Does Amazon Offer Extended Warranties? (All You Need to Know)

With so many people purchasing items online, you may wonder whether Amazon offers extended warranties on online purchases.

Therefore, if you’d like to learn the answer, keep reading through this article to see what I discovered on this topic!

Does Amazon Offer Extended Warranties In [currentyear]?

Amazon doesn’t offer an extended warranty through its company in [currentyear]. Instead, shoppers can opt to purchase an Asurion extended warranty when buying eligible products like electronics. A well-known company, Asurion, offers 2-4 year extended warranties from $1.99 to $999.99. Coverage is similar to a manufacturers’ warranty, and claims often pay in minutes.

To learn more about how to receive an extended warranty on Amazon, keep reading for more useful information!

How Do I Get an Asurion Extended Warranty on Amazon?

Once an eligible item is ready for purchase, a link to buy an extended warranty will also be on the product page.

For example, consider a shopper purchasing a new television.

Before selecting “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now,” they have the option to scroll down under the protection plan and choose either a 3 or 4 year Asurion extended warranty.

If the customer didn’t purchase an extended warranty at checkout, they could still buy one from the Asurion store.

How Long After Checkout Can Asurion Extended Warranties Be Purchased?

While most customers purchase extended warranties when buying new items, Asurion does allow shoppers time to think it over. 

Following new purchases, customers have up to 30 days to buy an extended warranty from Asurion.

How Much Does an Asurion Extended Warranty Cost on Amazon?

Depending on the type of product and warranty length, the cost of an Asurion extended warranty will be from $1.99 to $999.99.

For example, four-year business plans for televisions are much more expensive than two-year plans covering a child’s toy.

What Type of Products are Eligible for the Asurion Extended Warranty on Amazon?

While shopping for products online at retailers such as Amazon, an extended warranty provides shoppers with additional protection outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Only certain products, mainly electronics, are protected under the Asurion extended warranties at Amazon.

A few products will have an extended warranty offered at checkout. These items include:

  • TVs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Baby Monitors
  • Home Security Devices
  • Toys
  • Sporting Goods
  • Office Equipment
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Musical Instruments
  • Housewares
  • Lawnmowers
  • Portable Batteries

Given that not every product on the website will have an extended warranty available, it’s essential to read the product’s description before purchase to verify the availability.

How Long Is Asurion’s Extended Warranty on Amazon?

How Long Is Asurion’s Extended Warranty on Amazon?

Asurion’s extended warranties are only available for certain products, and the warranty length will vary depending on what type of product it is.

Depending on the product, shoppers can buy warranties of 2, 3, and 4 years.

For example, Asurion offers a 2-year extended warranty for toys and sports goods while only offering a 4-year warranty for laptops.

When deciding on the value of buying an extended warranty, consider your needs.

For example, if a shopper is purchasing an item online that they know they will last several years, it might be worth getting the 4-year warranty.

This way, if anything goes wrong with the product, there is extra protection.

However, when buying something that won’t last more than a year or two, it might not be worth spending money to get an extended warranty.

How Does the Asurion Extended Warranty Work at Amazon?

Following the purchase of certain products like laptops, tablets, etc., extended warranties support the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Typically, this initial manufacturer warranty is for one year and has its own set of terms and conditions for the protection of the purchase.

However, shoppers can extend the warranty by two to four years with an Asurion plan.

After the initial warranty has expired, the extended warranty provides additional years of protection.

In this case, product malfunctions would be covered once the initial warranty expires.

However, tech support and claims access for power surges begins from the first day of purchase.

No Additional Fees Charged

For a no additional fee that includes parts and labor, and shipping, Asurion ensures repairs will be made to its customer’s products.

Access to Expert Tech Assistance

If shoppers have any product set-up, connectivity issues, troubleshooting needs, or more in mind for eligible devices, Asurion has a real expert available 24/7 to assist.

What Benefits Do Shoppers Receive From Purchasing an Extended Warranty From Asurion?

Similar to the manufacturer’s warranty that accompanies a device, Asurion offers many of the same coverages with its extended warranty.

In other words, the benefits and coverage typically involve damage related to manufacturing errors or faulty parts.

Typically, accidental damage is excluded as well as theft or loss of merchandise.

However, if there is a claim related to a power surge, it will be eligible for repairs for free with no deductibles.

Does the Amazon Credit Card Offer an Extended Warranty?

Unfortunately, Amazon credit cards don’t offer an extended warranty when purchasing items on the Amazon website.

However, if you purchase a product that’s eligible for an extended warranty (e.g., laptop, tablet), it will come with the standard manufacturer’s warranty besides your return protection plan.

How Do I File an Extended Warranty Claim on Asurion?

If you bought an item on Amazon and want to file an Asurion claim, here are some tips for handling this process.

According to Amazon’s website, buyers can file claims by contacting Asurion customer service by phone or filing a claim online.

First, customers will need the order number and the reason for the refund.

If the shopper cannot recall their Amazon protection plan order number, they can find it by looking on the Amazon website in “Your Orders.”

Once in “Your Orders,” search for ‘Asurion’ and find the protection plan order near the “Order Details” section.

Generally, once the plan number and claim reason have been provided, claims are approved in a matter of minutes.

Once approved, Asurion will send an Amazon e-gift card valued at the purchase price, repair, or replace the product.

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Although Amazon doesn’t offer extended warranties for products, shoppers can still easily purchase a 2-4 year warranty from the Asurion website.

For a small fee, shoppers can get an extended warranty covering eligible products once the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Simply go to the Amazon webpage and head to the “Product Protection” section.

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