Do Walmart Sell Fire Sticks? [You’ll Be Surprised]

Streaming devices like Amazon Fire Sticks allow you to take your favorite films, shows, and apps wherever you go.

They are great alternatives to a monthly cable contract and give you access to both free and paid content. There are many streaming devices available at Walmart, but do they sell Fire Sticks? Here is what I discovered!

Do Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell Amazon Fire Sticks or Fire TVs. Walmart stopped selling the streaming devices in 2017 due to increased competition with Amazon. However, Walmart does sell other media streaming devices such as Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and NVIDIA.

To learn more about why Walmart stopped selling Fire Sticks, alternatives, prices, and more. Keep on reading!

Why Doesn’t Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

In 2017, Walmart stopped selling Fire TV and accompanying devices such as the Fire Stick both in-store and online.

Walmart never officially stated its reasons for this decision and never gave a press release, but it is clear that the two companies are in huge competition with one another.

With more and more retailers moving online, Walmart sees Amazon as a major competitor to its own shift into the online retail world. It was also rumored that Walmart was developing its own streaming service to rival that of Amazon Prime.

Additionally, Walmart has also stopped the sale of Amazon Gift cards and Kindle Readers for the same reason.

Does Walmart Sell Roku Devices?

How Much Is Roku At Walmart

Walmart sells several Roku models at different price points. The most basic Roku Streaming device, the Roku Express, is $29.

The Roku Streaming Stick is $49. The Roku Ultra is $60.94, and the Roku Ultra 2020 model is $99. The price will depend upon your streaming needs.

Does Walmart Sell Google Chrome Casts?

Walmart sells three different Chromecast models. The 3rd Gen model is $29.98. The Chromecast with Google TV model is $49.98, and the entire Google Smart TV kit is $64.00. It includes Google Home Mini and Chromecast. This deal is exclusive to Walmart.

For all the savvy shoppers out there, you can actually price match many items with when shopping online at Walmart. While this does apply to streaming devices, you can also do the same for thousands of other products!

Does Walmart Sell Apple TVs?

There is a range of Apple TV models available for purchase at Walmart. The Apple TV 3rd Generation model is the cheapest at $94.97. The 4th Generation model is $144.00, and the Apple TV 4K 32GB model is $169.

Does Walmart Have Its Own Streaming Service?

Walmart acquired Vudu in 2010 to reduce the impact felt by the declining DVD market. The original purpose of Vudu was to release digitized versions of DVDs.

However, in 2019, there was a shift in strategy as Vudu moved towards creating its own original content under a subscription service, much like Netflix or Hulu. They sold Vudu to Fandango, a movie ticketing company, in 2020.

Is Vudu Available On Roku Streaming Devices?

Vudu is available for free on Roku streaming devices. There is no monthly subscription fee, and you can choose between thousands of film titles, from classics to new releases.

Although there is no subscription, Vudu is a pay-as-you-go streaming service. You will have to pay for each film individually; however, unlike Netflix, the streaming platforms are not required to wait six months before releasing new films online.

On Vudu, you have access to new releases quicker than any other streaming platform. This was most likely due to the ever-increasing competitiveness of the online streaming market.

Why Did Walmart Sell Vudu?

It is most likely that Walmart sold Vudu to leave an increasingly saturated online streaming market and apply its efforts elsewhere.

Originally Vudu was supposed to rival the likes of Netflix and Amazon. However, when this didn’t materialize, Walmart decided it was best to focus on new and innovative technologies in pickup and delivery services.

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Walmart does not sell Amazon Fire Sticks in their stores. This is most likely due to the ever-increasing competition between the two companies as the retail market shifts more rapidly than ever. Walmart does sell several alternative models, including Roku, NVIDIA, Chromecast, and Apple TV, some of which offer similar services to the Fire Stick at a competitive price.

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