Costco Employee Discount (All You Need To Know)

With around 800 locations globally, Costco is the largest warehouse retailer in the world. With that, the number of employees that work at Costco reaches well over 250,000 as of 2021.

But, if you want to work at Costco, you may be curious about employee benefits. For example, do Costco employees have access to an employee discount for in-store or online purchases?

I discovered everything about Costco’s employee discount through my research on the issue!

Costco Employee Discount

Unfortunately, Costco does not offer an employee discount on any products or services. However, Costco does give its workers 4 free annual memberships, health insurance, dental coverage, extended shopping hours, 50% 401(k) matching, and time and a half pay on Sunday for their employees.

Keep reading to learn how Costco employees can benefit from working at Costco!

Do Costco Employees Receive A Store Discount?

Unfortunately, Costco employees do not receive a percentage off their in-store and online purchases. At Costco, the employees pay the same price for items as regular customers.

However, Costco employees do have access to certain perks that regular customers do not have access to. For example, Costco employees benefit from shopping after hours when the store is empty.

These extended shopping hours allow Costco employees to avoid large crowds and long wait times at the checkout lines.

Additionally, Costco employees receive 4 free annual memberships; 1 Executive-level membership for the employee and 3 basic memberships for any friends or family.

Usually, an Executive membership costs $120 annually, while a basic Costco membership costs $60 annually.

According to past and current Costco employees, they receive free additional memberships after a certain amount of days employed.

One of the most enticing perks of an Executive membership at Costco is that you receive a 2% cash back reward of up to $1,000 every year.

Why Doesn’t Costco Offer An Employee Discount?

The main reason Costco does not offer their employees discounts is that the store already offers incredible deals on items sold in bulk.

Additionally, Costco tends to profit most from memberships rather than product margins. So, if Costco offered an employee discount, they would end up losing the company money.

Even though Costco does not offer employee discounts, the warehouse retailer does provide some incredible benefits for their employees plus an above-average wage (see more below).

What Employee Benefits Does Costco Offer?

What Employee Benefits Does Costco Offer?

Costco employees can access many benefits simply by working for the company.

For example, Costco offers a 50% match on every employees’ 401(k) contribution, with a maximum contribution of $500 per year.

So, to maximize this benefit, employees should add $1,000 a year for Costco to contribute an additional $500 to the total.

Regardless of what you contribute to your 401(k), Costco still contributes a percentage of your pay after being employed for a year.

For example, Costco initially contributes 3% of your total paycheck and periodically increases the rate. Another perk of working for Costco is the health benefits.

After an employee works at Costco for 180 consecutive days and more than 24 hours a week, they are eligible for health benefits.

Costco employees get the freedom to choose their own healthcare providers, and several current Costco employees report that the out-of-pocket costs are significantly lower compared to the competition.

Additionally, every employee at Costco can access an affordable dental plan covering teeth cleanings and basic dental procedures, like cavity fillings.

Finally, Costco rewards their employees for working during the holidays and on weekends, paying employees time and a half who work on Sundays.

Alongside a higher pay rate, Costco gives each employee a free turkey for their families during Thanksgiving.

Do All Costco Employees Have Access To Benefits?

Yes, both full-time and part-time Costco employees have access to the available benefits, including health insurance.

Costco is one of the few stores that allow part-time employees to access benefits compared to other retail stores.

However, Costco employees can only receive health insurance after they have worked 180 days and work at least 24 hours a week.

How Much Do Costco Employees Earn?

Costco believes in paying their employees a competitive wage, which is another reason the company does not offer an employee discount.

With that, current Costco employees reveal they earn anywhere from $15 to $29, depending on the position and length of employment.

Additionally, Costco loves to promote hourly workers like cashiers or stockers to positions with more responsibility if an employee proves they can do so.

Costco is certainly an enticing option if you are looking for a place of work with an opportunity for advancement!

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Currently, Costco does not offer employee discounts on in-store or online purchases. However, the warehouse retailer provides several other full- and part-time employee benefits.

For example, Costco includes health insurance, 50% 401(k) matching, dental coverage, exclusive shopping hours, and even a free turkey at Thanksgiving for their employees.

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