Buying Phones On Amazon (Is It Cheaper, Are They Real, Is It Safe, Refurbished + More)

Many online stores will sell good cell phones for reasonably inexpensive prices. This method allows customers to purchase a new cell phone without spending much money.

Amazon is well known for selling phones, so if you’re considering purchasing a phone from Amazon, continue reading through this article to see what I learned about the process!

Buying Phones on Amazon

Amazon is an authorized seller of refurbished iPhones, BlackBerry, and Windows, and all devices have been checked and approved by qualified professionals. Additionally, Amazon is considered a reputable phone distributor and carries refurbished cell phones for reasonable prices, going as cheap as $199.99. Customers can also feel confident they are buying authentic phones on Amazon.

Continue reading through this article if you’d like to learn more about the safety of purchasing a cell phone on Amazon, which brands are available, phone prices, and other useful information!

Are Phones on Amazon Real?

Most phones sold through Amazon are real and authentic.

Amazon is currently one of the leading cell phone distributors and requires its sellers to meet certain criteria before their stock of phones can be approved.

As well, Amazon is authorized to sell a variety of refurbished cell phones from well-known brands. Therefore, any cell phone marked as “Fulfilled by Amazon” is guaranteed to be authentic!

However, there are some third-party sellers who sell counterfeit cell phones through Amazon. Additionally, customers should check customer reviews and ratings before purchasing from an unfamiliar seller.

Is it Safe to Buy Phones on Amazon?

Purchasing a phone from Amazon is safe, as most cell phones sold on the website are from reputable third-party sellers or are sold directly by Amazon and their associates.

If a customer purchases a cell phone from a suspicious third-party seller, however, and the phone appears to be counterfeit, customers can return the phone to Amazon and receive a full refund!

Therefore, there is little risk in purchasing a phone from Amazon, as customers will be fully refunded if they purchase a counterfeit device, enabling them to purchase a cell phone from a more well-known source.

Does Amazon Sell Refurbished Phones?

A large portion of the cell phones sold on Amazon is refurbished! Devices from companies such as Apple and Samsung are refurbished by their companies and then sent to Amazon’s warehouses.

While many of the cell phones on Amazon are used, they are inspected by professionals to ensure they are in proper working order and are considered highly reliable by many customers!

If customers would like more information about Amazon’s refurbished phones and their workability, they can contact Amazon customer service or the brand they are considering purchasing.

Is Amazon an Authorized Reseller for iPhones?

Is Amazon an Authorized Reseller for iPhones?

Amazon is an authorized reseller of iPhones that have been used and refurbished.

Currently, Amazon is not authorized to sell brand-new iPhones and only carries models that have been previously owned. However, these used phones are refurbished and sent to Amazon directly from Apple.

There may be some third-party sellers who feature iPhones in their stock, though these are generally used phones sold by previous owners directly and are not advertised as brand new.

However, customers are urged to purchase used iPhones with caution through Amazon if “Fulfilled by Amazon” is not stated on the product page, as there is a risk of customers being scammed.

Which Phone Brands Does Amazon Carry?

Amazon carries a wide variety of cell phone brands in their regular stock! The current brands they offer are the following:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • Google
  • TCL
  • OnePlus
  • Poco
  • BLU
  • Nokia
  • LG
  • Verizon

Amazon also carries a selection of other lesser-known cell phone brands. However, it’s recommended that customers purchase a brand they’re familiar with in order to avoid issues with their cell phone quality.

Additionally, customers are recommended to avoid cell phones that are quite cheap, as these are generally lower quality than other brands Amazon sells and may need to be replaced early on.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Phones on Amazon?

Amazon sells their phones at comparatively cheap prices due to much of their stock being refurbished cell phones as well as selling lesser-known brands such as Blackview and Vbestlife.

Refurbished Apple and Samsung devices are generally priced around $200- $400 depending on how recent the phone model is, while brand-new phones from these brands often cost more than $1000.

While many of the brands Amazon carries for phones are lower quality than Apple and Samsung, phones such as TCL and LG can be found for as cheap as $138.72!

Therefore, customers who are looking for reasonably priced cell phones are recommended to check Amazon for their refurbished phones, as their prices are affordable and attached to good quality phones!

Is Buying a Phone on Amazon Worth It?

Buying a cell phone on Amazon is worthwhile as long as customers purchase from a reliable brand that is either fulfilled by Amazon or by a well-known third-party seller.

Companies such as Apple, Samsung, Windows, and Google are recommended to purchase from, as Amazon is an authorized reseller of these devices!

However, customers are cautioned against purchasing phone brands from Amazon that they are unfamiliar with, as while these are cheaper options, they are often low quality and may need to be replaced after a short period.

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Amazon sells a variety of cell phone brands, including Apple and Samsung! They are an authorized reseller for refurbished and unlocked cell phones and also sell locked cell phone plans through companies such as LG, TCL, and similar cell phone brands.

Amazon’s phones are comparatively inexpensive, as much of their stock is renewed cell phones. While many of their phones are worthwhile, customers are cautioned against purchasing a brand they are unfamiliar with, which may result in a low-quality purchase.

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