Does Amazon Canada Ship to the US? (All You Need to Know)

Amazon is the largest retailer not just in the U.S. but in countries all around the world. This includes, naturally, one of the great nation’s closest neighbors, Canada.

Does Amazon Canada ship to the U.S.? If you’re an American and see there is a seller in Canada that has something you want, can you have it sent over the border? See the answer below!

Does Amazon Canada Ship to the U.S In 2024?

Some individual Canadian Amazon sellers ship to the U.S as of 2024. To access, American customers can enter Canada’s Amazon portal and shop as normal. The account information, including shipping address, transfer automatically to the new portal. If interested, Canadian customers can also shop at

To learn more about this topic, as well as Amazon U.S. shipping to Canada, Canadians who ship to a U.S. address to save money, returning items purchased from Canada by Americans, and much more, keep reading!

How Does Amazon Canada Shipping to the U.S Work?

So you want to buy something on Amazon, but you double-check the URL – and you’re actually shopping on the Canadian version! What do you do?

Firstly, make sure you are signed into the website with your normal account.

Secondly, make sure that in the upper-left corner where it says “Deliver to [your name]” you have your actual address set.

This way knows where you would want items delivered and can tell you if the products you’re looking at are eligible.

If they are and you want to go ahead and purchase them, add them to your cart and head to the checkout.

There you’ll start to get a sense of how much more expensive it’s going to be to purchase internationally, even just from our neighbors up north.

That’s because of conversion rates, shipping fees (don’t count on Prime free shipping), and customs duties and import fees.

Does Amazon US Ship To Canada?

In addition to Americans being able to access Canadian goods on Amazon, Canadians can shop American Amazon and get items shipped.

However, not all items can cross the border, so some people have found “zero headaches” methods for pretty much anything.

One of these methods involves having items shipped to a holding warehouse just over the border in the U.S.

Then, Canadians who live nearby (or who don’t mind a drive) can come to pick up their goods and take them back over the border themselves.

This holds appeal for a few reasons, including the lower or no Canadian duties and less chance of delays in Canadian customs (any international customs stop can mean a significant delay!).

How Much Does Amazon Canada Shipping To US Cost?

As our great neighbors to the north, Canadians shipping to the U.S. have some of the more competitive mailing prices, especially compared to abroad.

According to this chart, standard shipping from Canada starts at just $6.99.

Curiously there is no price for expedited shipping (as there is for several other countries), but Priority Courier Shipping starts at $13.99.

Of course, you may also have to pay customs fees and duties, but you will be made aware of any extraneous charges at checkout.

How Do You Return Amazon US Purchases From Canada?

How Do You Return Amazon US Purchases From Canada?

Returning an item internationally is surprisingly like returning an item from Amazon domestically.

According to Amazon’s International Returns Method page, you have 30 days to initiate the return (after the delivery date, even, which is quite generous).

You can expect your refund up to seven days after the item has been received back to the appropriate fulfillment center.

There are four ways you can physically return an item from the U.S. to Canada:

  • Dropping off with UPS. You can print a label, attach it to the securely repackaged box and find a drop-off location.
  • Dropping off with DHL. This international courier also allows for pre-printed labels and boxes left at drop-off spots.
  • Having the box picked up by DHL. You can go online and schedule a pick-up for your package so that you don’t have to go anywhere to return it.
  • Returning it yourself. Amazon will comp you up to $25 for return postage, if you were to use, say, USPS Priority Mail Express International to Canada.

Even better, if your self-funded shipping method exceeds $25, you can just contact Amazon and the rest will be refunded.

How Do You Change Your Amazon Prime From Canadian To American?

You can change which version of Amazon you see by navigating the Help & Settings portion of the Amazon website or the Settings part of the Amazon app.

Either way, you’re going to press on the three horizontal lines, which are in the upper-left corner on the website and the lower-right corner on the app.

In both cases, you’ll see a Canadian flag; click/press on it.

On the app, a drop-down menu will appear with the Country & Language option.

Something similar appears on the website. Either way, you can use that to change the site you’re viewing from to

However, what if you want to shop as an American, because you’ve moved from, say, Toronto to Buffalo, N.Y.?

To do that you can switch from to, but then you have to take one more step.

In the upper-left corner where it says “Deliver to [your name]” with a pinpoint, press on that.

You can then opt to Enter a US zip code (your new one). And make sure that your address is updated in your address book.

To know more, you can also read our posts on why is Amazon shipping so expensive, what is Amazon Prime shipping, and does Amazon ship to Puerto Rico.

Conclusion does ship to the U.S., but customers are subject to extra customs fees and duties because of international travel.

Amazon does make it pretty easy to return items to Canada from the U.S. as well, though it can be a time-consuming process.

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