best Buy will help customers return or replace video games regardless of whether these have been opened or used within the given returns window for each membership type. Standard members have 15, Elite members have 30, and Elite Plus members have 45 days to make returns.

You should bring the original receipt to get a full refund, but if you have lost it, you can bring an alternative proof of purchase such as the packing slip or your payment card with your photo ID.

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