Big Lots Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots’ return policy is meant to enhance the customer experience, even in the unfortunate instance that they’re not happy with their purchases.

Therefore, keep reading if you’re curious about the Big Lots return policy and would like to learn how to navigate it!

What Is the Big Lots Return Policy In 2024?

The Big Lots Return Policy allows dissatisfied shoppers to return products that don’t meet their expectations and is available at and in-store. Customers must return the product in original packaging with all accessories and manuals within 30 days after purchase in 2024. Only after a successful return can customers request a refund or an exchange.

Read on if you wish to know more details about Big Lots’ return policy, whether you can return items at Big Lots without a receipt or packing slip, and much more!

Can I Return an Item Purchased at Big Lots in-Store?

You can return items purchased at Big Lots in-store within 30 days after purchase. For the retailer to process your return, you have to bring the item to a Big Lots brick and mortar store.

Moreover, you should include all parts and accessories, packaging, original receipts, and paperwork.

For items covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, such as electronics, ensure the return is within the warranty terms.

It’s good to note that the sales tax refund may vary if you return the item to a different Big Lots location, rather than the one you purchased the product from.

Additionally, Big Lots might request you provide your government ID or driver’s license to verify your identity during the return.

How Do I Return an Item to Big Lots Via Mail?

You can return items purchased at Big Lots via mail using the following process:

  • Log in to your Big Lots account to view your order history. Alternatively, use your order number and email address to access your order history.
  • Identify the order number for the item you wish to return and click it. If you can’t recall the order number, you can review it on your confirmation email or packing slip.
  • Click the “return item” field on the order detail page. Once you select the items you intend to return, the server will generate documents and instructions that you will use to send your package to Big Lots.

It’s important to note that you cannot request an exchange once you return items to Big Lots via mail. Big Lots only allows customers to return items purchased at via mail.

Therefore, you cannot use mail to return a product purchased at Big Lots in-store.

What Information Should I Include When Returning an Item to Big Lots Via Mail

You should include the following information to speed up the return process when returning an item purchased at Big Lots via mail.

  • The return slip
  • Paperwork
  • Originals packing slip
  • All products parts
  • All products accessories
  • All items delivered in the packaging

Will I Pay a Shipping Fee When Returning an Item to Big Lots?

Big Lots will only take care of the shipping fee if the wrong item is delivered or in case the items delivered are defective or damaged.

Consequently, if you return an item to Big Lots and it doesn’t fall under any of the above categories, you will pay the shipping fee.

Does Big Lots Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

The Big Lots return policy allows consumers to return purchased products in-store without a receipt. However, if you require a refund after the return, it will be 20% less than the product’s selling price.

Additionally, the refund will only be issued in the form of a gift card that you can only use at Big Lots in-store. It’s essential to remember that the retailer reserves the right to decline any return without an original purchase receipt.

Nonetheless, Big Lots offers assistance to help customers locate their receipt within 30 days of purchase. Consequently, if you paid using a Big Rewards or credit card, the store can locate it.

Can I Return an Item to Big Lots Without a Packing Slip?

Big Lots allows customers to return items without the original packing slip. If you want to return an item without the packing slip via mail, visit the Big Lots order history page and embark on the return process.

Alternatively, if you wish to return the item in-store, carry a copy of your order details, order confirmation email, and shipment confirmation email to verify your purchase.

How Do I Return a BIG! Delivery Item?

How Do I Return a BIG! Delivery Item? Big Lots

You can return items delivered via BIG! Delivery within 30 days of purchase. Carry all parts, packaging, accessories, and paperwork when returning the item to Big Lots.

Additionally, ensure the item is in its original condition and packaging so that you can get an exchange or refund.

In case you’re not in a position to deliver the item delivered via BIG! Delivery in-store, contact Big Lots customer care at 1-888-BIG-LOTS (244-5687) for further assistance.

When making the call, ensure you can trace your email address, reward number, and order number for speedy assistance.

Can I Return Big Lots Items Purchased Through Progressive Easy Leasing

Unfortunately, items purchased at Big Lots through Progressive Easy Leasing are not eligible for return as the standard Big Lots return policy does not cover them.

In fact, the return date indicated on the item purchased under the Progressive Easy Leasing receipt cannot apply in calculating the 30 day return period.

Moreover, if you purchase an item at Big Lots using lease-to-own transactions, you should review your leasing agreement to determine if it’s eligible for return.

You can also contact the Big Lots Progressive Finance department at 877-898-1970 to determine whether the item is eligible for return.

Does Big Lots Allow the Return of Items Purchased Under the Special Order Program?

In most cases, the store has additional restrictions for orders purchased through Big Lots’ Special Order Program.

Consequently, if you would love to return such a product, review the terms and conditions of the special order for more details.

How Can I Return a Gift Bought for Me at

The Big Lots return policy allows you to return an item purchased via as a gift through the mail. In this case, the store will issue a refund to the person who purchased the gift.

Moreover, you can return a gift item purchased at at a Big Lots brick and mortar store for a refund in the form of store credit that can only be used while shopping in-store.

Can I Return an Item at Big Lots and Request For Price Adjustments?

Big Lots allows customers to return items and request a price adjustment within seven days of purchase. It’s important to remember that Big Lots’ price adjustment is determined by the Big Lots price match policy.

Moreover, to successfully request a price adjustment during return, you must provide Big Lots associates with the original product receipt and proof of a lower price.

How Can I Track My Return to Big Lots?

You can track your return to Big Lots by using the link sent automatically to your email. Also, you can track your return order by visiting the Big Lots order status page.

What Is Big Lots Return Policy on Already Assembled Items?

Big lots allows the return of already assembled items to any Big Lots if you purchased the item in-store. In most cases, the store management will not require the original packaging. However, it will need proof of purchase to accept the return.

Contact Big Lots customer care for further assistance if you would like to return an assembled item via mail.

Will Big Lots Accept My Return After 30 Days

After the stipulated return period of 30 days, Big Lots allows customers to return purchased products. However, if you return your product after 30 days at Big Lots, you can only get a refund in the form of a gift card.

Additionally, if a manufacturer warranty covers the product, it should be returned per the warranty terms.

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Big Lots allows the return of most merchandise within thirty days after the day of purchase. Customers can return items via mail or at big Lots in-store.

For merchandise returned by mail, the customers should provide a packing slip. Whereas those returned in-store, the consumer should provide a receipt.

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