Amazon Warranty Claim (How To Make One, Steps + More)

Amazon sells a variety of high-end and expensive products, and due to this, a good portion of its stock comes provided with warranties that customers can claim for defective and damaged products.

However, customers who would like to claim their warranty on their Amazon purchase may be curious as to how they can claim it. If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I learned!

How to Make an Amazon Warranty Claim?

If customers need to claim their warranty on Amazon, they can do so by visiting the Returns Center and marking it as damaged or defective. Most Amazon warranties are valid for one year. However, customers cannot claim a warranty on any items from Amazon if the damages or defects were caused by the recipient.

Keep reading through this article if you’d like to learn more about how to file an Amazon warranty claim, which products have warranties on Amazon, and more useful facts and information!

How Do I Make an Amazon Warranty Claim?

If customers would like to make a claim on their Amazon warranty, they can do so by using the following method:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and go to the Returns Center.
  2. Next, select the Return Items option and locate the order that you would like to claim for your warranty.
  3. After locating the order, mark it as defective and type any necessary information about the damage in the text box provided.
  4. Next, print the return label and place it inside your original package.

After customers fill out their warranty claim, they will be provided with any additional information from the brand selling the item through Amazon.

Afterward, customers must locate the address for Amazon’s warranty provider, which is listed per country on the Warranty Provider page on

Customers should note that some products on Amazon come with a warranty that cannot be claimed through Amazon but through the brand itself.

Therefore, in order to claim their warranty for such products, customers must locate the product page for their defective item and scroll to the bottom of the page to read about the company’s warranty claim process.

Which Amazon Products Have Warranty?

Which Amazon Products Have Warranty?

A number of products on Amazon come with warranties, either provided by Amazon or directly from the brands selling through Amazon. Currently, the warranted products on Amazon are as follows:

Amazon Brand Products:

  • Kindle E-Readers
  • Fire Tablets
  • FireTV Devices
  • Alexa Devices
  • Amazon Halo
  • Amazon Astro
  • Amazon Glow
  • Amazon Cloud Cam
  • Amazon Dash Wand
  • Dash Smart Shelf
  • Amazon Luna Controller
  • Fire Phone
  • Amazon Case for Fire Phone
  • Amazon Premium Headphones
  • Amazon HDMI Adapter
  • Amazon VGA Adapter
  • Amazon USB Adapter

Non- Amazon Brand Products:

  • Furniture (couches, chairs, etc)
  • Rivet Furniture
  • Laptop and Desktop computers
  • Tablets and Smart Phones
  • Mattresses
  • Lightbulbs
  • Luggage

Some other select products may also come with warranties, though these above-mentioned products are the most common. However, if a product does come with a warranty, this will be indicated on the product page.

How Long Are Amazon Warranties?

Generally, Amazon will provide a 1-year warranty for their brand-new products, such as Kindles and Fire Tablets. However, refurbished products and device accessories are usually granted a 90-day warranty.

When customers purchase an item from Amazon that comes with a warranty, the duration for the warranty coverage will be provided on the product page.

However, if customers are not able to locate the warranty length, they can either contact Amazon customer service for more information or check Amazon’s list of warranties.

The warranties can be found on Help and Customer Service > Warranty and Repairs, where customers can locate the item they’re purchasing.

Customers can find the category for their product on the left-hand side of the screen, which will list the type of purchase alongside the duration for coverage.

What Does Amazon Warranty Cover?

Amazon warranty covers either the repair or replacement of a product that is defective or was damaged cosmetically upon arrival, though they don’t usually cover items that have been broken or damaged through use.

However, Amazon may offer replacements and repairs for certain products damaged by the recipient, such as Kindle E-readers.

For example, one customer damaged and replaced five Amazon Kindles, and all were covered under the one-year warranty provided for the original Kindle they had purchased.

Customers should note, though, that Amazon doesn’t always bend their policy in this regard, and receiving a repair or replacement for an item a customer has damaged themselves may depend on the customer service agent assisting them.

What Can I Not Use Amazon Warranty For?

While Amazon’s warranty covers damages and defects, they will only cover these damages if they were caused before a customer receives their package or if there is an internal issue with a device.

If a customer has broken their purchase themselves, or the item was tampered with by a repair shop, Amazon is not responsible for the damages and, therefore, won’t cover those issues with their warranty.

Occasionally, Amazon may replace or repair an item even if it was damaged by the recipient, but this is rare and may largely depend on the customer service agent assisting the owner.

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