Are Amazon AirPods Real? (Don’t Make These Mistakes)

Many retail and tech stores are replicating the models of Apple products due to their high popularity! One of their most popular products that are replicated is their AirPods.

While copies of this product may work, they may be falsely marketed. Because Amazon sells AirPods, some customers may wonder if their AirPods are the real Apple brand.

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, keep reading to see what I found!

Are Amazon AirPods Real?

Amazon sells real Apple AirPods, which come in the Apple brand packaging and contain a serial number on the Airpod set that can be confirmed on In addition to real Airpods, Amazon also sells imitation AirPods that are significantly cheaper and have mixed reviews of their quality and sound.

If you’d like more information about the quality of Amazon’s AirPods, how much they cost, and how to spot a fake set of AirPods, keep reading through this article for useful tips and answers!

Are Amazon AirPods Good Quality?

Because Amazon is an authorized reseller of Apple products, their stock of Airpods is just as high quality as those purchased from the Apple Store!

Amazon does not sell fake AirPods. However, hundreds of imitation earbuds look exactly like AirPods.

Typically, these imitation models are around 20% of the price and are known to have mixed and in some cases, fake reviews to inflate their quality.

For those looking to buy genuine AirPods on Amazon, every set comes in Apple brand packaging and contains a serial number which can be confirmed as an Apple product through

Do Amazon AirPods Work?

Do Amazon Airpods Work?

According to many reviews on Amazon’s product pages, their selection of Airpods work well, have a good Bluetooth connection, and have good sound quality!

Other reviews state that the charging time for AirPods is quick and long-lasting, enabling customers to travel with AirPods easily without having to stop and charge them.

If customers would like more information on the quality of Amazon’s Airpod selection, they can read more customer reviews on the product page!

How Can I Tell If My Airpods Are Real?

While Amazon does not market off-brand wireless headphones as AirPods, some dishonest third-party sellers on Amazon may do.

If customers are concerned about whether or not these headphones are genuine Airpods, they can do the following:

Check the Serial Number

  • When Amazon sells Apple products, they always keep the packaging intact. Therefore, if the headphones purchased are genuine Airpods, the serial number will be present
  • Customers can type the serial number into to confirm if it is one of their products.
  • If the serial number does not show up or there is no number on the headphones, then they are fake Airpods.

Connect to an Apple Device

  • When AirPods connect to an Apple device, a little Airpods icon will show up under Bluetooth in “Settings.”
  • If this icon does not pop up, then the headphones being used are not Airpods.

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