Do Big Lots Have Layaway? (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots sells exceptional items in mattresses and furniture. However, at times customers are not able to buy the products in cash and look for alternative payment options.

Therefore, if you’re curious about whether layaway purchase plans are part of those options, read on and find out more to see what I discovered!

Does Big Lots Have Layaway Plans In 2024?

Big Lots doesn’t offer layaway on its products in 2024. However, the company provides alternative installment plans like the Easy Leasing program for its furniture and selected products. It also offers the Price Hold program for shoppers that cannot raise the cash price.

If you wish to know all about layaways at Big Lots and what your alternatives on installment purchases may be, keep reading for more useful facts and information!

Which Layaway Purchase Options Does Big Lots Have?

Unfortunately, Big Lots doesn’t offer layaway purchase options to its shoppers on any of its products. Instead, Big Lots has the following options for those unable to purchase on cash terms:

1. Progressive Purchase Program

A shopper can opt for the Easy Leasing/Progressive Purchase program, which is available on furniture and selected Seasonal and Home items.

The option is only available at a $150 minimum purchase and is limited to certain states and locations. Nevertheless, it also cannot last longer than 12 months. Big Lots has a third-party company that manages the Progressive Purchase program on its behalf.

2. Price Hold Program

Big Lots’ other alternative installment plan is the Price Hold program, available on products out of stock and those too costly to buy in cash.

This is only available in stores that sell furniture where the shopper can make payment for a furniture item in installments. In this case, Big Lots guarantees the price while the installments are paid during the contract period.

What Products Does Big Lots Offer Layaways On?

Although Big Lots doesn’t offer layaways on any of its products, it provides a couple of installment purchase plans on its furniture and other qualified products.

For furniture in selected stores, Big Lots offers the Price Hold program and the Easy Leasing plan on the following qualified products:

  • Furniture such as sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and dining sets
  • Selected seasonal items like patio furniture, gazebos, umbrellas, and chairs
  • Selected Home items such as mattresses

Who Qualifies for the Big Lots Layaway Plan?

Who Qualifies for the Big Lots Layaway Plan?

In spite of the fact that Big Lots doesn’t offer the layaway plan, you can qualify for its other installment payment plans. Shoppers at Big Lots may qualify for any of its other payment plans designed to make purchasing costlier products easier.

Additionally, you can qualify by purchasing specified products at designated locations for the minimum value of $150. Alternatively, a shopper can qualify for the Price Hold program if they purchase furniture and undertake to complete payment within a specified period.

How Does the Big Lots Layaway Program Work?

Instead of the layaway program, Big Lots offers the following alternative installment payment options, which work just as well:

1. The Price Hold Program

The Price Hold program applies only to furniture and is great when you cannot afford the total price in cash. Rather than wait until the shopper has the amount in full and risk a price increase, Big Lots agrees to hold the price as you pay for the item.

When you pay the deposit, the store undertakes contractually to maintain the price at that level as long as payment is completed within a stipulated time. The store does not hold the item, unlike in a layaway plan, and the buyer must give notice before collecting the item.

2. The Easy Leasing Plan

The other installment plan is the Easy Leasing program, which is available only on furniture and select items in designated locations for a minimum of $150.

The lease payments run for less than a year, and a third-party company manages the system.

While you don’t need credit to access the facility, a credit check will be done.

Also, lease payments are deducted from your checking account, depending on how frequently you’re paid. You can also purchase the item at any time before the lease period expires.

Which Flexible Financing Options Does Big Lots Have?

A reliable financing option at Big Lots is the Big Lot’s credit card. The option offers its members deferred interest promotion plans. Under this plan, if credit is offered to buy an item worth $250 and repaid within six months, no interest is charged.

However, if you default, you become liable for interest from the date of purchase. The same applies for purchases of $750, which is payable in 12 months.

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Big Lots may not offer a layaway plan, but it has excellent installment options if you cannot pay cash so that you never miss out on your desired item. Options such as The Price Hold Program and The Easy Leasing Plan are available as alternatives to layaway.

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