Buying Apple Products On Amazon (Is It Safe & Legit, Cheaper Than Apple + More)

Apple products have changed the way people communicate on the go, with iPhones and Mac computers skyrocketing in popularity.

If you like Apple products, you may have noticed iPhones and Mac computers for sale on Amazon. So what’s the scoop with buying Apple products on Amazon? I wondered the same thing so I did some research, and here’s what I learned!

Can You Buy Apple Products On Amazon?

Apple has an Amazon store with official Apple products available at competitive prices and with free Prime shipping. You can buy all the most popular Apple products on Amazon, from the newest iPhones to Apple Watches and Mac computers. Apple products on Amazon come with warranty protection, although there arent as many colors and configurations as buying directly from Apple.

If you are thinking about buying Apple products on Amazon, keep reading this guide for everything you should know before you buy.

Are Amazon Apple Products Legit?

The good news about shopping for a new phone, computer, or tablet on Amazon is that these Apple products are legit.

You can get the same iPhone from Amazon as you would from Apple, although the selection isn’t as varied compared to the Apple store.

Amazon became an authorized Apple retailer in late 2018, so it gets devices directly from the manufacturer with full permission to sell them.

This means buying Apple products on Amazon is similar to buying them from a cell phone provider like Apple or directly from the Apple store.

In addition to selling real Apple products, Amazon also offers the same warranty and AppleCare plans.

This means your Apple purchase on Amazon is protected by the standard one-year warranty, or you can opt for extended AppleCare.

Is It Safe To Buy Apple Products On Amazon?

If you do your research and read the fine print before ordering, then yes, it is safe to buy Apple products on Amazon.

As with any product, watch for listings that seem too good to be true on Amazon Marketplace.

While Amazon carefully monitors third-party sellers, sometimes you may see a new listing for an Apple product that doesn’t come from the Apple store.

Always make sure you’re shopping through to see genuine Apple products straight from the source.

The product listing should include details of the Apple warranty so you know your purchase is protected.

Are Apple Products Cheaper On Amazon?

Are Apple Products Cheaper On Amazon?

One of the few downsides of buying Apple products on Amazon is that Apple promotions do not apply to the Amazon store.

If you visit Apple at the mall or online, you may see promotions for free trials, trade-ins, or additional discounts. These specials only apply to products purchased directly in an Apple store or shipped from

Even so, most people find Apple products to be quite affordable on Amazon, with competitive prices similar to what you’d see in store. 

That’s because Amazon buys Apple devices in bulk at a wholesale price, not the MSRP. This allows Amazon to still turn a profit even when selling Apple phones and computers at a discount.

While Apple rarely slashes prices on its products and instead uses extra incentives to draw in buyers, Apple Authorized Resellers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are all allowed to offer slight discounts on Apple products.

Is Buying Apple Products Better On Amazon?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you could get free delivery on Apple products.

Both Prime and non-Prime shoppers can enjoy the same warranty on Apple products as provided with in-store Apple purchases.

Amazon’s 30-day return policy applies to most Apple products. That’s actually better than Apple’s 14-day return window. However, Apple does offer free engraving and employee/student discounts.

If you prefer the full package where you buy a new device in-store and get it customized, then the Apple Store is a good choice.

If you don’t mind buying a new phone, tablet, computer, or smartwatch online, then Amazon may give you a slightly better deal than Apple, with the same product protection and quality.

Can You Get Apple Products From Amazon Repaired?

Apple products purchased on Amazon are protected by the Apple warranty, which lasts for one year.

So if there is a product defect, you can take it back to Apple, even if you bought it on Amazon.

You just need to enter the product serial number on Apple’s support page to request repairs or bring it into your nearest Apple store.

Amazon sells the same exact AppleCare extended warranty protection as Apple, which is another option for covered repairs.

If you purchased an Apple device from Amazon and need to get it repaired, just contact Apple, and they can help.

If you want to know more about shopping at Amazon, you might also be interested in reading up on buying iPhones from Amazon, buying a Macbook on Amazon, and the Amazon Protection Plan.


Amazon offers another way to buy all your favorite Apple products without going directly to the Apple store.

Apple has an Amazon shop where legitimate, high-quality iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches, Airpods, Mac notebooks, and Mac desktops are available for sale.

As an Apple Authorized Reseller, Amazon offers the same one-year warranty and extended AppleCare coverage as you’d get directly from Apple online or in-store.

To make sure you buy the right Apple products from a reliable source, visit to see the full selection.

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