Does Amazon Deliver to Hotels? (Yes, Here’s How)

If you’ve ever been on vacation and needed to have something shipped to your hotel, you may have wondered if Amazon delivers to hotels.

Well, this article will explain how to have an Amazon package delivered to a hotel and make sure your package arrives safely, so keep reading!

Does Amazon Deliver to Hotels In 2023?

Amazon shoppers can have their deliveries shipped directly to their hotel or vacation rental as they travel in 2023. This service is free of charge. Customers must keep in mind that Amazon needs an accurate address and contact person at the location to accept the delivery. If they do not have precise information, they can use other Amazon delivery options like lockers.

Keep reading to find more handy tips about having Amazon deliver your packages to hotels while you travel!

Can Shoppers Have Something From Amazon Delivered to a Hotel?

Most hotels allow packages from Amazon to be shipped to customers during their stay.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Delivering to Hotels?

There are many benefits of Amazon delivering to hotels, including convenience, speed, and security.

With Amazon, you can have items shipped directly to your hotel room, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them with you or checking them in at the airport.

Not to mention, Amazon offers fast and free shipping on eligible items for Amazon Prime members.

And finally, Amazon takes security seriously, so you can rest assured that your package will arrive safely at your hotel.

What Is Amazon’s Policy on Having Orders Delivered to Hotels?

Amazon’s delivery policy states that all packages must be addressed to a specific individual guest staying at the hotel.

For deliveries to be processed, the guest’s name must be listed on the shipping label, and the package must be delivered to that guest’s hotel room.

Amazon does not deliver packages to general hotel addresses like “front desk” or PO Boxes.

Can Shoppers Have Their Amazon Package Delivered to a Vacation Rental?

While traveling, if you are staying at a vacation rental, Amazon can deliver packages to most vacation rentals.

Just enter the full address of the rental during checkout, including the name of the rental property and unit number.

Then select ‘Vacation Rental’ as the shipping address type. Amazon will handle the rest and ensure your package is delivered safely to your location.

What Is Amazon’s Policy on Delivering to Vacation Rentals?

What Is Amazon's Policy on Delivering to Vacation Rentals?

When having an Amazon package delivered to a vacation rental, all packages must be addressed to a specific individual guest staying at the rental.

In addition, the guest’s name must be listed on the shipping label, and the package must be delivered to that guest’s rental unit. 

What If I’m Not Staying at a Hotel or Vacation Rental?

If you’re not staying at a hotel, Amazon cannot ship packages to your location.

However, you may be able to use Amazon Locker or Amazon Hub locations as an alternative shipping address.

Amazon Lockers are available in select cities, and Amazon Hubs are available in select stores like CVS or Kohl’s.

How Do Shoppers Ship Their Deliveries to a Hotel Room With Amazon?

Amazon can ship deliveries to most hotels. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your package arrives safely.

First, you’ll need the hotel’s full address, including the hotel’s name and the room number.

You should also include any relevant instructions for the delivery driver, such as where to leave the package if no one is available to receive it.

Next, you’ll need to select ‘Hotel’ as the shipping address type when entering the address during checkout.

Can Shoppers With Amazon Prime Accounts Receive Prime Benefits While Staying in a Hotel?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy many of the same benefits while traveling.

Just sign in to your account on the Amazon website and select the ‘Your Prime Benefits’ option from the menu.

From there, you’ll see a list of all the Prime benefits available to you, including free two-day shipping on eligible items.

So if you need to have something shipped to your hotel room, Amazon can take care of it.

Do Hotels Have Handling Fees for Amazon Deliveries?

Although Amazon does not charge shoppers additional fees for delivering to hotels, some hotels may have handling fees for deliveries. 

Therefore, be sure to check with your hotel before having anything shipped.

What If Shoppers Need to Return an Item Delivered to a Hotel?

If you need to return an item delivered to a hotel, you can do so by following the usual Amazon return process. For more information, visit Amazon’s Returns Center.

Can AmazonFresh Deliver to a Hotel?

In addition to packages, AmazonFresh can deliver groceries to most hotels.

Does AmazonFresh Deliver Alcohol to Hotels?

From select markets, Amazon Fresh can deliver alcohol to hotels. 

However, please note that you must be 21 years of age or older to order and receive alcoholic beverages. To verify your age, an ID may be required upon delivery.

Can Visitors Have Deliveries Shipped to Disney Hotels and Resorts?

You can ship your Amazon delivery directly to your Disney hotel! Just enter the hotel’s complete address during checkout, including the hotel’s name and room number.

Then, select ‘Hotel’ as the shipping address type.

Does Disney Resorts Charge Visitors for Amazon Delivery?

Disney does not charge for Amazon delivery. However, please note that Amazon Prime Now is unavailable in all areas.

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If you’re traveling and don’t want to schlep your purchases around with you, or just don’t have time to do any shopping while on vacation, take advantage of Amazon’s delivery service to your hotel or rental property.

Most places will allow you to have your packages sent there, and it’s a great way to avoid having to carry anything extra with you on your trip.

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