Buying An iPad On Amazon (Is It Safe, Returns + More)

Everyone knows Amazon as an e-commerce retailer that always has exactly what you are looking for in stock. Not only that, but Amazon’s quick shipping and delivery times are simply unmatched by the competition.

But if you are looking to grab an iPad at a lower cost than you would find in a store, you may be wondering if you can trust Amazon’s selection of iPads and iPad accessories.

Look no further! Here is everything I discovered about purchasing an iPad on Amazon throughout my research on the topic!

Buying An iPad On Amazon

Amazon provides an array of choices when it comes to iPads. Amazon allows you to filter out products based on whether the iPad is new or refurbished, price range, model, color, size, and the amount of memory storage. iPads sold on Amazon vary between $90 and $1200, which is cheaper than the competition.

To learn more about the price difference between iPads sold on Amazon and other websites, keep reading!

Can You Buy An iPad On Amazon?

Yes, you can always find an iPad on Amazon’s website. With that, Amazon offers you a choice to purchase a new or certified refurbished iPad.

A refurbished iPad is one that was previously owned by someone and required some additional maintenance to work correctly upon its return to the market.

Although refurbished iPads are less expensive than a brand new model, there is a risk that the product will demand more maintenance down the road.

Additionally, the return and refund policies are usually different when you buy a refurbished iPad on Amazon compared to a brand-new model.

One convenient detail about Amazon’s website when looking for iPads is that you can narrow down your product search.

For example, Amazon allows you to filter out products based on the number of stars past buyers gave the product, your price range, shipping times, and who is selling the iPad.

Essentially, Amazon allows you to narrow your search so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for instead of scrolling through merchandise pages.

How Much Does An iPad Cost On Amazon?

Because Amazon sells a wide array of iPads, the price can vary greatly depending on what you are looking for on the website.

With that, iPads on Amazon range in price between $90 and $1200, depending on the model year, screen size, amount of memory storage, color, shipping times, and whether it is new or refurbished.

Is It Cheaper To Buy An iPad From Amazon?

Is It Cheaper To Buy An iPad From Amazon?

One huge benefit to buying an iPad on Amazon instead of in-store or on a different website is the price difference.

When purchasing an iPad on Amazon, you can save between three and ten percent compared to the official Apple web store. Most stores only offer price cuts on iPads during holidays like Black Friday.

However, Amazon provides these lower prices all year round, allowing you to save between $5 and $30 on even the newest models.

To find an iPad that is on sale on Amazon, go directly to the list of iPads on the website and find the model you want.

Additionally, you can search through Gold Box on Amazon, a source of daily deals the company offers. The products and prices change on a daily basis, and iPads are often thrown into the mix.

Is It Safe To Buy An iPad From Amazon?

Buying an iPad on Amazon is just as safe as purchasing one through the Apple store.

In fact, Apple has its own official shop on the Amazon website, which is a great starting point if you are unsure what model you are looking to buy.

Not only does the official Apple page have new and refurbished iPads, but it also contains all the accessories you could ever need, like cases and charging cords.

Even though Apple has its own page on Amazon, the prices on iPads are still cheaper when you purchase an iPad through Amazon instead of the Apple page itself.

Are Refurbished iPads Safe To Buy On Amazon?

As far as their selection of refurbished electronics, Amazon is usually a pretty reliable website.

One detail to remember when purchasing a refurbished iPad from Amazon is that the warranty is shorter, and the item may be sold through a third-party seller.

When products on Amazon are sold via a third-party seller, the return process may differ from other products.

Additionally, the guarantee that the iPad will be authentic and working correctly is not as strong as purchasing an iPad through Amazon themselves.

Regarding the warranty of refurbished iPads, Amazon only offers a three-month product guarantee instead of a one-year like most other electronics have.

What iPad Accessories Are Available On Amazon?

Amazon provides its customers with every iPad accessory they could ever need! With that, the iPad accessories available on Amazon include:

  • Apple Pencil
  • Power adapters
  • Charging cable
  • Multiport adapters
  • Keyboards
  • Cases

Depending on the version of the iPad and what product you are looking for, accessories range in price between $7 and $290.

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Buying an iPad on Amazon is a great way to save between $5 and $30 on the product. Additionally, Amazon provides both new and refurbished iPad models for you to choose from.

However, keep in mind that refurbished iPads are sold by third-party sellers, so the warranty and return process are different compared to Amazon’s policies.

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