Does Walmart Price Match Amazon? (You’ll Be Surprised)

Walmart is all about offering the products you need at best possible prices, both in their 11,500 physical stores and online.

But while we all know that Walmart is great for bargains on food and drink, furniture, fashion, and everything in between, is it good enough to match the world’s leading retailing giant? In other words, does Walmart price match Amazon? I did a little digging to find out…

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Walmart does price match most products against at a lower price. However, the product must be identical in size, quality, and color for a price match. Walmart does not price match in-store, so all price matches will need to be done online by contacting Walmart Care.

So how can you make the most of this policy? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about price matching on!

Does Walmart Price Match All Its Products With Amazon?

Certain conditions and limitations apply when requesting a price match on against Amazon.

The item you are price matching also has to be in stock on Walmart’s website and be identical in size, quantity, and color to the lower-priced product on

Additionally, Walmart can only price match one item per customer per day and will also not price match Amazon Prime or Prime deals.

Walmart also will not price match products that decrease in price after you have already bought them, items that are on offer or discounted, items that other retailers have listed as clearance, damaged items, or in-store prices.

Also, if you are looking to price match third-party sell items from either Walmart or Amazon, this will not be permitted for a price match.

How To Price Match Products On Against Amazon

If you believe yourself to be eligible for a price match discount from when compared to Amazon, you have to contact Walmart Customer Care by phone before placing your order.

The customer service representative you speak to will verify the item’s eligibility and has the final say over whether or not they will match the price.

Keep in mind that Walmart will not retrospectively price match products that have already been purchased, so if you find the item you bought for a lower price on Amazon or elsewhere after the transaction, there’s nothing they can do.

When Did Walmart Stop Price Matching In Stores?

Walmart changed its Price Match Policy on May 14, 2019, ending price matching in any of its physical stores in the US and on the app.

It also discontinued its Price Match Policy in Canada on October 15, 2020, citing delays at in-store checkouts and a continued commitment to keeping prices as low as possible, both in-store and online, as reasons for the change.

So while price matching is a great way to save some money, if you want to make the most of the policy, you’ll have to do it online!

What Other Retailers Does Walmart Price Match?

Walmart’s price matches a wide range of online retailers, the largest of which is

Walmart also price matches other big-name retailers, including,, and, so you’ll be able to price match a wide range of products.

Why Does Walmart Have Different Prices Online To In-store?

Why Does Walmart Have Different Prices Online To In-store?

Walmart’s prices vary between physical stores. This is because each Walmart store has to manage its own stock, and many individual stores will often hold their own sales and discount events.

However, the prices on their website are the same wherever in the country you are, no matter what the prices are in your local store!

Does Amazon Price Match Walmart?

No, Amazon does not price match any store (including Walmart), although it used to offer price-protection guarantees.

Amazon’s price-protection guarantees meant that you could get a refund for the difference between the price of a product you purchased through Amazon and a new, lower rate if the price then dropped in the following 30 days.

This policy, however, was scrapped in 2016.

Why Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

The size and scale of Amazon means that it can offer competitive prices on a great many of its products, not to mention the fact that it offers next-day delivery for free for Amazon Prime members.

So price matching allows Walmart and other retailers to remain competitive.

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Walmart does price match Amazon, but only online and if certain conditions are met.

This helps Walmart remain competitive in the face of larger retailing competitors who can also offer low prices and additional benefits such as free next-day delivery.

If you want to price match a product on that is available for a lower price on Amazon, you will have to call their customer service phone line and speak to a representative, who will determine if your item is eligible.

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  1. Great article but needs one more addition. The Walmart item must be sold and shipped by Walmart (not a third party) and the Amazon item must be sold and shipped by Amazon. Otherwise, Walmart will refuse to price match.

  2. all farts andrew,,all farts. depends on how motivated the walmart service rep is to shut it down. Hope when u call your paired with a cust serv rep, and supervis. whom aren’t looking for the bragging rites and dork high of saving almighty Walmart from potential loss.
    4 calls, a few hours of speaker phone , and abit extra attention asking how they are doing, as well as an abundance of thank yous, and you’ll end up victorious. $285 off a $375 single item order, 3rd party AM. listing shortly before completing the above read,, make personal note to remember the lazy/disgruntled employee & basic luck/timing factor. Loose the caveman ME RITE,U WRONG, I SMART thing and lay down thought out, correct material.
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