Buying Stamps On Amazon (Is It Legit, Prices, Types + More)

Amazon has virtually everything you can imagine on its website, which is part of what makes the company so successful year after year.

But if you need stamps, you may be curious if it is cheaper to purchase them through Amazon. Or you might be wondering if Amazon can even sell stamps online.

Here is everything I discovered about buying stamps online through Amazon!

Can You Buy Stamps On Amazon?

You can buy stamps online from Amazon. However, Amazon does not sell single stamps, only in sheets or coils containing between 20 and 100 stamps. Stamps on Amazon are more expensive compared to other retailers. However, the fast shipping time makes buying stamps through Amazon more convenient.

Keep reading to learn more about spotting fake stamps on Amazon and what other stores sell stamps online!

Is Buying Stamps On Amazon Legit?

Amazon has been selling stamps on its website for some time now.

However, in January 2020, the company announced that it would restrict the sale of many stamps due to continuous issues with fraud and overinflating prices.

Of course, Amazon still sells stamps to this day, but the risk of fraudulent stamps is still prevalent.

To combat this, Amazon does its best to shut down unreliable sellers to prevent customers from buying fake stamps.

For those who decide to buy stamps on Amazon, purchasing them from verified sellers within the platform is best. 

What Kinds Of Stamps Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells Forever Stamps, approved by the United States Postal Services and sold in sheets of 20 or more.

Additionally, customers can also buy a coil of 100 stamps if they want to stock up on postage for the year.

As for designs, Amazon offers a wide range of stamp designs, whether the traditional American flag or a novelty stamp.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer single stamps for sale. So, if you only want a single stamp, it is best to head to the post office or another privately run store.

Are Stamps More Expensive On Amazon?

Are Stamps More Expensive On Amazon?

A sheet of Forever Stamps on Amazon costs around $20, which is a little more expensive than the price the United States Postal Office offers them ($12).

Although the price of stamps is more on Amazon, it is a convenient way to buy all your other products when you purchase stamps.

Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can have your stamps delivered in one to two days, which is a much quicker shipping time than other companies can match.

Is There An Advantage To Buying Stamps On Amazon?

The price of stamps on Amazon is a little higher compared to the price on other sites. However, there are still a few advantages to buying stamps through Amazon.

The first advantage is that you can shop anytime and anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or computer and an internet connection. Amazon makes it easy to find and buy your favorite products as soon as you think of them.

Another advantage in buying stamps on Amazon is that you can order a variety of other products simultaneously, allowing you only to make one order on one website.

Amazon allows you to order your favorite cleaning products, household items, etc., at the same time you purchase stamps. This convenience makes buying stamps through Amazon worth it, even if the price is a little higher.

Where Else Can You Buy Stamps Online?

If price is your primary concern as you look for stamps, several other companies allow you to purchase stamps online.

For example, the other online retailers that sell stamps include:

  • United States Postal Service
  • Walmart
  • CVS

The USPS website has the widest selection of stamps compared to any other store.

So if you are looking for holiday-themed stamps or stamps that match your sports team or celebrity, the USPS website has what you are looking for! To buy stamps from, you will need to create an account.

After creating an account, offers a wide array of deals and discounts for all your shipping and postage needs!

How Long Does It Take Stamps To Get Delivered Through Amazon?

If you are not an Amazon Prime member, it can take two days and a few weeks to have your stamps delivered to your house, depending on your location.

However, Amazon Prime members can receive stamp orders as soon as the next day.

Usually, the time it will take for your stamps to get delivered is posted on the product page so you can have a general idea of when to expect your order.

How Do You Buy Stamps On Amazon?

Like many other products, finding stamps on Amazon is easy despite their broad product range. Simply enter “Stamps” into the Amazon search bar to find postage stamps and hit “Enter.”

The website will bring up a wide array of stamp options, with the most popular options listed first on the product page.

Once you find the stamps you like, add them to your cart and either checkout or continue shopping for your other products.

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Amazon does sell stamps on its website. However, you can only buy stamps in sheets of 20 or coils of 100, as the website does not offer single stamps at the most.

Regarding the price, Amazon sells stamps in sheets of 20 for around $20, which is a little more expensive compared to other retailers that offer stamps in the same quantity.

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